Christy Berrie – Stroke for Tits, Pop for Ass – Tit Worship, Poppers

Christy Berrie  Stroke for Tits Pop for Ass preview

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you love every inch of my body. You obsess over my soft curves as you stroke your cock every day. Getting high for me, inhaling and holding your breath while pumping your cock is your favorite way to spend your time. This time, you’re only allowed to sniff when you see my perfect round ass. You’re allowed to stroke to my perfect natural tits. Back and forth, tits, ass, stroke sniff.


Princess Kelly Sunshine – Brainwashed into Slutty Desire – Forced Bi, Mind Fuck

Princess Kelly Sunshine  Brainwashed into Slutty Desire preview

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You love your new life beneath Me as My mind fucked, addicted slave. One of the things you enjoy most is how totally open and comfortable you feel telling Me all your secrets. The walls you put up to hide from your desires are beginning to crumble and you feel so free. You confessed to Me your deep desire to be used as the submissive you are. Not just by Me, but by other men as an obedient little slut. You want this so bad but aren’t sure how to get it. Sit back and listen to Me describe exactly how it would happen with Me as your guide. I always know what’s best for you and this time is no different. My voice is so soothing and h y p n o t i c. Everything I say just makes sense. It feels right to give in to your fantasies.


Miss Madison – Lock It Up Teased & Denied Into Blue B – Orgasm Control, Tease & Denial

Miss Madison  Lock It Up  Teased  Denied Into Blue B preview

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Being a guy with absolutely no control I think you need to be locked up. This means no stroking to me! You need to learn to control your urges and stop being such an easy 2 pump chump so hand over that little penis its time to put it in this chastity cage where it belongs. You are a loser and need to be instructed on how to get off and how to stop cumming so fast! Knowing that those balls will be hurting from the pressure of cum build up and you can’t have a release makes me very happy. I love giving blue balls and denying losers like you. Maybe you will start to learn how to control yourself better around hot girls!


Worship Goddess Jasmine – Dick Addict – Humiliation, Gay

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Dick Addict preview

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Dick is your addiction. It is on your perverted mind 24/7 and I am here to toy with your horny emotions and encourage your dick obsession further. I love corrupting you, strengthening your desire for cock. It’s what you live for and it is the only thing you can cum to now. You have been self brainwashed and now vanilla living is something of the past. Your ‘secret’ is aching to get out but the sheer embarrassment of your obsession is too much.
You trawl through Femdom in search of another Forced Bi clip to give you that feeling of normality, you jerk furiously but one you orgasm you are wracked with guilt, you are reminded just how abnormal you are and back to the feeling of shame but before you know it, you are back.
Are you going to stroke today? huh thought so, you can’t help yourself. You must worship and submit to cock. Enjoy addict.


Larkin Love – Exploiting Your Weakness For Tits JOI – Tit Worship, Financial Domination

Larkin Love  Exploiting Your Weakness For Tits JOI preview

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No matter what you do, you can’t get my perfect tits off your mind. You’re obsessed with their smooth, soft curves of cleavage and perky pink nipples. Nothing gets you off harder or makes you dumber than my luscious J cups. No matter how smart you think you are, the minute my girls are out, all the life rushes to your other head. You’re throbbing, desperate and stupid, drooling for just one peak at my beautiful bosom. No matter how high the price, you’ll pay it for my tits. Embrace it. Feel the brain drain and stop caring about anything else as you pump your dick on my command. Oh, and don’t forget to open my tribute page in another browser window. You’ll need it for this game.


WankItNow – Honour May – Bath Time Wank – Instructions – Medium Natural Tits, Bathroom

WankItNow  Honour May  Bath Time Wank  Instructions preview

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You couldn’t stop yourself perving on Honour whilst she is having a hot bath, but she catches you! Lucky for you, she doesn’t tell you to leave but invites you in. She wants you to watch her with your cock in hand as she teases you with her erotic words whilst showing you her tight pussy. She wants you to shoot your load for her.