British Bratz – Goddess Elle – Eat Elles Ash – United Kingdom, Smoke

British Bratz  Goddess Elle  Eat Elles Ash preview

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Goddess Elle looks absolutely divine and when in her presence ANY man turns into a weak submissive little mess. She loves playing with your mind, taking you to a different low each time. Today she wants 2 use and abuse your mouth. You will be the Human Ashtray of Goddess Elle.
You are here to inhale every single breathe of smoke, taking it deep into your lungs as you are laughed and mocked by your highness. You are very privileged to eat her heavenly secondary smoke ashtray cunt. You will sit there, quietly and wait patiently with your tongue out ready, hungry for that ash. Swallowing and digesting every single bit. Not forgetting that fag butt, oh yes, open wide as your Goddess stubs her cigarette out and forced you to swallow like a good boy.
Don’t forget to say thank you.


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