Goddess Alexa Divina – Deep subconscious Rush – Mesmerize, Mind Fuck

Goddess Alexa Divina  Deep subconscious Rush preview

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I lure you in with my pretty eyes, and keep you mesmerized on my body. You’re looking for a euphoric rush and you found it. Are you a beginner or a seasoned P0PP3RS puppet? it doesn’t matter, your mind is already tantalized by the way I grind my body, the sound of my voice, and the growing desire to do whatever I want you to do. One look at me, one deep whiff of your P0PP3RS and the world is shut out as your body fills with a warm lustful rush that makes you so fucking horny Once isn’t enough. Inhale again. Exhale. Your inhibitions are dropped and your mind is between my thighs. Stimulate your mind and stimulate your body. Submit to Goddess.


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