Goddess Madam Violet – Exposure Therapy – JOI, Role Play

Goddess Madam Violet  Exposure Therapy preview

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You have been visiting Dr Violet because you are struggling with the consequences of being a submissive. A foot in each camp – addicted to buying clips, paying tributes, and having to hide it from your partner, your friends. It’s damaging your psyche. I’m here to help. Exposure therapy – somewhat controversial as it can sometimes create an extreme reaction in the client – it CAN make things worse. BUT I am an expert, you are in capable hands. Rapid induction with commands to sleep and drop, as well as the arm drop method, you are deep in obedient trance and ready 2 help Me FIX you. Of course, I have My own brand of HELP, and I will be exposing u – to My beautiful breasts. Slowly I undo My blouse, as I undo your mind. Slowly I play with My breasts through My bra, all the while drip feeding your VULNERABLE mind it is new commands. Utterly trapped, utterly fucked over by your deviant therapist, I make sure that you EMBRACE your submission. TO ME fully. My breasts will become a symbol of ALL your submissive urges. See them, and you’re weak & hard and SURRENDERED to ME. There is no escape, and you will have no memory of this, your cock CLEARLY likes what I am saying, your hand moving to grip your hard aching cock. Yes that’s it, cum 4 My tits, just LET go, don’t worry about the mess, cum on your pants, it doesn’t matter. What happens in therapy STAYS in therapy. as will you, in therapy with ME, forever.


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