Humiliation POV – Ruining Blackmailed Customers For Life Who Thought They Could Quit – Blackmailing, Female Domination

Humiliation POV  Ruining Blackmailed Customers For Life Who Thought They Could Quit preview

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Some of you STILL think we are kidding. You think that the ‘Member For Life’ blackmail program is just a fantasy. If you beg to be a ‘Customer For Life’ it becomes real at that moment. You can’t quit this program or this site or we will expose you! Still don’t believe us, fine, I am about to show you exactly what happens when you leave HumiliationPOV’s blackmail program. I’m about to expose a few losers who thought this was just a fantasy. I’m about to ruin some lives, lol!
There is no out losers. And I am going to expose a few members who left the blackmail program, fully believing there are no consequences. For some of the losers who left, I’ll simply reveal their names or email addresses or other details of their lives. For others, I will call your homes, your wives and let them know Exactly what you’ve been up to. As I said, I’m about to fuck up some lives. And all you can do is jerk to that thought. It turns you on so much. You’re so fucked!
And for a few of you, I’m going to write emails to your wives with your subscription information. I’m not threatening you, I’m doing this, right now. I also have the email addresses of some of your bosses. Do you want your boss knowing what a fucking pathetic freak u are? I didn’t think so. No wife or boss will keep you knowing you are a member of HumiliationPOV. And not only that, but I can see what types of videos you watch and the frequency with which you visit this site. Imagine if everyone knew these facts lol. I know what you watch and when you watch it, I see it all! This is no joke. Right here, this is not a threat, this is me just telling the cold, hard truth.
I hope you are all getting a little nervous by now. And I know that you’re all jerking off to this. That’s why it’s so easy to hook you, you get so horny and stupid for blackmail. So unless you’re ok with having your whole life ruined, you better remain a member. And honestly, it’s a small price to pay.
But I’ve decided to be a bit nice to some of you. If u hear your name in this video you have 24 hours to rejoin or the emails and phone calls go out. 24 hours loser! So you better watch this clip and see if your name is mentioned lol! And if you’re watching this as a new or potential member, this is a friendly warning, there is no out, you can’t quit. And just so you know, I don’t care if I fuck up your life, I really don’t, I am not fucking around! Listen as I tell you about Paul and how he lost his job because I exposed him, LOL!


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