The Mean Girls – Built Into The Floor At Mgm – Double Domination, Femdom

The Mean Girls  Built Into The Floor At Mgm preview

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We have had such success (and FUN!) at Mean Girl Manor using Our “septic-slave” (the loser We built into the plumbing here at the Manor and lives on Our SH*T LOL) that We decided to EXPAND Our use of disposable slaves! (These are the lowest of the low- those that have absolutely no life and what they DO have, they are willing to completely give up and sacrifice for OUR mere amusement…)
So We decided to select the biggest LOSER slave We could find and literally BUILD IT INTO THE FLOOR at Mean Girl Manor! LOL!!! And Me n Goddess Alexis Grace have selected YOU as that loser! Aren’t you LUCKY??? Let Us show you what your new life will be like…
(Trample slaves- you NEED to download this clip! We were sooo creative with what We are going to do to you and what your new life will be like…! �� Did We mention that the girls coming through the WOMEN-ONLY front door won’t even KNOW that you are under that rug?? LOL!!


Tara Tainton – Following Doctor’s Orders to Cope with the Growing Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon – Female Domination, POV Sex

Tara Tainton  Following Doctors Orders to Cope with the Growing Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon preview

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We absolutely must make an appointment with the doctor. I just don’t know how to handle my stepson’s constantly erupting cock anymore. It’s growing larger, needier, and even though I’ve done absolutely everything the doctor so expertly guided me to do, it seems the problem is growing worse rather than better. I don’t want him to worry… I know it’s not his fault. As his stepmother, I must do absolutely everything I can to take care of the needs of his body and his… condition.
I mean, I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be a growing young man with an overdeveloped cock! He must be so frightened and so uncomfortable all the time. Now, we’re going to solve this once and for all. The doctor will know what to do; I’ll tell him all about the problems we’re having, the neediness of my stepson’s huge cock. I’ll explain how I never know when his erection is going to come on, how it starts, or why he gets spontaneously turned on all the time.
In fact, when it starts to grow in his pants right there in the doctor’s office while I’m just unbuttoning my blouse a bit to cool down, I just have to get on my knees right there and then and tend to my stepson’s needs! At least I have the doctor to look to for advice as he looks on with a professional eye. I feel so much better having him watch me tend to my stepson and guide me. And although I’ve never done such a thing in my life, I know it’s necessary for the doctor to instruct me to practice on a dildo right there in his office.
But why does my stepson get an enormous erection AGAIN while I’m in the middle of my cock sucking lesson??? After teasing, licking, and filling my throat with that dildo at doctor’s orders… and he even says I must remove my blouse and squeeze my breasts to help quicken my stepson’s ejaculation or I might damage my poor mouth with prolonged and frequent oral sex… I just don’t know what to do anymore. Thankfully, the doctor’s right there with us to immediately instruct me to try having my son take me from behind…


Natasha’s Bedroom – Do You Want To Be Unlocked? – Chastity, Denial

Natashas Bedroom  Do You Want To Be Unlocked preview

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Do you want to be unlocked? I have your chastity key right here, and all it would take is a little twist of my hand to let you free. That poor imprisoned cock is just stiff and aching as it strains against the cold metal of your cage.
Maybe I will let you out. Maybe I’ll free you for one quick cum milking. Or maybe I will take out that dick and use it as my own personal sex toy. Get down on your knees and try to convince me. Beg.
Just kidding! I’m only teasing; there’s no chastity reprieve for you today. You agreed to this. You chose to hand over total cock control to me, and there’s no going back. It is denial for you, for as long as I want.
I like to watch you suffer sexual frustration. It turns me on to have absolute power over the most intimate part of your body, and the more you suffer, the wetter my pussy becomes. I am won’t let you out for a single stroke. But I will make you want it even more. I’m going to tease that locked up cock and aching blue balls until oblivion. Until you can’t take another second.


Miss Noel Knight – You Cant Help Yourself – Tease And Denial, Jerkoff Commands

Miss Noel Knight  You Cant Help Yourself preview

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We both know you can’t help yourself. You may try to keep your hands off your dick, but it really is a futile endeavor. The moment you see my hot, curvy body and hear my soft cooing voice in your ears you can’t stop yourself from stroking for me. This clip is sensual and seductive, lacking any humiliation elements as I encourage you to a massive, hard orgasm.


