ClubStiletto – Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage – Fetish, Facesitting

ClubStiletto  Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage preview

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Sexy school teacher Miss Lily has blackmailed her principal (Imagine What The School Board And Your Wife Would Think) and now he has to come to her place whenever she likes and do as she demands. She’s sitting on his chest and comments that others at school wonder what she has on him as she gets away with treating him like trash. “The more I invite him over the more dirt I`ve on him”, she laughs. Lily now moves back plunking her ass right on his face. She butt slams him several times and calls him nasty names before sitting down and covering his mouth and nose completely. Her ass just looks amazing as always.
She moves into reverse position and while he fights for air she says that she thinks he really likes it even though he does seem to put up a fuss. She calls him a slave and says that she thinks it’s time for a raise at work n he puts up no fight and agrees to make it happen. Lily sits full weight and does gentle bounces so he is completely sealed. She does not get up even as he starts to kick for air. He reaches up with his hands and kicks his legs after over a minute and a half without breathing but still she keeps her place firmly on his ass. When she does get up he gasps desperately for air, but not satisfied that he is still breathing she sits down again, this time for good. “What a loser” she says shaking her head.


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