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butt3rflyforu  Big Sis Found Your Anal Blow Up Plug And Poppers preview

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Mom and dad are gone for the weekend and your older sister is in charge til they return!!! She was getting ready for a hot date and she was going through an old closet that used to be hers. She came across something very interesting and confronted you about it. Hey little brother, look what I found!!! What in the heck are you doing with this anal blow up plug and this bottle of poppers? You try to deny that they are yours, but she knows better! So the rumors at school are true! You enjoy things up your ass?? And what are these? Poppers? You like inhaling these don’t you? Why don’t you show me what you do with these? You love the way the nitrates feel in your head while you pump that anal plug up Huh??? Show me or I am telling mom and dad about these!!! Bend over and insert this in your ass!!! Don’t worry, I will be somewhat gentle lol….I won’t blow it up until your head is spinning and spinning from these nitrates!!! Go ahead, take your first big sniff!!!! I know you don’t want mom and dad to find out about your dirty little secret!!! Let’s get that ass stretched out and ready for real dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scene description:Your big sis has found your buttplugg and poppers. She threatens to tell your parents unless you use the poppers and plug.


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