Goddess Stella Sol – Step Mom Teaches JOI – Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk

Goddess Stella Sol  Step Mom Teaches JOI preview

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I’ve searched your computer’s history and I know that you, My stepson, are obsessed with step mom/MILF pornography. Now that you’re all grown up it’s time for us to become better aquainted as grown up, mature adults. You’ve turned into quite a man but I want to make sure you’re jerking off correctly. I’m also curious how much you’ve “grown” physically. Don’t worry. I’m only your step mom so it’s okay, and no one has to ever know.


Goddess Canna – Forced to jerk for armpits – Female Domination, Masturbation Encouragement

Goddess Canna  Forced to jerk for armpits preview

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Seeing me in this skimpy outfit with low cut cleavage makes you just want to grab your cock and start jerking but not so fast. You’re going to follow MY instructions today, you’re going to jerk when I say, cum when I say, and jerk for what I tell you. You’re not going to stroke for my big, soft breasts or barely covered ass, oh no. You’ll be showing your discipline and devotion by jerking only for my hairy armpits. Maybe you’ll even end up with a new fetish! But Goddess doesn’t care if you like her pits or not, you’ll be an obedient jerk slave, following my orders and cumming for my armpits.


Tara Tainton – Caught! …in Mommys Dresser Drawer – Panty Fetish, Taboo

Tara Tainton  Caught in Mommys Dresser Drawer preview

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How DARE you! I just… I can’t believe… it’s just… NOT RIGHT! How COULD you?!?! I just don’t know what to do… with you… in my dresser drawer?? Playing with Mommy’s panties?! I need to teach you a lesson… make sure you realize… make sure you never ever do it again. It’s just so… WRONG. I don’t know what to do… I’m YOUR MOTHER. You should just never… And Mommy’s silky gloves?! I see that look… I know that twinkle in your eye… I’ll make sure you never ever do it again… never want to do it again. I’ll make it feel naughty… wrong… DIRTY. You’ll never want to do it again after you do it… in front of Mommy.


Bratty Ashley Sinclair – Panty Sissy Jerk For Me – Sissy Training, Femdom

Bratty Ashley Sinclair  Panty Sissy Jerk For Me preview

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Ashley catches you in her panty drawer again and she has a pair saved for you in there. It is a really nasty pair since you are a nasty freak. This one has cum and other stains in there just for you. She tells you to sniff them and then try them on. You look like a good little sissy boy wearing her lacy VS panties. But thats not enough. You need to be punished for getting a hard on while you wear them. Roll them into a ball and clean them in your mouth. Thats right, get them full of spit and suck the cum, PlSS, and stains out. Here look at my ass. Thats where all that dirtiness came from. Now jerk your dick until I let you cum. Clean them good and you can cum faster.


Marissa Sweet – Sex Therapist Beta Reprogramming CEI – Cum Countdown, Jerk Off Instruction

