HumiliationPOV – Fuck The Bible, Fuck Your God, Devote Yourself To Me – Goddess Snow, Mesmerize

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Were you a good little church boy? Have you always done all the right things? I bet you did. I will bet you even devoted yourself to God. I bet you didn’t even touch your own cock because they told you masturbating was a sin. What happened 2 you though? All those years of doing everything that the church told you to and absorbing all of that morality didn’t make you very happy, did it? No it didn’t. Instead you found yourself here, didn’t you? You found yourself faced with temptation & u couldn’t resist.
And you finally gave in and stroked that cock & the second you blew your load you immediately felt guilty. How many times have u felt guilty since then? That’s what I thought. You don’t need to feel guilty, you just need to give in and devote yourself to a whole new way of life. Then you wouldn’t need to feel guilty at all. In fact, u would feel very, very good. And I know it feels good to touch your cock for me. It feels good to know that a substantial amount of your income goes to me and other beautiful evil Goddesses. I’ve warned you about women like me, women who would use u. Girls like me who are definitely going to exploit you.
You need to convert yourself away from that religion that made you feel filthy and guilty and ashamed. Instead you need to devote yourself to the worship of me and other Goddesses like me. You could be free. You’ll no longer need to feel ashamed. Worshiping me feels so good. You want to be free. I can show you how.
Get down on your knees before me. Devote yourself to me and not this stupid book. This book has only made you feel bad about yourself. I’m going to make you feel good. The bible has never made u feel good but buying porn has brought you such pleasure. Porn should be your new God.
Stroke for me. I want you to experience bliss. My way is the way of pleasure. I can be your meaning, I can be your salvation. Devote yourself to me. Get down on your hands and knees and prostrate yourself before me. Doesn’t that feel good? I know it does. Stroking 4 me has always felt good and you’re going to keep doing this again and again until you’ve devoted yourself to me completely and there’s nothing left of that old shameful feeling. I am your God. I’m your life now. Worshiping me is your new salvation.
– Goddess Alexandra Snow –


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