Humiliation POV – Filthy Panty Sniffing Perv – Mistress, JOI

Humiliation POV  Filthy Panty Sniffing Perv preview

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Hey loser did you bring her panties again? I know you love to jerkoff sniffing your girlfriend’s dirty panties. You’re so addicted panties and jerking off to the scent of pussy. And it makes your head so fucked up when those panties are really dirty. You find it !nt0x!c@cating. You love to rub them all over your face and nose when you jerk.
You sniff and jerk and sniff and jerk like some fucked up pervert! You’re so fucking weird, do you know that? What you do is so fucked up! It’s totally not normal. But there is nothing normal about you at all, is there loser? You’re a fucked up panty stealing jerkaholic, lol! I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t know about this little fetish of yours, does she? She has no idea what freak you are.
But you don’t care how fucked up it is. You just can’t help yourself from grabbing her panties and sneaking into the bathroom, sniffing them and rubbing them all over your dick and pumping it uncontrollably. You’re a panty sniffing freak. You fucking pervert!
Sniffing panties is such a huge turn on for you pervert. I know you want to sniff my panties too. Look how fast you’re jerking to them you filthy panty pervert! I know you want to smell them and jerk your loser dick. But I’d never let you smell my pussy loser. Only real men get in my panties, stupid losers like you just pay for them just so you can wrap them around your face, sniff them and jerk off.
I’ve been masturbating in these panties all day. Girls like to masturbate as well. The only difference is that we masturbate thinking about big cocks while stupid losers like you, those who are panty perverts, pay for dirty panties so you can wrap them around your cock and jerk. Do you see how fucked up you are? You see instead of getting pussy, all you do is jerk to the scent in worn panties. You’re so fucked that you don’t even want real pussy, just panties. You’ve conditioned your brain you stupid panty freak.


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