Marissa Sweet  Sex Therapist Beta Reprogramming CEI preview

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This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual “Florent”, the script reads as followed: The brainwashing & very humiliating Scenario I’m begging You on my knees to have Princess Marissa. The situation begin when it’s the last session after 2 month of eventful reeducation by my mesmerizing Sex Therapist Marissa ————– My Preparation for this session : At the beginning I’m already all naked on all fourth, ass well up in the air, my small feminine dicklet & pussy balls bundled behind my legs face down to the floor to worship You entering in your office. You have an arrangement with your secretary to work hand in hand, with great complicity, in order to turn me into an irreversible submissive cumwhore & soon your cute slaveboy : So since one month, before my session with You, Sex Therapist Marissa, You take a 5 min break in your relaxing room to sip a coffee while your secretary order me to prepare myself in your office under her supervision. She laughs at me while I remove all my clothes, She take some photos with her personal smartphone & when I’m on all fourth all naked httshe takes my dicklet & loser balls in her hand between my legs from behind to pull back them & bundle them well at the backside of my legs. On my balls, She write each time “PÜSSY” with her pink tattoo pen laughing at me. She orders me to squeeze my legs together in order that my dicklet&balls stay in position behind my legs like if it is a tiny puppy tail. Then each time I’m ready for my session with You, She always have great satisfaction to press her middle finger on the center of my “pussy” balls & stick it until her middle finger is deep inside my balls, then give me few little slaps in the balls & congratulates me to be obedient & wise during my preparation for my session. Then she commands me to not move & go back with a big smile to tell You that your almost mindfucked patient Florent is ready. When You enter office & say hello to me, I have to stay in position http& shake my dicklet from right to left with one hand, to show You that I’m happy to see You, until You authorize me to stop. Yes, like lots of your indoctrination learning before this session, You taught me to have my dicklet wagging like a tail high in the sky to show You that I’m happy like a puppy to see You. ————– ————– Now that I’m ready for your session like a Good submissive PetBoy I wish that You make me to have 3 intense orgasms during these 3 situations : * Situation 1 – Orgasm number 1 [THE REVELATION ABOUT YOUR BET] : You order me to stay in position shaking my pathetic clit all wet from left to right while You revealed the truth about the bet that your secretary suggested to You. She bet a coffee with You to convinced You, Sex Therapist Marissa, to turn the cute boy Florent, into grateful submissive slaveboy & an irreversible beta male completely addicted to Girls humiliations & degrading instructions. You can’t resist to a coffee, so You accepted the bet with your secretary. It is too bad for me because You also reveal that usually You turn your patients like me into alpha male with 100% success in few weeks. It is too bad for me, unlucky boy Florent, now You certify to me that You fucked my mind so well that there is no turning back for me. During 2 month of sessions You’ve Perfectly conditioned my mind with the ultimate secret aim of convincing me to become an obedient puppy slave for You & your Sexy secretary without resisting at all. You made me repeat lots of humiliating phrases that I was no choice but learn it by heart like a Good Boy while You made me to jerk off. I’m a naive boy who thought that all your lessons that I learned assiduously are to make me accepted my natural place towards Girls. But finally all these lessons that I paid are very useful to manipulate me & turn me into a grateful submissive slaveboy for You, Doctor Marissa & for your naughty playful secretary. Looking into my eyes You notice that I am very shocked & that make You smile. You order me to don’t stop to shake my ridiculous dicklet of loser boy during all these revelations. This situation is so funny for You because if I wasn’t enough mind fucked I inevitably choose to stop this session & go home but I don’t. I notice myself that it is to late for me, I’m feeling absolutely shameful by these revelations & that make me feel incredibly excited ! My clit is very wet, I’m on the edge to cum. Now I feel deep in my heart that the second You’ll order me to thank You for turning me into an helpless obedient beta male instead of a powerful alpha male, I’ll say “Thank You Doctor Marissa”. You confess me that your secretary had a brilliant idea to ask You turn me into a grateful submissive slaveboy. This is even more super-enjoyable & funnier when You discovered during our sessions that I’m a boy from a good family, who receiving a good level of education, who was a brilliant student to obtain a good job. Knowing that about me, I’ve been a.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Cock Workout: Tabata JOI Challenge – Masturbation Games, Orgasm Control

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Cock Workout Tabata JOI Challenge preview

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Physical fitness is important for everyone and it’s especially important for your cock. Today I’ve devised my most INTENSE cock training workout yet: the Tabata challenge. Tabata is High Intensity Interval training and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with your strokes. You have so many seconds of fast stroking followed by so many seconds of rest, but you have to make it through a grueling 20 minutes of this. I’ll give your queues and plenty of visual stimuli as usual, so all you have to do is keep up. I strip down to a tiny little thong and bra and work you over hard. Think you can do it?


Ibicella FR – Ton sacrifice CEI (French) – Self Facial, Masturbation Instruction

Ibicella FR  Ton sacrifice CEI French preview

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Oui, je sais comme tu as les couilles pleines. Tu meurs d’envie de te les vider, mais ça ne se fera qu’à une seule condition… Tu vas devoir te sacrifier, et gicler sur ta tronche avec la bouche grande ouverte. De toute façon tu es tellement excité que tu ne pourras pàs me le refuser! Il suffit de quelques minutes de conditionnement pour que tu finisses par recevoir tout ce sperme sur ta gueule avec le sourire aux lèvres haha


Candy Glitter – Teased Into Ass To Mouth – Humiliation – Masturbation Encouragement, Goddess Worship

Candy Glitter  Teased Into Ass To Mouth  Humiliation preview

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You’ll do anything to cum for me. You’re a disgusting little jerkaholic! You’re a total perv. You’re going to jerk off for me. And, I want you to fuck your ass as well. You can use a butt plug, anal beads, a dildo, a hair brush, I don’t care! Just find something that will fit, and stick it in your ass. Jerk faster for me..I know this is getting you so hard. You love anal play. Right as you’re on the edge, we are going to make a deal. If you want to cum, you’ll have to be a really dirty boy for me ��


Bratty Bunny – Goon 2 – Instructions – Jerkoff Commands, Masturbation Encouragement

Bratty Bunny  Goon 2  Instructions preview

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I think you like to Goon for me. You LOVE to Goon. Gooning is your life! What an edging jerking freak you are. You just sit there for hours, even days touching yourself. I think I may have broken you, and I’ll break you further. There’s no way to stop from Gooning, is there? NO. You need to Goon. It’s a part of you. You won’t stop gooning to femdom porn. To Bratty Bunny. I’m reprogramming your Brain, a weak submissive male. It’s so easy. You’re so easy to take over. Go ahead, edge… edge… edge to me gooner.