Natashas Bedroom – Minute Man – Pov, Verbal Humiliation

Natashas Bedroom  Minute Man preview

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Look at me. My lovely eyes, staring right into yours. My sweet, devious smile. My gorgeous body, tightly hugged by my metallic dress. How long could you hold back that orgasm for me? You can already feel your cock dripping. Your willpower is gone with just a glance.
Are you a minute man? We’re going to find out today. First plenty of teasing with a few warm-up strokes of your cock. And then the minute will begin. You’ll stroke as hard and fast as you can for the full 60 seconds. It’s a little premature ejaculator challenge.
If you make it through the whole minute, you’ll enjoy a glimmer of sexual validation. If you cum too soon, you’ll have to suffer through a heavy dose of humiliation.


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