Goddess Stella Sol – Peeping Tom gets Verbally Abused – Jerk Off Instruction, Voyeur

Goddess Stella Sol  Peeping Tom gets Verbally Abused preview

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HEY MORON! Did you honestly think YOU could get away with jerking off while spying on My friends and I at the beach???? We can see you and so I figure out which place is yours and barge in angry and ready to tear your dick right off. You had NOOOO idea you’d get caught but since you have, you must face My wrath. I come in furious at you, calling you out for being such a piece of , dick beater, and demand that you pay Me to jerk off to Me since that’s what men do. you’re certainly not an acceptation. No freeloader gets the pleasure of enjoying himself to My body without it costing him greatly. Especially no pathetic, little dick, Peeping Tom like you. This video will create some very intense emotional scarring so be prepared to feel as though you really are getting verbally abused by a seriously pissed off bitch that has come for your wallet and balls. This is what happens to sneaky horn- when they get caught. You deserve to pay and be put to shame. I threaten you with blackmailing and reporting you if you don’t pay up right away. You’re sooo lucky that I am professional enough to know the best way to handle idiots like you. Taking your money and draining your ego while giving you your craved and much needed jerk off instruction. You sick fuckers always love the pressure of My anger and control! Beat your dick furiously to My harsh words and accusations. Watch My perfect bikini body tease and torment you as I demand you give Me hundreds, and then you have to hurry the fuck up so I can get back to My girlfriends, and you can be done and gone. You love anger. Admit it! Having a sexy, half naked Woman screaming at you makes your dick so nervously aroused you can’t help but want to watch this clip again and again. It’ll quickly become a lot of people’s favorites due to this aggression. Be prepared to send a tribute just like I demand too. I didn’t just say it for nothing. I mean it! Losers like you always pay more to cum for Me!


Princess Fierce – Self Service Facial – Cei, Joi

Princess Fierce  Self Service Facial preview

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Take a moment to observe my beauty and curvaceous body in my lingerie. Gaze upon my thigh high stockings and Louboutin heels. As you begin to drool recognized what I am about to turn you into – a cum covered slut. I am far superior and much too beautiful to ever have a droplet of cum grace my face. You on the other hand, a raging jerk addict, will be taught to cum like a slut. A slut gets facials. A whore is graced with cum dripping from their skin. As you near orgasm I get you into the position that will best aid you in turning into a cum covered slut. As you get onto your back and hear me count you down gravity will upload your balls and cum will drip onto your face and you will get a taste of being my whore.


Princess Alexa – Addiction Seduction Mindfuck – Femdom, Goddess Worship

Princess Alexa  Addiction Seduction Mindfuck preview

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Its time to make this addiction much more real, intense and satisfying. Every day your addiction grows. You thought you would come into this for just a fun time, and it would never be anything that important to you. But now, you’re buying clip after clip. Watching them over 1000 times.Every day doersnt feel the same unless I am apart of it. You have grown to be addicted, more weak than you have ever been before. Every word I say penetrates deep into your mind like. You need me. Don’t worry, the addiction sets in easy… its the withdrawls that hurt.


Goddess Madam Violet – Deep Dicknosis – Love Addiction, Mind Fuck

Goddess Madam Violet  Deep Dicknosis preview

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File alert! All those times I’ve mesmerised you, yet I have never done it to your dick….*SNAP* down you lay there helpless as I talk directly to your dick; “now his arms are so very heavy and he cannot move them…now he is under MY control – who is going to stroke you, hmmm, little dick?” I place you and your mind into a deep state with a rapid induction. A subversion of an NLP ‘Parts Therapy/Integration’, it gets right to the ROOT. So to speak! I will be mesmerising your dick, I will be mind-fucking your dick, I will be teasing your dick, coercing your DRIPPING dick to surrender to Me, to submit to Me to hand over the reigns of your body and mind to Me. If he does as he is told, then I will release just one of your hands from your deep, unnatural eyes-wide-open sleep and command you to stroke. The whole time YOU are unable to do anything, you’re barely taking in what I’m saying, you are a bystander, POWERLESS as the little brain DICKtator that controls your every move and I have a ‘discussion’ about your future. About OWNERSHIP. The more mesmerised your dick becomes the more it TWITCHES, the more it dances and DRIPS as you are perfectly still. Finally with three twitches I get your your dick to AGREE that I am now in charge. I bring you up, tell you to stroke at a constant speed and then DROP you back down…counting down your dick into orgasm….It lies there shrivelled, deflated, defeated. There’s a new boss in town! Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, rapid induction, fractional induction, layered voice track, some echo, binaural tones, mind washing, mind fuck, goddess worship, femdom, cock control, cum countdown.


