Brat Princess 2 – BP – Two Extreme Ballbusting Clips End Badly for Slave (1080 HD) – Brianna, Natalya

Brat Princess 2  BP  Two Extreme Ballbusting Clips End Badly for Slave 1080 HD preview

00:08:50 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 646.2 MB

1080 HD This is a double feature clip. It has 2 short but extreme ballbusting clips, both of which ended badly for the slave. The 1st clip, “Seesaw Kicks bring Kick Bag Down,” features Sasha Foxxx, Natalya, and Mariah. The three girls giggle as they brutally assault their slave with merciless kicks. The slave’s skin rips open n things get messy. The girls’ white shoes stain red. They decide to go into seesaw formation and bring the broken kick bag down for good. They leave the draining slave curled up into a ball on the floor and go to change out of their messy sneakers. The second feature, “New Slave Ballbusted,” has Chloe, Brianna, and Natalya. This clip was a ballbusting slave audition. In it, Brianna is the boss of a female-run business. One of her workers (the auditioning slave) has not met an office quota. As a punishment, the ladies in the office will ballbust him. The trio does not go easy on the brand new slave. They ballbust him very hard. The new slave realizes a few minutes into filming the clip that he cannot handle being ballbusted by not one, but three merciless girls. The girls do not want to stop filming, time is money and girls love money and girls love ballbusting and nobody wants their time wasted. So, the three women refuse to stop kicking the auditioning slave. No matter how much of a fuss he makes they just keep going. The slave absolutely freaked out. He literally ran out of the building, got into his car and drove far away from us and we haven’t heard from him since.


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