ClubStiletto – Junior’s Toilet And Fart Box [Farting, Humiliation] – Kandy Kink, Club Stiletto

ClubStiletto  Juniors Toilet And Fart Box Farting Humiliation preview

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Kandy now has complete control over her stepson. As the scene opens, she enters the room and turns on the lights, to reveal Junior lying there with his head locked in her toilet box. Kandy explains that Junior has been restrained there on the cold floor for hours, and longs for her to come in to warm him up with her farts. She sits down and almost immediately lets out her first fart. The box is sealed well with her ass n her bad boi is now basking in the toxic Mexican fumes from last night’s dinner. She leans forward to show her ass and blasts yet another nasty ripe 1… followed immediately by another!
She lets Junior masturbate and tells him that when she does allow him to cum, it`ll coincide exactly with the time she fills his mouth with a giant meal from her ass. Next, she reveals her hot pussy and tells Junior that Daddy gets that but Junior only gets what comes from her other hole. She asks if he’s able to see it from there and he whimpers a ‘yes’, being so close but yet so far away. She blasts another fart right into the box. OMG, the inside of that box must be so rank by now! Kandy gets up and we get to see Junior with a twisted look of pain on his face from all the stench. Kandy says she wants to see a big smile from him though, so he does exactly as he’s told. She sits down again and leans back until another one builds, and as soon as she farts, she closes her legs tight to make sure Junior gets it all. Kandy can’t help but laugh, thinking about all the delightful tortures she subjects poor Junior to. She tells him she’s about to relieve herself of her dinner, and without warning, Junior shoots a giant cum load! Although he came without approval, Kandy can’t help but laugh because she can see just how much toilet slavery turns Junior on now. She tells him she’s going to wipe up the cum with her panties, and later, when she stuffs them into his mouth again, he won’t know whether it’s his cum or Dad’s. Kandy has certainly proven that she can take over a broken household through marriage and soon have everyone at their best.


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