Miss Roper – Training My Cock Whore – Prostate Massage, Anal

Miss Roper  Training My Cock Whore preview

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Let’s not play coy shall me, we both know where your future lies as my little cock whore. You know exactly what you’re meant for. To earn profit for me. To truly understand what its like to work day in and day out on your knees. However, I’m not going to send an experienced whore out into the world. I’m going to break you for cock myself. Showing you one how much train there mind, body and spirit for the onslaught of cocks that are going to enter every one of your holes. You’re going to be a high priced whore non the less, but you’re going to have to work your way from the bottom to earn that right. I’m going to mold you into a cock sucking machine, your mouth quivering as you listen to your future. Your fate is already sealed, just like your lips will be around the cock I’m going to shove deep down into the depths of your throat. Your mouth, your ass; will be prepared. Your constant position will be on all fours as your tight little ass is used and abused in my name, my honor, and for my profit.


KinkyMistresses – Anal Extremely – Mistress Candy – Strapon, Anal Fisting

KinkyMistresses  Anal Extremely  Mistress Candy preview

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Mistress Candy, a really nasty Ebony lady from Holland, wants to use and abuse her slaves very hard today. 1st she fucks his asshole with an extreme rubber strapon, then he gets fisted and in the end comes a drill machine with a dildo as an attachment to go deep in his rectum while is turning very fast. So he will gets a very hot, used asshole


Cruel Mistresses – Banged painfully by Cleo – Mistress Cleo – Strap-On, Ass Fucking

Cruel Mistresses  Banged painfully by Cleo  Mistress Cleo preview

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Mistress Cleo is wearing a black strapon n black rubber gloves, so everything is ready for a big assfuck for her poor slave, who is now not suspecting anything. He starts to be afraid when he sees that a punishment is going to happen and Cleo starts dragging him with that huge strapon he knows that he is going to be banged painfully.


Goddess Jassica – My Ass Ruined Your Life – Female Domination, Assworship

Goddess Jassica  My Ass Ruined Your Life preview

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I rule your life and you are proud to admit that you exist solely to enhance my life. I have made your mind and your cock deeply dependent on me. Every fiber of your being yearns for me and I am all too happy to feed that growing desire. I’ve already trained you to only cum with your prostate, you no longer masturbate like a normal man. You need to be filled. Worship me while you massage your prostate, carving out yet another nook inside of yourself for me to plant my seed. When I unveil a training cock tucked between my legs, the sheer image of my power and beauty is enough to bring you to orgasm. You, of course, hold off until I say.


Cruel Mistresses – Cruel Strapon – Back And Front (1080 HD) – Mistress Zita, Mistress Amanda – Dual Domination, Strap-On

Cruel Mistresses  Cruel Strapon  Back And Front 1080 HD  Mistress Zita Mistress Amanda preview

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Mistress Zita n Mistress Amanda is about to make a sandwich from their most hated slave. He can’t stay in one place his rapid eyes moves shows how afraid he is. He knows that both mistresses are as brutal as fuck, so when Zita grabs his waist and forces her strapon inside him, he knows that he is conquered. From the front, Mistress Amanda makes him suck on her strapon.


The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Made To Take A Heel (1080 HD) – Anal Fucking, Fetish

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela  Made To Take A Heel 1080 HD preview

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You enter the room and a slave, naked and wearing a face mask is waiting for you. You sit down on a chair and sensually cross your legs and order him to crawl over to you and order him to lick and suck the heel of your boots, and gag him with the toe of your boots and heel. Maybe you can also tease him by allowing him to lick your legs and thighs.
After about five minutes of this, order him to turn around and bend over. You menacingly place your heels close to his asshole and tell your slave that this experience will be the closest thing he will ever get to sex. Then please stick the heels inside his asshole. You can choose to lube the heel, put a condom over it or stick it in dry.
Please ram the heel in as deep as you can get it, sort of like when you ram a gas pedal, with your foot and tell him to squeal like a pig as you heel fuck his asshole. Please continue fucking his ass while pumping the heel in and out, trying to continuously get it deeper, then order him to masturbate.


