London Lix – Blackmailed Panty Executive – Sissy, Blackmail Fantasy

London Lix  Blackmailed Panty Executive preview

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I’ve been sent to your office to try to clinch a deal, and move in with instant flattery, commenting on how much younger, more powerful, and handsome than the other CEOs I deal with you are. We chat about how you’re stressed, and I try to help you unwind. We don’t have to chat business…we can talk about that boner you have in your pants for me. Mmhmm, I see it. I think we need to get you to release so that you can think clearly about this deal. I strip off my top, and seduce you into stroking for me. I dirty talk to you about my fantasy of having you wear my panties…you’ve made them so wet. I slip them off & put them on you. My tone changes slightly…and I reveal I’ve been recording this whole thing. The deal you’re about to sign hands over much more power to me than you could ever have imagined. All because you got stupid and horny. DISCLAIMER: Every clip released this September is a custom clip. The ideas, style, and verbiage may not reflect my regular style. The content of each is fairly niche. These clips are still my usual PERFECT quality, and you will find many as enjoyable, if not more so, than my ‘regular’ clips. But I wanted to write this for new customers to say: do not judge me as an artist based on these clips, buy one of my regular clips to see what I’m all about. And for older customers to say: do not think this is a ‘new direction’ my clips have taken; they are just customs.


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