Goddess Vera – Mind Fucked and Homewrecked – Mental Domination, Hypno

Goddess Vera  Mind Fucked and Homewrecked preview

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I want to do some simple addition and subtraction with you. How much do you spend a year on taxes? School for your, if any? Your wife? Now, think for a second. Which of those give u a tangible benefit? Taxes go toward healthcare and infrastructure. Your are, well, your . But your wife? The cow who gives you a pity-handjob maybe once a year? How do you justify that? Add up food, gas, emotional labor and you come up with a huge figure for someone who gives you anxiety when you wake up next to them.
There is zero reason to be with that bitch. You never wanted to end up like this. That is why you should leave her for me. Just fucking leave. Look at my incredible body, my huge, round ass, my breasts. I understand you, your kinks, your sexuality. You might think what I am saying is fucked up, but I bet you have your dick in your hand right now, don’t you? I’m going to tease u, mindfuck you, speak to your brain and cater to your cock until you see things my way.


Goddess Saffron – Your View from Below – High Heels, Female Supremacy

Goddess Saffron  Your View from Below preview

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You are a weak, small, little man with one use only – to worship the one true Goddess. The feeling you experience when you are in your rightful place makes you so thankful. Today we are going to discuss your view from below. How the view of My powerful designer heel sends shivers down your spine. How the feeling of my heel going deep to the back of your throat makes you harder than ever. Yes, that’s right, how your teeny weener throbs with delight at every glimpse of my overpowering presence. Oh you lucky slave. Today you are going to get licking. You are going to get licking clean the soles of My divine shoes and gag on My dangerous heel. I am going to grind you down into a little nub. As your pleasure intensifies, the weaker you get, round and round in a vicious circle you go. Eventually you will be so weak, that you will be begging to give yourself to Me completely.


Goddess Saffron – Forced JOI Verbal Abuse – Female Domination, Jerkoff Commands

Goddess Saffron  Forced JOI Verbal Abuse preview

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You are such a pathetic loser. You have been addicted to my ass, tits and heels for a very long time. I verbally abuse you and tell you what a small little worm you really are and how I am much more superior than you. Ewww you disgust me. You long to touch my shiny wet look shiny leggings. I tell u how you just a loser like all the rest. I make you into my pathetic slave. So come on then, jerk it now, I’m going to milk that male ego right out of you, as I tease and remind you that you will never get a girl like me. Get ready for my verbally abusive forced JOI.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – How Strong Are You? – Jerk Off Encouragement, Tit Worship

Goddess Alexandra Snow  How Strong Are You preview

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You like to think you’re a big strong man, don’t you? You think you have all of the control in the world when it comes to your cock. Well I don’t think so. When it comes to me, you don’t have any control at all. But I’ll give you a chance to put your money where your cock is. If you can control yourself and sit through this entire video without getting hard, then you owe me nothing. If you get hard at all during this video however, you owe me $100 tribute right then and there. If you touch yourself at all, or receive any physical pleasure after you get hard, you owe me another $200. That’s the deal. You wanted to prove your many strength and control. This is how you get to do it. Don’t think I’m going to make this easy for you, oh no.
In just a few minutes, you’ll be sending me those tributes with cock in hand.


Ezada Sinn – Red Chameleon Stiletto Nails Teasing – Cock Locked, Cocktease

Ezada Sinn  Red Chameleon Stiletto Nails Teasing preview

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So, My slave, how is it to be locked in chastity for 2 months? Is the tiny chastity cage uncomfortable? you’d love to get a release today, wouldn’t you? I know My long stiletto nails give you a hard-on, especially with this red chameleon nail polish. I know you’d love to feel their touch on your poor prick. So maybe I’ll let you take the chastity off today, and maybe I will even let you cum, but not before before you will be teased so hard that you will beg Me to use you in any way I want. Maybe…


DownBlouse Jerk – Wank study – Femdom, Cocktease

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Jessie wants to go out instead of being stuck in on a Friday night, you insisted on staying in and it doesn’t take her long to figure out why. You have spent the while time trying to look down her top, she decides to make a deal with you, she will let you look down her top & have a wank while she teases you with her perky tits and then she is going straight out to have some fun.


DownBlouse Jerk – Wank over these – Nipple Pokies, Cleavage

DownBlouse Jerk  Wank over these preview

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Amber isn’t in the mood to have sex with you, you had promised to give her a hand around the house. Now u can’t help but stare at her tits and you are getting very aroused, Amber knows she isn’t going to get any help from you if you have a hard dick so she makes you a deal. She won’t have sex with u but she will let you wank over her tits while she teases you if you promise 2 help her afterwards.