Crystal Knight – Taking You Into Trance – Instructions, Findom

Crystal Knight  Taking You Into Trance preview

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I want u to go very deep today. I know you want to go deep for me. You want to go so deep because you love the feeling of giving in to me while mesmerized under my spell. You don’t want to fight it. To fight it makes your resistance grow weaker and your undying hunger for me stronger. You don’t want 2 miss one minute of my alluring trap that I am going 2 place you In 4 the next 10+ minutes. You imagine how good it feels being under control of me. You get to stare mindlessly into my eyes and drool over my perfect titties. You are ready 2 be taken into trance…If you wait any longer your dick won’t get hard ever anymore…because this is the only romance you will ever crave again.


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