ClubStiletto – Princess Lily – It’s The Best Part Of My Workout – Fetish, Foot Licking

ClubStiletto  Princess Lily  Its The Best Part Of My Workout preview

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Today is exercise day for Princess Lily and she is working up a sweat on the elliptical. “It’s how I keep my ass perfect” she says as u get an amazing view of her divine butt. Her slave is kneeling at her side holding her water bottle. Next Lily moves to the weight bench where she does some bench presses, the slave again at her side. If u like sweaty armpits you will like this portion. She tells the slave that he is mainly there to lick her clean after she is done.
She then moves to the stationary bike where the slave has his head laying in place so she can use it as her seat. Again some incredible angles of her ass that will have you holding off an orgasm right there n then but try to hold off until the end. She tells her slave he is now going to be her towel. She lays on the mat and has the slave lick her from foot to armpits. “Getting licked clean is the best part of my workout” she says as the slave sucks her toes, licks her soles and works his way up her body until she rolls over so he can lick her ass cheeks and crack too. After he has licked one armpit she has him get on his back so she can pit-smother him with the other. Just a routine workout day for a Princess.


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