HumiliationPOV – She Sleeps Alone While Yet Again You Sneak Away To Stroke For Me – Princess, Princess Kendi Olsen

HumiliationPOV  She Sleeps Alone While Yet Again You Sneak Away To Stroke For Me preview

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Awww your poor wife. What would she think if she found out how much you jerk off to me? She had be so hurt, wouldn’t she? Betrayed. Poor old wifey poo. I bet she’s sleeping, alone in the bed right now, cold, with no one to keep her warm. While her husband strokes his cock for me. You don’t give a fuck about her when you’re stroking for me. Who the fuck cares about her right?I’m so much younger and hotter. You just have more lust for me. I’ll bet she doesn’t even put out any more, does she?
You get more orgasms jerking off to me than you do trying to fuck your frigid old wife. But still she would be so hurt knowing how much u stroke to me. If she could see you right now, hunched over the computer, stroking for me. If only she knew how hard you get just from the sound of my voice. You belong to me more fully than you ever belonged to her.
If she only knew how weak you are for me, if she could only see you drooling for me, a hot young brat you’ll never have. She’s such a sucker for agreeing to marry you, I am the one who really owns you. Would she be crushed if she know how much power I have over you? All I have to do is tease you with my hot young body and u can’t even remember her name. She sleeps alone while yet again you sneak away to stroke for me.
You love stroking for me, you love what I do to you. You love the way my eyes look right through you while you give yourself to me. You devote your sexuality, your finances and your fantasies all 2 me. Fuck her, right? Fuck that frigid bitch. She gets older and uglier every day. And I get more gorgeous every time you see me. You wish you could have had me instead of her. Not that I would ever settle for someone like you. I’m not a woman like your wife, I know I deserve much better than some cheating husband. You’re good enough for me to use, not good enough for me to marry.
You’re already married to that hag and to your jerkoff habit for me. You’re married to pixels on a screen. Admit it, you’re emotionally cheating on her right now with me. I do love having you so in love with me. I love having you under my control. I love how much money you spend on me because of your love addiction. I love knowing that her soul mate doesn’t give a fuck about her. You don’t stay awake at night thinking about her the way you do me. Fuck her. Devote more time to me. You don’t love her as much as u love jerking to me. You belong to me.
– Princess Kendi Olsen –


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