ClubDom – Mistress Crystal Trains A New Slave (Full Movie) (1080 HD) – Femdom, Strap on

ClubDom  Mistress Crystal Trains A New Slave Full Movie 1080 HD preview

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Full movie contains six parts!!! Mistress Crystal has put out an ad for a new slave. She has one prospective bitch coming to the dungeon today. She told him to make sure he is wearing a hood and a collar. The potential slave knows that Crystal is kinky but he thinks that he is coming to fuck a hot Russian chick. What he doesn’t understand is that although, Mistress Crystal is hot, she is equally sadistic. She lets her bitch know right away that she is boss by slapping his face and making him smell her pussy and ass. Now that he understands that he is here for Crystal’s pleasure and not his own, the fun begins in the dungeon. Mistress Crystal forces her new slave to worship her pussy then fuck her until she cums with a chindo. Next, it’s time for the bitch’s cock and balls to be milked. After edging her slave until he can’t take it anymore, the Russian Goddess allows her slave to cum. The slave soon finds out that the price for male orgasms is eating your cum in Crystal’s dungeon. The Mistress wants to find out how much pain her slave can take, so she bends her bitch over and gives him a hard caning. She is pleased by the bitch’s pain tolerance and finally she needs to find out if his ass can handle her cock. Mistress Crystal gags her new slut and fucks his face and ass with her strap on. Mistress Crystal is pleased with her new toy but needs to show him how a real slut gets fucked. She uses her trained sissy slave to show her new slave how much his ass needs to be stretched. She puts on a giant cock and brutally fucks her slut. Mistress Crystal locks her sluts in the cage together and enjoys a smoke. Crystal Rush demands perfection and demands satisfaction. She is satisfied with her slave today!


Tara Tainton – Taras Sissy Anal Training Mid Level – Sissy Slut, Female Domination

Tara Tainton  Taras Sissy Anal Training Mid Level preview

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It’s time to take your training to the next level. You’ve been practicing so hard on your own, giving your tight ass a good probing, I’m sure. Now, I want you groomed to be a true sissy slut. Your ass is going to learn to accommodate real girth and serious length. Get your LONGEST vibrator or dildo lubed up and your THICKEST dildo within reach. We’re going in, going deep, and going HARD! Don’t worry. I’ll take you through every step gently and slowly. I’m going to make an expert out of you, bringing you to the edge over and over again. Your asshole will be hungering for those dildos by the time I’m through with you!


SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude (Full Movie) – Strapon, Coerced Bi

SubbyHubby  Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude Full Movie preview

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Bella Ink and Raven Eve are looking hot in their skimpy bikini’s relaxing by the pool. They are bored though because they are the only one’s there. They wanted to have some kinky fun today. Just when they almost gave up hope, 2 pool dudes showed up. While they are cleaning the pool, they notice the 2 beautiful vixens. They whisper to each other that they’re going to try to hook up. The ladies notice the two young guys and decide that they will have to do for their kinky games. 1st Bella n Raven have the guys give them foot rubs. The guys do a good job with the massage, so the women allow the boys to worship their feet. They suck and lick the ladies’ feet. Bella and Raven are pleased with the new prospects. They want to find out how much of their kinky games the boys can handle. They bring the pool dudes inside and make the one with the smaller cock, suck the bigger cock. After they are amused by forcing the boys 2 be bi, they let the guys know their plan. They want to fuck them with their big strap on cocks! One of the guys can’t handle having his ass fucked so he leaves his willing friend there. The remaining guy turns out to be submissive. Bella and Raven put a collar on him and make him their new slave. He is forced to watch Bella play with her pussy and orgasm in front of him. Then it’s his turn to take Bella’s cock in his ass while Raven rams her cock down his throat. In the end, everyone is happy. The Ladies have a new slave and the pool dude gets to be the submissive slut he always wanted to be.
Part 1 – Foot Worship