Lyra Fae – Slutty Camgirl Roommate Gives You JOI – Cum Countdown, Dirty Talk

Lyra Fae  Slutty Camgirl Roommate Gives You JOI preview

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Here’s the story: you’ve been living with your roommate for a few months now. It’s going well, she always pays the rent on time and get you guys pizza a lot. Thing is, she’s a camgirl. You don’t really mind, and even find it kinda hot, but your roommate is ALWAYS walking around with next to nothing on! It’s driving you nuts, and you finally decide to talk to her about it. Your roommate is sympathetic, and has an idea…how about JOI? That will make you feel better! Your roommate gives you JOI and ends up getting so horny that SHE has to cum, too! She challenges you to last until after she cums, and then give you a JOI countdown for you to cum alll over her little ass.


Lady Nina Leigh – Booty Gains – Goddess Worship, Jerk Off Instruction

Lady Nina Leigh  Booty Gains preview

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Its no secret i have an amazing butt! You love the way it makes you desperate to be beneath it and worship it. Its got even rounder, bigger, and more dominant. Look at these booty gains. A great butt demands respect. And booty tax. Now weakling, down you get, its time to stroke into submission. On my command to my divine ass, tugging and ending up in a total, beta mess for me.


Lilcanadiangirl – Nurse Helps You Cum – Nurse Play, Handjobs

Lilcanadiangirl  Nurse Helps You Cum preview

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You have an appointment at your doctors office and theres a new nurse working. She calls you in to see what you need help with. Your a little embarrassed to tell you your having troubles getting hard and cumming… Well… Doesn’t she know just how to fix that. First she puts her gloves on and tells you to take your cock out so she can inspect it. She listens to your cock with her stethoscope. Then she checks the tip with her hands, she rubs it nice and slow…it starts to grow. She spits on it to make it nice and slippery and works her magic on it. You pre cum is starting to cum out!!! She strokes it so fast, finally squeezing your juice out. She licks her gloves and tells you that you need to come back next week for your next appointment.


Ceara Lynch – Tits & Pits 12 – Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction

Ceara Lynch  Tits  Pits 12 preview

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Are you ready, again? You always come back for more. Desiring to be controlled by me, to worship my perfection. The only thing you want in this sad world is to stroke for my smooth armpits and my large luscious tits. You’d give anything to lick my pits and taste the salty flesh right next to my giant boobs. You’d shoot your load in a second if I didn’t have control of your strokes. I’ll tease you with my beautiful body, bringing you close to the edge. Then slow things down so we can keep having fun. You will stroke faster as I count you down, but I’ll make you stop just as you’re about to lose it. I just love playing with you, all while playing with myself too. It is unbearable for you to watch me and not cum, but still nothing makes you happier then being my mindless armpit sniffing slave stroking for his supreme Goddess.