Goddess Alexandra Snow – Keyholding Primer – Assignments, Chastity

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Keyholding Primer preview

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You have an interest in chastity and keyholding, do you? If you’re serious about beginning chastity training with me, this is where you’ll need to start. I will discuss the types of devices, how long you might be locked up, what kinds of locks, how the key is transferred back and forth, and how to contact me to get started.


Princess Miki – Feeding You What You Already Desire, A Cuckold’s Awakening – Cuckolding, Bisexual Encouragement

Princess Miki  Feeding You What You Already Desire A Cuckolds Awakening preview

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Your desire for pussy has completely dissipated ever since you ran into me. You’re in love with me, and being my good boy feels so much better than pussy ever will. You would rather be my cuck than make love to a woman who perhaps loves you. And maybe she already exists, but you don’t want her, you want me. You don’t want to settle for mediocre pussy when you’ve gotten so used to watching me and worshiping me.
But it’s not like you don’t want pussy at all, if given the chance, you’d love to be near mine. You would do anything to be near your beloved Goddess’s pussy. I know you really wanna be my cuck whether you realize it or not. And I want to show you how deep your desires have gone by feeding you some ideas. Because I already know exactly what you want. I know how powerful my grasp is over you. You would do anything at all to be near me, I know that.
You would sit in the corner of my room watching my lover fuck me. And you’re going to sit there jerking in that corner watching a superior man make love to the Goddess you so adore. That will feel better than sex. You’d rather be my cuck than feel a real warm pussy. How did it get to this point? Do I own you that much that you would give up sex just to be my cuckold? But I think it goes deeper than that.
You see although you’re satisfied with being my cuck, you would do anything to taste me. And maybe I’d ask you if you wanted to taste me because you’ve been an obedient little cuck who paid to be in my corner. But instead of giving you my pussy, I direct you to him. And I tell you that you can taste my pussy if you lick it off of my lover’s cock. You’re not gay, you’re just in love with me so you’ll do it. You would eagerly suck his cock just to taste me. That’s the kind of cuck you are. You would suck another man’s cock just because I told you to.
Then I would send you back to the corner now that you’ve kept him nice and hard for me. And he’ll start fucking me again. But this time you can’t touch yourself because a real cuck wouldn’t be touching himself, right? Really I should lock you up, after I made you suck cock. And you’d rather be here than fucking a mediocre woman. You’d rather do these degrading acts for me because that gives you more pleasure than being with a real woman would. You don’t care about pussy any more because I told you not to care about that any more. That’s not what you truly desire.
Then you see and hear my boyfriend cum inside of me. And then I call you over and you know exactly what’s going to happen. And this time I do invite you in between my legs, you’re my little clean up cuck. You get to eat his cum out of my pussy. And you’ll eagerly do it just to taste me. You don’t care that you’re suddenly a chaste clean up cuck. You would gladly live your life in chastity just to eat another man’s cum out of my pussy. That’s how pathetic you’ve become. That’s how much I own you. These are your fantasies now. You’re thinking about this right now just because I’m feeding you these thoughts. And you didn’t realize that you wanted these things so badly but you do, don’t you? You’d rather be my dirty little cum slut of a cuck, than to be with a woman. You don’t want that any more. This is your life now, this is how far you’ve fallen. So jerk off to that, from now on this is all you’re going to jerk off to.


Eva De Vil – The Owners Manual A Girlfriends Guide To A Bitch Boyfriend

Eva De Vil  The Owners Manual A Girlfriends Guide To A Bitch Boyfriend preview

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[Custom clip, no name] This is a clip that I made for a couple in a d/s relationship to watch together. In the clip, I address the woman, telling her what a goddess she is and giving her instructions and advise on having a bitch for a boyfriend. He has a tiny, pathetic cock and he’s completely unable to sexually satisfy her with it. He must be locked in chastity and constantly denied, frustrated and put in his place to punish him for his micropenis. I instruct some ballbusting, pegging and spanking in the clip. Other themes include cuckolding, humiliation and chastity. You can easily do most of the instructions on yourself if you watch it alone.


Young Goddess Kim – Chastity Closet slave – Female Domination, Shoe & Boot Worship

Young Goddess Kim  Chastity Closet slave preview

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This is what you begged for, to be My permanent slave. So I found a use for you, pathetic slave boy. That’s what you are there for – to be useful. you will stay locked away in My closet and make sure all My shoes, boots and heels are kept spotless and polished. And to bring out the best in your servitude, I have locked you in chastity too. There is no turning back now, the only way I might ever consider unlocking your cock is if I am completely satisfied and pleased with your suffering and servitude. When I open the closet doors, I expect to find you and My footwear exactly the way I left you, your rag tongue ready to be used thoroughly. If you are lucky I’ll let you sniff the insides of My worn boots and stocking clad feet. It’s so amusing to see you so weak and objectified below Me, and how easily persuaded you are to sacrifice yet another week of orgasms. My chastity closet slave.


