Mistress Blackdiamoond – Faceslapping With 2 Ladies – Face Slapping, Goddess Chanel

Mistress Blackdiamoond  Faceslapping With 2 Ladies preview

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The pooch kneels leashed in front of the ladies. Lady Chanel starts the warm-up and slaps the loser’s face 1st gently, then Mistress Blackdiamoond takes the turn n beats him hard into his face. Both ladies beat him in turn and their faceslaps become harder and harder and even faster! The sound is amazing! Maybe he could climb the social ladder as a musical instrument?! 😉 He looks very ridiculous, which makes the ladies laugh. Couldn’t be much more humiliating for the little litterbug. His panic-fueled breathing also attracts attention and becomes his doom. But he offers so much fuel for the ladies to humiliate him even worse! The only break he has contains boot-licking, of course.


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