Princess Mika – Jerk Your Little Dick To These Huge Monster Cocks Faggot – Bisexual Encouragement, Gay Humiliation

Princess Mika  Jerk Your Little Dick To These Huge Monster Cocks Faggot preview

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You only need cock to stroke, it’s pathetic. And I’m going to prove it to you. You’re such a little faggot, aren’t you? Now look at this big dick. These are the big, juicy alpha dicks that you love to stroke to. I don’t even have to tease you with my beautiful body. You wouldn’t even get hard for that. You’re not even looking at my gorgeous face, are you? You so much of a gay fucking bitch that you don’t even care that I’m on the screen, just as long as there are huge cocks for you to stroke to.
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Lindsey Leigh – American Blonde Bimbo Rejection – Masturbation Encouragement, Blondes

Lindsey Leigh  American Blonde Bimbo Rejection preview

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Eh, you’re that foreign guy huh? Ugh, it must suck to not have beautiful Baywatch blondes in your country. White girls who bounce around with their tits and asses out. Ive heard my accent is sexy many times, is it working on your cock? Stroke for me you foreign pervert. Stroke for your American Bimbo who spends all her time rejecting you.


Miss Ceara Lynch – Interactive Blackmail Reprise

Miss Ceara Lynch  Interactive Blackmail Reprise preview

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It’s a simple really; all you have to do is send me an email that tells me everything about you. Your personal information, how much you’re worth, the people you know, and your reputation, all the humiliating and incriminating things you’ve done. You must demonstrate your devotion for being my slave by giving me absolute power over you. I’ll tell you exactly what I want and you will obey. Now, glue that fat ass that chair and pay attention. The first step toward taking the plunge is buying this clip. If you don’t follow my orders, then I won’t tease you or let you jerk that pathetic cock anymore. You’ve committed your life to me in secret for so long, you’d hate if anything about your kinky sexual practices got out… But you want me to have all this power to ruin you so easily. Just like the rest of you twisted fucks, you all get off when I can crush your world and take you for everything. Face it, you’re not man enough to play this dangerous game with me…


Bianca Bakers – Faggots Love Big Dicks – Cock Tease, Masturbation Encouragement

Bianca Bakers  Faggots Love Big Dicks preview

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You must be really fucking stupid faggot; don’t you know how much of a faggot you are. I know you have been waiting my verbal return.. You’ve been waiting so patiently waiting for coerced bi to be updated. Your going to be stroking to big dicks and I’m going to verbally assault you while you do it. This is DEFINITELY not a encouraging coerced bi clip. Aren’t you ashamed faggot, aren’t you embarrassed faggot. Imagine if everyone found out that you love dick. That you stroke to dick and cum for dick.. I know how hard you get the second you see a hard dick. I know the urges you get. I know you love it faggot. When it cum’s it’s all over for you. You’ve tried to hide it your whole life; but lets just be real here you’ve been a faggot your whole life. If your hiding it you must be ashamed and embarrassed. What happens when your family finds your gay porn? You think there going to accept you? NO faggot.


Mistress Lady Renee – Anal chain gang – Catsuit, Anus

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Two prisoners in My slave labour camp have been caught slacking off one too many times. prisoner 17146969 has been locked in chastity due to his masturbation obsession. The other, prisoner 12813606, has already been severely whipped and punished for not obeying orders correctly. As part of My ongoing prisoner re-conditioning regime, I summons them to the work hall for a humiliating lesson in anal submission. After a general inspection and verbal thrashing, I have the inmates on their knees for some anal-chain-gang-degradation. Cock gags are fitted to the mouths of the bitches. I make them take turns in fucking each other’s slut cunts with their faces. My huge fucking strap-on finalises the anal domination of these two imprisoned slaves, they will never recover from the mental scars of being so anally humiliated and violated.


Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Leather Glove HJ CEI –, Femdom Online

Lindsey Leigh Addiction  Leather Glove HJ CEI  preview

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There is nothing more I enjoy than the moment I fully own a man. Watch it happen in this scene. I f o r c e my slave to endure a lotion filled hand job while I talk dirty to him. Multiple times he begs to cum with no release. Applying more and more lotion to my leather gloves I leave his cock throbbing. He begins to drip which only furthers my need to drain him. I count him down until I humiliate him by instructing him to finish himself off and eat his cum for me. The hand job was reward enough for this slave. He pumps, whines and begs his goddess to cum. I will not let him cum until he begs to eat it for me.