Jerk To My Feet – Staring Too Long – Foot Play, Fetish

Jerk To My Feet  Staring Too Long preview

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I notice you staring at my feet. Oh wow, are you one of those foot fetish guys? I think its fun to tease you, so I wiggle my toes and show off my cute bare soles. OMG! Are you getting hard? To my feet, really? Ha, ha! You really do have a foot fetish. Okay, so I want to try something: you can kiss and lick my feet if you let me watch you jerk off. You’ll do it? Great, so get started. I like the way your tongue feels on my toes. I see your cock throbbing with excitement. Oh wow, the smell and taste actually drive you wild. What?! You’re already cumming? What a huge load; and right on my feet. I bet that will make my feet even softer. Will you rub it in for me? Please?


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