Mistress Blackdiamoond – Ultra Violent Hand Trample – Lady Chanel, Crushing

Mistress Blackdiamoond  Ultra Violent Hand Trample preview

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Mistress Blackdiamoond and me were in the mood to really hurt this loser. We order him to lay down on the floor and to put out his hands. Then we start stepping on them with our full weight. We literally stomp his hands under our boots. To make it more painful for this guy we pierce our heels into his hands. The slave’s hands are swelling more n more. We really have to laugh about this piece of sh*** because now his hands fit percectly to his porky piggy body. LOL. He’s looking so ridicolous. The most funny about this is that this loser is married and it was impossible for him to hide his swollen hands from his wife.


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