Domination Divas – Jennifer Thomas – Jennifer Woman Handles Pip – Wrestling – Muscular Woman, Muscle Domination

Domination Divas  Jennifer Thomas  Jennifer Woman Handles Pip  Wrestling preview

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Pip had been anxious to meet and wrestle Jennifer and couldn’t wait for the match to start. Jennifer easily woman handled him, forcing submission after submission from the out-classed male. We didn’t even try to count the submissions. Jennifer is clearly stronger n more skilled that Pip. She uses brutal headlocks, vicious grapevines with pelvic-thrusts, painful arm bars and locks, chokes and full nelsons combined with body scissors that have him tapping out over n over again. Part way through the match Pip started to laugh (probably so he wouldn’t scream) which upset Jennifer. Not letting him go, she moves from one painful submission hold to another, taunting him for being a weak male asking “Is that all you got?” at his lack of offense. Trapping him between her powerful thighs in a head-scissors she does sit-ups to show her total control over him. She makes him suffer in her skull crushing reverse head-scissors. Jennifer puts him to sleep with her famous “Ass Kisser” reverse face sit as final punishment for laughing at her. Finished, she kneels with one knee on his throat while she hits a victory pose showing off her biceps n sexy toned abs.
This video is Jennifer Thomas at her best, doing what she does best. Woman handling men.


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