Princess Kendi Olsen – Cucky Stroke Slut Paying And Jerking To My Perfect Life – Joi, Financial Domination

Princess Kendi Olsen  Cucky Stroke Slut Paying And Jerking To My Perfect Life preview

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My man turns me on so fucking much. I want him so badly. I’ve never felt more sexually attracted to someone. He’s so fucking hot! I just want to fuck him and please his cock.
You will never know passion like that, no one is ever going to want you that badly. Especially me. I’m never going to have that raw lust for you that I do for him. You are only allowed in my life because you pay to be in it. And not only does your money benefit me, but it benefits my man. You pay for both of our lives to be better. You pay so neither of us have to work. Do you know why? Because you’re a cuckold.
You pay me so you can humiliate yourself for me. You degrade yourself in the worst ways for my attention but it’s someone else that gets me at the end of the day. It’s another man who gets to fuck me. My man. Only he knows what my tight wet pussy feels like wrapped around his cock. His cock is huge! He gets to fuck the body you’ve spent so many hours stroking to.
He gets to have me while you’re just my little loser. You’re just my little cucky stroke slut, jerking off to my perfect life. Always sending me money to make my life better. And I blow it on things for me and my man. We live a luxurious lifestyle that you pay for.
He gets me because he’s worthy, because he deserves a woman like me. And a woman like me only fucks real men like him. You’re just a loser who jerks off to our perfect lives. You get to jerk off to the alpha couple of your dreams. You jerk off to being our little cuckold. You jerk off to paying me and being humiliated by me. Jerk off to being my little loser. Jerk off knowing that no matter how much you spend on me, you’ll never get me. Jerk off to how fucking pathetic you are.
You’re in a downward spiral, becoming more and more of a fucking loser for me. You’re becoming a weaker and weaker stroke slut for me. You’re a kinky little cuckold loser. And I know you’re jerking off to this because we both know that you love being my cuckold loser. You wouldn’t trade it for anything. You’d rather jerk off to what a pathetic cuckold loser you are than fuck me. Cum all alone loser.


Goddess Canna – Office JOI challenge – Cum Countdown, Joi Games

Goddess Canna  Office JOI challenge preview

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Your boss catches you trying to leave work early to meet your wife for your anniversary. I don’t recall giving you permission for that, we’re understaffed today. Not to mention, shouldn’t your boss be the most important woman in your life? I’ll let you leave early if you can complete a quick challenge. You have to follow my jerk off instruction for just a few minutes without cumming. If you fail you stay at work. You agree and immediately I take off my bulky lab coat revealing a sexy outfit underneath. Oh, you thought it would be easy? You’re going to stroke to the rhythm of my boot tapping, up and down, matching the speed. As I start increasing the speed the idea of you cumming for my shoes turns me on. All you have to do is make it through the countdown and you can leave early and be with your wife. But we both know what the end result will be…


Worship Goddess Jasmine – Tits and Int0x – Mesmerize, Hypno

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Tits and Int0x preview

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Can u resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want u hitting that bottle over and over and I tease you. I want you to test yourself and see how far you can actually go. Lose all inhibition and inhale like never before. My tits make you weak and they’re going to push you today. I want you bl.o.o.d.ed nosed in a heap on the floor with nothing but the image of my tits in your head.