Domination For Your Own Good – Mom & sales clerk diapers & jerks you off in the dressing room at the mall – Fetish, Diaper Discipline

Domination For Your Own Good  Mom  sales clerk diapers  jerks you off in the dressing room at the mall preview

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It’s back to school shopping time. Mommy has a million errands to get done with you, starting with taking you school clothes shopping today. Mom walks into your bedroom to find you have had another accident in your big boy underwear, so that means back into thick double diapers under your shorts. After diapering you up, Mommy challenges you to see if you can hold it and keep from using your diapers while shopping.
She then takes you to the mall, to get you new jeans big enough to accommodate the extra bulk from the diapers. As you waddle along behind her, you are fascinated looking up Mommy’s dress at her long, toned legs and lacey panties. You are relentless about it and can’t help but wet yourself, so she teaches you a lesson, making you walk around in your messy diapers and suffer there at the mall in front of everyone while she takes her time going about her business, shopping and diaper checking you the entire way through, while pointing out how full your diaper is becoming.
After crinkling around in your soggy wet diapers, looking up Mommy’s dress and getting diaper checks for awhile, you now have an erection, too. Mommy finally brings you to the dressing room to try on new pants. Mom helps you try on the first pair, but they are way too small. About the time you are standing there in all your diapered glory with your pants only pulled up halfway, a shy, attractive, female sales clerk knocks at the door of your dressing room to bring a couple more pants for you to try on. Mom is unfazed and lets her in! How embarrassing! The sales clerk is amused a boy your age is still in diapers and wants to stay, watch and help Mom change your diapers. She even offers to help Mom get rid of your erection so your pants will fit better. Your loving Mommy knows it is her duty to relieve you, as she came prepared and is delighted for the help. Together, the sales clerk and your Mom jerks you off, getting rid of all your stickies as people are moving around in the dressing rooms on either side of you. Shopping trips are always so much fun with Mommie!


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