Miss Noel Knight – The Angels Pet – Mistress, Humiliation

Miss Noel Knight  The Angels Pet preview

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You wake up to find that you’ve died and gone to heaven. Literally. You must have been a very good boy because in front of you is me – a beautiful, seductive angel, scantily clad and promising to take care of you. Although, I won’t be keeping you around for the reasons you’re thinking. Heaven is boring. It’s all singing, virtue and sunshine….but I want to be bad. You may think that you’ve been a good boy, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are a sinner through and through and I’ve made a deal with the devil to keep you as a pet. I’ll be putting you through some serious trial and tribulations and maybe (just maybe) you’ll earn you spot beyond the pearly gates. Of course, you’re doing to have to start at the bottom – the very bottom! You want to act like a pig; I’ll treat you as one. You’ll be rolling around in my angel in no time. You can’t get lower than a human toilet!


Miss Noel Knight – Steps To Make You A Woman – Femdom, Transformation Fantasies

Miss Noel Knight  Steps To Make You A Woman preview

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You owner has decided to strip you of your male identity. That’s why you have been brought here. I am in charge of a facility that that specializes in full gender transformation. This process can be quite lengthy. There’s an intensive hormone therapy that will change your physical condition until you have the hips, breasts and thighs of a woman. You’ll also undergo a very strict training regimen in which we will show you how to walk, talk and act like the perfect slut. Finally, you’ll receive total gender reassignment surgery, removing your cock and balls for good. I know that this will be a difficult journey for you, but I will be with you every step of the way. Now, I want you to close your eyes and go to sleep. Enjoy it! Today will be the last day of your existence as a man…


Miss Melissa – PE Conditioning 16 My Hips in Nylons – Masturbation Humiliation, Female Domination

Miss Melissa  PE Conditioning 16 My Hips in Nylons preview

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I am on a mission to condition you to a point where you will be ejaculating prematurely for the rest of your life as your addiction to me takes over your life. It is feels great to leave a permanent mark on you as I make you jerk off to anything I choose. Like today, you will have the privilege of jerking off to My hips clad in nothing by a pair of pantyhose. The only thing you are allowed to admire is the curve of My perfect goddess ass. I modify you to the point of being unfit for use by any other woman. You have two minutes with the usual controlling countdown at the end. Search for “Conditioning” in my store and grab all the PE Conditioning clips, even those where I make you jerk off to things you are not attracted to, as this is the entire point of these conditioning videos.


Mikaela Witt – Such A Bad Husband – Cocktease, Humiliation

Mikaela Witt  Such A Bad Husband preview

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So, were you not expecting me today in your man cave today? I know so much about you, your wife has told me so much about your relationship. You are a husband and from what she says you might possibly be the worst. I really don’t know how someone hot like you got with someone as ugly as her. I understand that you don’t want to fuck her. I bet you want to fuck me, don’t you. Ha of course you do. I knew exactly what I was doing by being her friend. I did it just to get to you. You want to jerk for me so badly don’t you. If you don’t shout how much you want me I won’t let you jerk. I have nothing to lose, but you do I suppose. You are too fucking easy! Scream it for me bitch and I will let you see these tits.


Lil Canadian Girl – Soldier Fuck and Facial – POV Sex, POV Blowjob

Lil Canadian Girl  Soldier Fuck and Facial preview

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I am patiently waiting for you to inspect my room Corporal. I think you will find everything to your liking. The blanket isn’t proper and my hair is out of place. For this u decide to take away my liberty and say I have to come in to clean everything on Saturday. But Corporal there are so many better things you could be doing instead of watching me clean. I peaked your interest and show you what I mean. I start stripping & showing off my sexy body. I play with my titties and then my ass for you. Then I unzip your pants and give you a quick blow job. I take off the rest of my uniform and turn around doggy style for you to fuck me. My pussy is so wet. I turn around and face you while we fuck until you tell me to get on my knees. I suck your cock again and let you release your massive load all over my pretty face


Lil Canadian Girl – Dragon Cum – Blowjob, Facials

Lil Canadian Girl  Dragon Cum preview

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I got a new toy! A very small bad dragon dildo – Bumble hooves �� After checking it out I start sucking it and stick it in my mouth as far as I can. I spit a lot, all over it and drool while I suck and deepthroat. I do a little titty fuck and then it cums on my face. I want more cum!!!! I suck it and then get a big load on my face. We start fucking my pussy & I get a creampie twice. We go back to fucking between my tits & it cums all over both breasts. I rub it all in. I suck it some more and then give a final facial. Messy sloppy sticky video