Young Goddess Kim – Cum in the Cage – Pov, Chastity – 2018, Published May 22

Young Goddess Kim  Cum in the Cage preview

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you have been locked in your chastity cage, teased and denied for days. your balls are achingly full of cum. your balls? No, Mine! I have all the power now and all you can do is beg on your knees at My feet. Beg to pleasure Me. Beg to earn an orgasm. Beg for Me to take this key around My neck and unlock the cage around your dick. Well, this is the day I scheduled for your release. There’s only one small detail I have discovered that has caused Me to change the rules. I order you to come into My presence with a butt plug and a vibrator. Yes, you will cum – on My terms and exactly the way I decide. Just like the loser you are, you will be oozing cum inside that cage. There’s really no reason to unlock you at all. Now follow My orders boy, it is My right to tease the release out of you in any way and form I desire. My property – My rules.


Miss Tiffany – Aren’t You So Lucky That I Drain You While I Hold Your Key? – Financial Domination, Pov

Miss Tiffany  Arent You So Lucky That I Drain You While I Hold Your Key preview

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I know how much you love being rinsed by me. You’re a spending addict for me. Seeing me in the hot things you buy me, drives you insane. It’s a privilege for a loser like you to get to spoil a goddess like me. You’re so lucky you get to spend your hard earned cash on things I want. And in turn you get to enjoy them by jerking your cock to my hot body in the things you buy me.
But not today loser. Today I want you locked up in your cage. And your cock is throbbing inside, wanting more, wanting to be jerked off. But you can’t jerk it yet you still crave to spoil me. In fact, I think being locked up turns your brain to mush and makes you want to spoil me even more. I know how much you get off going broke for me, we’re not going to let a little cage stop you. I know that by me having the key to your cock that makes this even more of a rush for you.
So I want you to pull up my wishlist, I know even just that made your cock throb. I want your cock aching to spend on me and then I want you to start clicking and buying. Aren’t you so lucky that I let you buy me things while I hold your key? I know your cock throbs in your chastity cage when you click. I’m going to condition you to this loser. Click and throb. You can still enjoy spending on me even when you’re all locked up in your cage. I love fucking you over like this but you love it even more.
I’m going to drain you completely. I own your wallet and your cock. How hot is that? Click and throb. You’re such a lucky financial slave that I take the time to do this to you. You’re lucky to be able to go broke for me. I want to fuck you up so badly that you cum in your cage. How does it feel to be rinsed and used? To be actually useful while you’re all locked up in your cage, piggy?


Jess West and Ava – Double Bratty Chastity Tease – Double Domination, Dildo Fucking

Jess West and Ava   Double Bratty Chastity Tease preview

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I have my friend ava round and we have the same matching sexy satin lingerie and just because your locked up in chastity we thought it would be funny to tease you and make it tight and difficult for you with that device on so watch as we tease each other and then use dildos to make each other cum while you just watch in pain locked up.


Mistress Carmella – Too Bad You Are in Chastity – Pov, Female Domination

Mistress Carmella  Too Bad You Are in Chastity preview

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You just need to sit there with your pants down around your ankles… wishing you can stroking to the thought of me grinding these hot shiny legging up and down along your cock. You might even want to have me send you a pair of my used shiny leggings to jerk with, huh? What if I grind up and down on your chastity device like this? It’s a bad day to have your cock owned by me loser.


Natt Babestation – New Husband Training – Submissive / Slave Training, Chastity

Natt Babestation  New Husband Training preview

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I think it’s about time I was honest about everything. You thought I was just a demanding, bitchy female naturally which is true but there is a little bit to it. You married a Dominatrix. You have basically married into slavery. You are just another weak male who will serve at my feet. I didn’t marry you for your budding personality or your dick did i! So things are going to change starting with this chastity device as training is pending. You are so utterly in love with me so you will agree to do whatever I throw at you.
I saw you as an easy target and well was I right. You will now serve me, you will do everything I demand. You can’t resist me, so wrapped in love, you worship the ground I walk on so you will happily agree to any task no matter how humiliating it may be. Welcome to married life bet you never thought you married a Dominatrix.