Goddess Jocelyn – Your Hot Step Sis Puts You In Chastity To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation – Joi, Pov

Goddess Jocelyn  Your Hot Step Sis Puts You In Chastity To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation preview

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Ewwww gross! Ewwww what are you doing? I can’t believe I just walked in on my step brother jerking off. Oh my god! You are the biggest loser! Is this what you do in here all day long? You do, I hear it all day long next door in my room. You have no friends and no life, you just sit in here all day and play with your cock. It’s so pathetic. You are the worst step brother ever! You really need some help. I should tell your mom about this.
Maybe you need some therapy, jerking off alone in your room all day isn’t good for you. You must feel like such a loser. You just can’t keep your hands off your fucking cock. You’ve got lube and cum rags everywhere. You have no life. You’re a chronic masturbator.
Well I could be a good sister and help you, I think there is something I could do. Do you know what this is? It’s a chastity device. I can keep you locked up and that way you won’t jerk off all day. It will certainly cure your chronic masturbation that you obviously cannot control by the look of this filthy, disgusting room. This could be the answer for you.
And maybe I’ll let you out sometimes, you can come to your step sister and beg for the key, LOL! I’ll control your orgasms and your masturbation addiction. But I’m not going to give you the key very often. And if you don’t agree to this, I’m going to tell everyone. Your mom, your friends at school, everyone!
I’m going to turn you into my locked up little slave. You’ll become so obedient towards me. You need this. You’re so lucky I caught you. I mean you’ll be thanking me. You might actually go out and have a life now. Chastity is the only way you might have a normal life. So put it on, now, or I’m going to tell every one how you jerk off all day alone in your bedroom. You brought this on yourself. Now be good boy and put this on. Loser.


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