ClubStiletto – I Think I Could Really Use A Butt Massage – Club Stiletto, Mistress Irene

ClubStiletto  I Think I Could Really Use A Butt Massage preview

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Mistress Irene is standing in the mirror working on her makeup and her lucky slave has his face where he probably wishes it could be permanently, between her ass cheeks. “I Think I Could Really Use A Butt Massage” she says. She then reaches for a bottle of baby oil and pours it on her ass and his face n head. She tells him she wants both of her butt cheeks glistening and he goes to work with his head spreading the oil. It feels so nice on her ass and her ass looks so nice, amazing really, for those of us lucky to witness it. “What a thrill this must be for you” she says to him, adding “This is the slave version of love making.” As the slave works, Irene’s ass shines more and more, imagine her taking that slick ass for a ride on your face, wow that would be amazing.
Because her ass is so big and round the slave is unable to get every square inch of it so she tells him to use his face n hands. Once her ass is really lubricated she pushes the slave away so she can now torment only u with it. “Wouldn’t you love to have your hands on it?” she asks as she runs her hands over the cheeks and between her crack. “We’d have to shave your head bald” she tells you, “but that would be a small price to pay for such an honor.” Who wouldn’t shave their head to be able to do this everyday! This scene ends with Irene gyrating her ass, bringing it up and down as if sitting on your face before she tells you to lay on your back and brings her ass down all the way onto your face. Sweet dreams!


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