ScissorVixens – SVDL 1157 – Princess Carmela – His Final Tribute! – Scissored, Degradation

ScissorVixens  SVDL 1157  Princess Carmela  His Final Tribute preview

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“She could literally KILL someone with her thighs!” – quote from our victim shortly after barely surviving the POWERFUL thighs of Princess Carmela in her debut ScissorVixen video!
We were warned about Princess Carmela by a friend of ours who had worked with her several times for American Mean Girls.
“Trust me…she gets off on hurting men…she is one of the meanest women I have ever worked with. There were times I was literally afraid of her!”.
When Princess Carmela showed up to our Vegas studios wearing a short, little sundress…her BIG QUADS were on full display. We knew it was going to be a PAINFUL day for whoever was going to get trapped between her thighs!
Princess Carmela is certainly no stranger to inflicting extreme pain and punishment as she’s done many times to men bringing them to their knees with a vicious kick to the nuts or keeping them in line with the occasional bare-back beating with a whip or cane.
And she was no stranger to scissors either telling us…”They usually don’t last more than ten seconds once I decide to pour on the pressure!”.
Indeed…Princess Carmela is as mean, sadistic n vicious as they come, and even more so when you are one of her slaves forgetting to send her your required weekly tribute!
So what’s a princess to do?
Well, in the case of Princess Carmela…you CRUSH the LIFE OUT OF HIM between your powerful thighs!
We at ScissorVixens have always believed in ‘keeping it real’ whenever we explicitly advertise a REAL KO. And so, many of our real KOs may not seem to be as dramatic as those well-choreographed ‘KOs’ you may see elsewhere.
In a 1st for ScissorVixens, we witness a CRUSHING body scissors that momentarily turns out the lights for our victim.
When it happened…from behind the camera, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at since we’ve never had a bodyscissors KO.
It was the very 1st scissor hold Princess Carmela applied and so, it was a body scissor applied with full force n full strength and immediately our victim yelped and gasped in pain. The shocked look on his face says it all as he begins to tap-out! Then he goes partially limp followed by uncontrollable thrashing of his legs.
We keep the camera rolling at this point because we weren’t entirely sure what happened and he eventually regained consciousness after Princess Carmela releases her anaconda grip around his stomach.
During our 1st break he told me…”Dude…I totally blacked out when she had that first body scissors on me!”, which confirmed what I thought may have happened.
Throughout the rest of the video, our victim was quick to tap-out at the slightest hint of going nighty-night, which was often from start to finish.
In addition to passing-out from her excruciating body scissors…Princess Carmela applies several brutal figure-4’s and neck scissors that has him LITERALLY gagging n spitting up!
She becomes incredibly annoyed that her slave would dare get any of his body fluids on her and at one point dares him, “Gag again!”, while nearly decapitating his head from his neck in a BRUTAL head scissors from behind!
So if u love TRULY sadistic, mean, vicious women who get off on brutalizing men anyway they can, including scissoring them to a pulp, while also verbally taunting and humiliating them…you’ve got to check out Princess Carmela in her debut ScissorVixen video titled…”His Final Tribute!”.


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