FemDomShed – Bossy Paradise Summers Dinner for doggie – Humiliation, POV

FemDomShed  Bossy Paradise Summers Dinner for doggie preview

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Come and get it slave, it is your favourite dish of them all FOOD! there will only be two types of meals for you from now on, food and human bodily waste. You will learn to appreciate them both. This will help you remember that there are people in the world much less fortunate than u. There are people starving out there slave, so consider yourself lucky. I will discipline you to eat only what I offer, whether it is the fresh cum from a throbbing cock, the snot from inside of my nose, the cheese from between my toes or a digested meal. You will only eat what I give u to eat. Before you go to work each day I will give u a special lunch box. If I find out that you have been eating foods which I haven’t authorised I will be very upset. Now get your nose in this plate of food and have a good sniff. It’s good eh! Ok, now get down on your hands and knees & start making this plate empty. EAT IT SLAVE. I want to see you lick the plate clean…..


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