Princess Kaelin – Obsessed with Me JOI

Princess Kaelin  Obsessed with Me JOI preview

00:15:31 | 854×480 | mp4 | 349 MB

Face it, you’re obsessed with me. You spend your nights huddled around your computer with Me. You spend your days dreaming of the nights, feeling all the ways I’ve changed you, seeping into your real life. You’re obsessed, lovesick, and totally fucked. There is no way out, so you may as well enjoy the ride. A head to toe body worship clip with lots of teasing and lots of jerking, ending a cum countdown.


Miss London Lix – Pop Or Not

Miss London Lix  Pop Or Not preview

00:12:11 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 357 MB

You can think of this as an orgasm control game, poppers edging fun, or an intox challenge. This jerk off encouragement clip is really what you make of it, and it can be different each time you play, depending on what you’re in the mood for; a sensual poppers release or a hard mindfuck and edging marathon. Oh yeah, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this one. I make the rules, and it’s up to you (a little) how you follow them. How much will you let me dose you up today? Will you be able to cum?


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Biological Weakness

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Biological Weakness preview

00:09:30 | 854×480 | mp4 | 276 MB

Do you know why you’re so easily seduced and manipulated? The answer is simple. It’s your cocks. The male gender as a whole is so sensitive to the slightest suggestion that a woman may be attracted to you that you lose all sense of logic. Your cock controls your entire decision making. All a woman has to do is give you a smile and you’re ruined. The more attractive a woman is, the less she has to do to utterly control you. Your minds turn to goo and your hand runs to your cock. The pleasure of jerking to a beautiful woman is more satisfying than having control over your life. But it’s purely biological. Your gender has been taught by evolution to hump everything that moves and spread your genetics onto the next generation in every way that you can. It’s weakness that starts all the way at your DNA. There’s no avoiding it. The best you can really do is make sure the women you’re jerking off to don’t have to see it.It’s not their fault you’re genetically inferior.


Countess Crystal Knight – Rinse My Wishlist – FINDOM Task – Mind Fuck, Femdom

Countess Crystal Knight  Rinse My Wishlist  FINDOM Task preview

00:07:08 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 549 MB

It gives you a rush to spend on your favorite queen. When the mailman rings my doorbell with gifts from you, it turns me on. Turns me on in SO many ways….I get off to the fact that I get anything and everything I want. Straight from your wallet into my greedy hands. My trips coming up and I want my entire wishlist rinsed by the time I go to Jamaica. Enjoy this wallet draining, give me everything I want, and say thank you.


Goddess Celine – Too Painful to Cum

Goddess Celine  Too Painful to Cum preview

00:21:20 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 623 MB

Custom clip request: First of all im into leather and latex fetish. You look unbelievable in each of theese. I cant get my eyes off you when you wear strict fetish clothing.
For my video: you could force me into my chastity belt, with spikes attached to make sure i wont have an orgasm (looking at you with this device on will be pure punishment / because you make me so hard by just watching you). it would be hell on earth if you tell me to insert my inflateble butt plug while in chastity. 8 – 14 pumps are defenetly pushing me to my limits trying not to cum over and over again. Then i ll have to tie my hands behind my back for an amout of time you choose, so i cant reach the valve of the plug and have to stand your punishment. Even if you are miles of miles away you will hear my begging for realease. i promise 😉


Bratty Bunny – Foot Dog

Bratty Bunny  Foot Dog preview

00:10:53 | 854×480 | mp4 | 325 MB

I walk into a waiting a room where you are sat reading a magazine. I proceed to sit close to you and start noticing that you stare at my feet. I decide to tease you since I’m such a bratty tease. I tell you my feet are sore and hurt from these high wedges. I flaunt my wedges close to your face to show you where the pain is. You can’t resist it anymore so you drop to your knees in front of me and next to my feet. I take off my shoes and shove them into your face. I demand that you lick the bottom and the inside of my wedges. You’re a foot d o g now. I sneer at you. I expose my bare soles and shove them in your face. I tell you to worship properly the feet and the wedges of Your mistress and to bark to show I am a happy foot d o g. From too much excitement, you accidentally slightly bite my shoes and my bare soles. It gets me angry so I beat you proper with my shoes and feet. I tell you to clear the ground like I would tell a d o g.


WankItNow – Jamie T – Do You Like My Cunt? – Nude, Masturbation Encouragement

WankItNow  Jamie T  Do You Like My Cunt preview

00:12:46 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 559 MB

So you’ve broken both of your arms? You helpless soul… No worry, nurse Jamie T is here to “ease your pain” and make you feel all better. Not being able to WANK must be a nightmare, but Jamie T knows just what you need… A nice tight CUNT wrapped around your DICK. Sit back with your broken arms and let Jamie T milk your DICK dry.