Mistress Harley – Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot – Female Domination, Femdom

Mistress Harley  Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot preview

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I know you want a sneak peek behind Mistress Harley’s glamorous photo shoot! You love to be the voyeur and the fly on the wall as Harley gets in and out of different sexy outfits and does a studio photo shoot. See Mistress Harley in this exclusive sneak peek in her shiny latex dresses, holographic rompers, and of course patent leather corset and boots. Watch Mistress get showered in money while photographers snap sexy shots, and get a first look at the hot new photos coming out from Mistress Harley!


JerkToMyFeet – You Know What To Do – Foot Licking, Foot Fetish

JerkToMyFeet  You Know What To Do preview

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You find yourself in the prescence of a barefoot true Russian Goddess, Crystal Rush. She knows exactly what you’re here to do. You kiss her toes as she tells you to unzip your pants and free your cock.
Crystal admires your cock as it swells and swells, popping her eyes almost out of her head. You lick her feet, concentrating on the crevices between her succulent toes. Directions on how to jerk your cock are given. Long, slow strokes in rhythm to the licks you deliver to the soles of the Russian minx. Pressure mounts as you’re told to stroke faster and faster, squeezing and teasing as you continue your foot worship. You spray all over Crystal’s supple skin, leaving a treat she can’t help but taste!


HumiliationPOV – I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain, Daddy – Femdom, JOI

HumiliationPOV  I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain Daddy preview

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Do you like my outfit daddy? You bought it. Doesn’t it look so good on me? I’m such an innocent, young, pure thing. I know you have devious, twisted urges. I know you’re a nasty pervert. You’re gross.
I know you love jerking to me in this outfit. You get off on buying me hot things. What else are you going to buy me? Lots of things I know, you can’t resist, can you daddy? I like exciting you, I like just how easy it is. I like having your cock in my hand and deciding how long it’s going to last. It could be thirty seconds, or hours, and you’re helpless and I just get to play with that broken brain of yours.
Pump that cock daddy and put it to work for me while you stare helplessly at me. I know you’re hanging on my every word. It’s too late for you, you’re trapped. You ache for me. I know exactly what I’m doing to you. I know what’s going on in that weak brain of yours. You’re giving up control to me. You don’t stand a chance against me. You’re fucked. You’ve told me too much.
I’m going to count you down daddy as you stare helplessly at my young body in this outfit that you bought me. It’s too much for you to resist. So don’t even try. How does it feel to be truly fucked in the head by someone half your age.


Empress Jennifer – My Button Dick Loser – Forced Fem, Small Cock Humiliation

Empress Jennifer  My Button Dick Loser preview

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you don’t even deserve to call that a dick. how do you masturbate with something so small? That’s definitely a clit…
degrade you and humiliate you so bad in this clip…
With a small dick like that, you probably dream of big dick.
Maybe that’s why you look like someone who sucks dildos in the middle of the night.
you probably thought you were a girl for the longest because your dick never actually grew. Well, you ARE a girl. I have a task for you little slut.
So sad. your dick is so small. you cant even be put in chastity. And I’m not the first person to tell you this lol… Sex for you has been hell, am I right? haha
I make fun of your dick so hard I can’t hold in what I really think about it!
Well the hard part is over, you’ve accepted your life as button-dick loser. Every fetish is your fetish.. Because sex is not for you. Sex is for people who can actually fuck. you are so alone and so pathetic.
Having sex was so embarrassing for you… but now, you can wear your panties proud, suck cock like champ.. and no you cant wear a chastity device, but at least you have accepted your life as My loser and I know how you function.. you and your little benjamin-button dick. This is the only life for you.


DownBlouse Jerk – I know what youre doing – Office, Braless

DownBlouse Jerk  I know what youre doing preview

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Naomi is still on her break so she doesn’t want to deal with you, you decide to hang around and get a good look down her blouse. She isn’t wearing a bra and you can see her nipple, without looking at you Naomi tells you that she knows what you are doing and you may as well get your dick out and have a wank seen as you are already hard.