Goddess Zenova – Deep Pleasure – Mind Fuck, Edging Games

Goddess Zenova  Deep Pleasure preview

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I know how amazing it makes you feel just watching and listening to Me, it’s the most amazing feeling. I want to take that PLEASURE to a whole new level by implanting a DEEP PLEASURE TRIGGER. Once you watch this you will experience new levels of DEEP PLEASURE any time you are under My spell. That means you can experience even DEEPER levels of PLEASURE with any of My other videos. Once this TRIGGER is implanted you will always feel the most amazing PLEASURE with Me!


Tara Tainton – The Mysterious Seduction of StepMom Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde – Erotic Magic, Transformation Fantasies

Tara Tainton  The Mysterious Seduction of StepMom Jekyll and Mrs Hyde preview

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Little did I know how dangerous my little notion was… I only wanted to relax a bit, some stress relief, a way to wind down… something to reward me for all my hard work day in and day out. This little old lady recommended some incense… “aromatherapy” to give me just what I needed. How did she know what I needed… or wanted? She asked me so many questions, all about my work and family, and I ended up telling her all about my handsome stepson. At home, I stared into the candle flame and watched the time pass by, pondering that strange experience, my stepson’s impending weekend visit, and… just why I was beginning to feel different… too relaxed, a bit horny, turned on and even devious. I was thinking way too much about my stepson, his toned body and how sweet and innocent he is. I was distracted from… well, being my real self, at least, what I thought was my real self. I had no idea what was coming over me, how I was transforming, thanks to my exuberance and overuse of this new incense, into StepMom Jekyll: a devious, sex-crazed, stepson-obsessed MILF. No more sweet housewife. I was after just one thing: relentlessly teasing my stepson with every part of my body from feet to legs to ass, breasts, and pussy until I face-humped and fingered myself to orgasm time and time again… getting my own release while driving him to the absolute brink. I left him with my panties… he’ll manage to come on his own and give that hard cock of his relief, I’m sure. As for me, when the magic of the evening wears off, it all feels like one, hot taboo dream…


Princess Fierce – Faggot Juice Intox – Gay Masturbation Instruction, Gay Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Fierce  Faggot Juice Intox preview

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There will be so much pre-cum (AKA FAGGOT JUICE) licking in this clip you’ll feel yourself become int0xicated on your fag juices. Rub and let those juices drip from your cock. I will get those faggot juices flowing with detailed HOMO erotic encounters. Drip…Drip…Drip…Slurp up those faggot juices you queer.


Mistress Harley – Blackmail Timer Game Total Exposure – Games, Joi Games

Mistress Harley  Blackmail Timer Game Total Exposure preview

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My little blackmail junkies just love playing my blackmail timer games! And today you’re going to gamble a photo that risks total exposure. Make sure you follow instructions, upload the photo I request, and minimize the game window, because I bet you’re going to be so distracted stroking to my perfect bratty body that you’ll forget all about your information ticking away in the timer game, until it’s too late!


Miss London Lix – Deep and Meaningful Findom – Wet Look, Shiny Clothing

Miss London Lix  Deep and Meaningful Findom preview

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You love stroking for me so much, that you’re willing to pay a pretty price to do so. That act of financial submission actually makes your hand on your cock feel even better. But you’ve been seeking a deeper connection, something a little more meaningful. I’m going to make our pleasures a little more intertwined today, and our findom connection even more intimate. Soon, stroking for me will feel better than ever before


Goddess Valora – Edge While You Beg Me To Deny You – Edging Games, Pov

Goddess Valora  Edge While You Beg Me To Deny You preview

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You love to edge. You’ve been edging for hours already, haven’t you? In fact, you’ve been edging for years. You can’t get enough of it. You love getting right to the brink of cumming, and then stopping. You love the way that makes you feel, being completely denied. And if and when you do get to cum, it’s so much more powerful. The thrill is in the chase for edge addicts like you. So maybe cumming isn’t something you should ever do.
You know that I’m right, I know you better than you know yourself. I know your wants, your needs, and your desires. And you do not need to cum. Edge that cock and each time you get to the edge and I tell you to stop, you’re going to tell me that you don’t want to cum. You’re going to beg to be denied. Stare at me and stroke. Look at my long legs and my perfect ass as you edge that horny dick. It gets you so turned on. Now stop! Now beg me not to let you cum.
Now keep your hands off of your cock while you beg me to never let you cum. Now start stroking again. I love teasing losers like you who don’t want to cum. I mean you were begging me not to let you cum. Keep edging. It feels so good. I know you love edging. Ride that edge. And stop. Hands off! LOL! Beg me, beg me again not to let you cum. Now start stroking again, this time staring at my beautiful Goddess tits. The tits that you’re not allowed to cum for, because you don’t want to.
You begged for it, you don’t want me to allow you to cum. But doesn’t it feel good stroking to my tits? I know it does. Now stop! Since you’ve been begging me not to cum I’m going to be nice to you and give you your wish, complete denial. Isn’t that nice of me?


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Small Penis Punishment – Humiliation, Cum Eating Instruction

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Small Penis Punishment preview

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Let’s face it: you have an unbelievably tiny cock. No woman would ever be satisfied with a cock that small! What is it, two inches? A whole three? Anything under 8″ is definitely not going to cut it, especially not for a woman like myself. So whatever are we going to do with a little jerkoff cock like yours? I think you need to be punished for your tiny prick, and we’re going to start by making you rub one off and I’m going to instruct you how to eat every last drop.


Bratty Ashley Sinclair – Pencil Dick – Big Toys, 18 & 19 Yrs Old

Bratty Ashley Sinclair  Pencil Dick preview

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You are back at Ashley’s place after your third date. You’ve been hoping tonight would be the night you finally get to fuck her. She is ready too. She didn’t even wear panties under her skirt for easy access so you could finger her during the movie and dinner. As you two begin to get undressed you start feeling anxious about your dick. its really thin and skinny. You know girls like Ashley can and probably do have lots of sex and she will be comparing your thin noodle like dick to all the buff meaty cocks she has had. When she finally sees your pencil dick she is VERY let down. She even goes so far as to show you her dildo collection of MOSTER DONGS and there is no way you can compare. She tells you its no use fucking her because she wouldn’t feel anything with your skinny dick. Maybe you should just jerk off and leave so she can use one of her big thick manly dongs to masturbate later.