Natashas Bedroom – Po.ppers Breath Play – Edging Games, Mind Fuck

Natashas Bedroom  Poppers Breath Play preview

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You’re going to get beyond fucked up for me, my little po.ppers boy. You’ll be hitting that bottle again and again, letting those nitrates fuck up your mind. But there’s more than just sniffing and stroking in store for you today.
We’ll also be making that zombie mind spin with oxygen deprivation. You’ll be doubly fucked up, and completely euphoric. When I say breathe, you’ll breathe. When I tell you to hold it, you’ll obey, even as desperation takes over. Hyperventilation. Throat constriction. Big, deep hits from that bottle mixed in along the way. Whatever I say goes, because I’m the one in charge, and I know how to make that cock of yours feel so good.


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