Christy Berrie – Cum Again – Tit Worship, Jerk Off Instruction

Christy Berrie  Cum Again preview

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Always begging to stroke your addicted dick for me…well, hurry up, get it out. You’re getting what you’ve been begging for so let’s make it worth it. Your first cum will be quick and painless, stroker boy. But… you won’t be letting go of your dick just yet. You’re going to continue rubbing your sensitive cock if you wanna see my perfect, natural tits in this shelf bra. I don’t care if it’s “too sensitive” or it hurts, keep stroking, keep pulling on it whether it’s still rock hard or a lil limp thing.


Bratty Princess Lisa – All Wrapped Up – Jerkoff Commands, Jerk Off Instruction

Bratty Princess Lisa  All Wrapped Up preview

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You will need tape and plastic wrap / saran wrap for this clip. I make you tape your dick to your stomach then saran wrap it all the way around so that you can not touch your dick. I then tease you with My hot, young, tight body making that dick drip. I will give you a certain amount of time at the end to unwrap your dick and stroke to release. How much time will I give you? 2min? 45 seconds? 20 seconds?? Time is ticking!!


Danielle Maye – Blackmailed by my BOOBS – Blackmail Fantasy, Cock Tease

Danielle Maye  Blackmailed by my BOOBS preview

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The word blackmail makes you so horny but also sends a shivers of fear down your spine. Your dick throbs at the thought of entering the blackmail world, you ache to lose control and feel that euphoric rush knowing that you will be left with an anxious but constant horny feeling. Knowing that your fate lies in my hands is just too tempting.
But when tempted and teased with my BIG, JUICY NATURAL breasts you melt, you are easily lured deep within my trap. It’s your major weakness, you cannot control your actions when your eyes are transfixed on my tits. I want to ease you into the blackmail game. I want you to enjoy the whole journey. I want to edge, tease and torment you all whilst dissecting that private, personal information from you. I will direct your stroke and every bit of information too and it is just so easy when you ache so bad to see my breasts.


Bratty Foot Girls – Princess Meggerz, Becky LeSabre – Jerk to Our Wide Wrinkled SOLES! – Foot Play, Foot Licking

Bratty Foot Girls  Princess Meggerz Becky LeSabre  Jerk to Our Wide Wrinkled SOLES preview

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You love big wide wrinkly soles don’t you? Two of the best pairs in the land belong to mega brats Meggerz and Becky LeSabre. The Brats laugh at u as you start stroking your little cock to their big giant soles. You are nothing to them and they find it totally pathetic that you have a thing for their feet. Not just any feet, but BIG WIDE SOLES! You just can’t help yourself but rub one out as they mock you and encourage u to jerk it as they wiggle their toes and wrinkle their soles in your face!


Princess Fierce – Transformed into my Pay Bitch

Princess Fierce  Transformed into my Pay Bitch preview

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My words and intense stare will pierce into your mind and transform you into my pay bitch. You will be placed into a mesmerized state that will keep you paying all day, every day.
This clip contains elements of financial domination, mesmerize, mind fuck, mental domination, findom, psychological domination, face fetish, eyes, pay piggy, brainwash fantasy, brainwashing, paypig, mindwash, mind control, hyp-robo meditation, hyp-meditation.


Bratty Foot Girls – Kate England, Vicki Vallencourt, Jenny Jett – Humiliated at the Soles of 3 Perfect Goddesses – Femdom, Foot Fetish

Bratty Foot Girls  Kate England Vicki Vallencourt Jenny Jett  Humiliated at the Soles of 3 Perfect Goddesses preview

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Here you are again, totally captivated by the perfect soles of the three Goddesses Jenny, Kate and Vicki as they wiggle their stinky feet right in your face. They laugh at you and mock you. You’re just apathetic little freak for their feet. Jerking your small cock 2 their soles. They giggle at you as u keep stroking away as they destroy you verbally. They know you are loving this, keep going and they might even give you a countdown!


Miss Noel Knight – Bedpan Punishment

Miss Noel Knight  Bedpan Punishment preview

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In this clip I play the disgruntled nurse who has had it up to here with your nasty little accidents. A grown man wetting himself is so disgusting! Aren’t you embarrassed? I put you in a diaper to teach you in a lesson and am shocked to discover that you actually like it. You’re one of those closet perverts with a body function obsession. It seems you’ve been making me and my nursing staffs clean you up all week because that’s how you get off. How gross! It looks like I’m going to have deliver a harsher punishment in order to get my point across. You love Pi$$, huh? Well, I’m going to give it to you. You’re going to be my personal bedpan and I’m going to pour my golden nectar right down your throat. Let’s see it you still love it after you get a nice big mouthful!