Doll Factory – Bratty Daughter Whore Training Starring Lily Lane – Imposed Stripping, Tattoos

Doll Factory  Bratty Daughter Whore Training Starring Lily Lane preview

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Bratty Daughter Lily Lane Transforms into Daddys Little Whore Bratty Daughter Lily Lane turned into Daddys Little Whore with the help of the latest neural implants by the Doll Factory. Watch as this petulant, bossy girl undergoes her transformation and in no time becomes the perfect, willing subject. Of course before he puts his newly converted slave to work for him he has 2 test out the merchandise for himself.


Faceriding Delight – Oh, You Think I Can’t Fight – Lisa – Ass Smothering, Leotard Fetish

Faceriding Delight  Oh You Think I Cant Fight   Lisa preview

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What a way to debut! Lisa is a soft spoken, young and sexy Latina. She has a beautiful soft body and curves to die for. Wearing her enticing leotard and socks, she’s minding her own business, doing her stretches before her workout. This is when her jerk older brother comes in, to tease her, as he always does…telling her how useless her exercises are…” Is it going to help you when I kick your ass!?”…he pounces on her, but she surprises him with a quick reversal…..and her crotch on his face! He’s a bit surprised, but try as he might, he can’t buck her off him…and just when he thinks he might have a second…she quickly turns around and mounts his face reverse style….and that’s all she wrote….Using her legs well, she pins her brother beneath her GORGEOUS, fleshy ass, keeping him trapped for long periods of time. She is new to face sitting, another wonderful delight!


Brat Princess 2 – Cali Carter – Chastity slave Milked by Princess – Forced Orgasm, Handjob

Brat Princess 2  Cali Carter  Chastity slave Milked by Princess preview

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Princess Cali has had her slave in chastity for a very long time. Shes finally let him out. But, hes going right back in once Cali is done playing. Cali reminds him, its going to be a long time before he gets this kind of attention again. Hell be locked up and shell go back to fucking her boyfriend. Calis going to be nice enough to send videos and pictures of her and her boyfriend fucking. The slave will view them while his manhood is locked up and Cali has the key. Cali milks the chastity slave. She strokes slowly from the base to the tip of his penis. After a few minutes, Cali switches to fast jerking. Months worth of cum comes flying out of the slave. Clip contains: Cali Carter, Handjob


Faceriding Delight – Molly, Teaching Respect – Sibling Role Play, Fantasy Wrestling, Humiliating Smother – Ass Smother, Smpthering

Faceriding Delight  Molly Teaching Respect  Sibling Role Play Fantasy Wrestling Humiliating Smother preview

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Respect is usually earned, but sometimes, you need to be sure you get through some people. Molly’s older stepbrother is always taking her stuff without asking, in this case, her phone, just so he can play some games. She has tried the nice approach, but since it never works, she is finally fed up and jumps on him, wrestling her phone back from him. He has the nerve to be rude about it, but before he knows it, he’s trapped under a more agile and fit little sister. She’ll teach him respect, smothering his face and squeezing his head between her thighs…he’s out of breath quite quickly and Molly doesn’t let up..he feels pretty stupid now, especially when she takes a picture while sitting on his face and sending it to a girl he likes… “hah hah”…Try as he might, She’s a lot more skilled than he is, and she will ultimately smother his face under her butt and leave him knocked out! A great clip with Molly.


