FemDomShed – Cash drained and homeless – Tease, Findom

FemDomShed  Cash drained and homeless preview

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You gave everything up for me. You sold all your possessions to fund my lavish extravagant lifestyle. You lost your job because you couldn’t get me out of your mind long enough to concentrate on work. And now look at you, sat there on the street with a cup in your hand begging money from passers by. And what a pleasant surprise for me to walk past you looking hotter than ever. Your dirty unshaven face looks up to me like a sad starved and you can’t believe your eyes, seeing me standing in front of u while you are begging for small change is so degrading. I giggle at you and ask how your life is. Then I cold heart-idly tell you how amazing my life is going and what wonderful and exciting things I have been up to. I decide to throw you a little charity while you are sitting helpless on the cold street pavement. I unbutton my winter coat and reveal a sexy little skirt underneath. The sight of my legs is making your cock hard. I tell you to put your hands down your pants and jerk your cock off for me. I sensually ride my skirt up my legs and show you my knickers running my finger over them gently. I explain to you that your weakness for me and your desperation to see my knickers is what got you into this poverty. But you still haven’t learned. I tease u until you cum for me in your pants. And then I throw you some loose change and walk away laughing.


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