Kissing Perfection Ass – Fetish, Jeans Fetish

Kissing Perfection Ass preview

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Princess Perfection’s ass is the BEST! In my dream clip she is wearing REALLY tight jeans showing off her perfect ass. She is standing at the bar with a man literally dropped 2 his knees from her beauty. She mocks him and laughs at him. Then she tells him “People kiss My ass all the time. But I want u 2 LITERALLY kiss My ass! 4 REAL!” And the loser does it! He starts kissing her perfect ass while she laughs at him and mocks him. Then to further his humiliation she demands that he LICK her ass through her jeans! She also makes him lick the DIRT from the soles of her BOOTS 2 show how much he adores her and ahow off how PERFECT she is!! At the end of the clip she should hurt him in a very creative way. 🙂


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