Brat Princess 2 – Cali and Mia – Dorky danni Worships Feet in Chastity – Brat Girls, Cali Carter

Brat Princess 2  Cali and Mia  Dorky danni Worships Feet in Chastity preview

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Cali invites her friend, Mia, over after their afternoon class. Cali wants to show Mia dorky danni, a male shes been keeping in chastity. Calis already had him locked away for three months! The dorky male is so small and weak. Cali knows she could do pretty much anything to him and he would just accept it. Cali teases and taps at his chastity. She rubs her beautiful butt up against it. Mia looks on and smiles. She laughs. They cant believe how pathetic danni is. Cali invites Mia to use danni with her. Mia tells the dork to take off her shoes. The girls giggle as they make the loser kiss Mias feet. Cali shares with Mia that she actually does this with danni all the time. Cali tells Mia that shes got the little guy so well trained, hes even given her his whole paycheck. Cali took dannis whole paycheck and used every last penny to go out with her boyfriend. As the dork continues to worship Mias feet, Cali tells Mia about the time danni stayed under her bed. Danni stayed under Calis bed in chastity while her boyfriend came over and fucked her. It was so funny! Danni loses his concentration and hurts Mias toe, so she kicks him. The Princesses plan to go shopping with a credit card theyve taken out in dannis name. They will need danni to come with them to carry the bags, and later to organize their new things. Cali lists off dannis responsibilities for the day. Danni complains that it is too much. Cali reminds him that they are hot and he isnt. He should be honored to spend any time with them, even if it is cleaning up after them and carrying bags. Mia puts her foot deeper into dannis mouth and Cali rests both feet on top of him, to remind danni that he is below them and will always be below them. Dannis been acting up so much today, the Princesses think they might have to fit him into an even smaller chastity. Mia suggests getting a new chastity with spikes. Cali loves the idea. They plan to pick one up while they are shopping with dannis credit card.
Clip contains: Cali, Mia, Brat Girls, Foot Worship, Chastity


Faceriding Delight – A Pantyhose Game – Foot Fetish, Face Sitting

Faceriding Delight  A Pantyhose Game preview

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This is a much requested item, Pantyhose! A long work day and commute has Imelda coming home and wanting to play a little. Wearing her work dress and pantyhose, she straddles her BF’s body and sits comfortably, relaxing and putting her feet up, rubbing them on his face.He loves sniffing and caressing her legs, specially after a long day, as he makes comments and she begins warming up, she’s more than happy to get it on. After some foreplay, she removes her pantyhose to reveal her tiny thongs, he asks her to sit on his face and she’s more than in the mood now, now straddling his face and humping it to her pleasure. Her slow moans add a sensual feel to this clip, as Imelda, a mature latina lady, knows how to take pleasure. Great Clip.


Brat Princess 2 – Cali and Lola – Ruined Four Times and Fed Cum while Under Voice Control – Female Domination, Cali Carter

Brat Princess 2  Cali and Lola  Ruined Four Times and Fed Cum while Under Voice Control preview

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1080 HD: Cali and Lola get a slave into the Edging Salon that looks really backed up. They pull up its file and find that it hasnt had a milking in 364 days. This is going to be amazing, I bet we get a bunch out of him! Cali says with excitement. Cali edges the backed up slave while it is immersed in a virtual world and confined in tight restraints. Lola controls its virtual programming via laptop. She also has a direct audio feed, which is the only thing the slave can hear through its noise canceling headphones. Even though the slave is extremely eager to cum, it kept right on edge. They ruin the slave four times, all of its cum for the whole year, and collect it in a clear glass. Lola commands the slave to open its mouth, and Cali spoons the huge load right in. The slave does not like the taste of its thick, backed up cum, but it does a good job under voice control and swallows it all as commanded.
Clip contains: Cali Carter, Lola, Female Domination, Milking, Edging, Virtual Reality, Bondage Male, Four Ruined Orgasms, Forced Cum Eating, Male Cum Swallower


Divine Goddess Jessica – Slave Affirmations – Masturbation Instruction, Female Domination

Divine Goddess Jessica  Slave Affirmations preview

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Masturbate furiously as I reinforce my lessons. Pinch your nipples while I laugh and sneer and mock. Repeat after me, over and over, as I tell you how to behave. Nod your head as I remind you that you will never have a better life than this. Whimper as you realize I’m everything you ever wanted, and can never have. Repeat after me, again and again.