Asian Cruelty – I Am Going To Smack The Sickness Out Of You – The Goddess Katamura – Humiliation – Bondage, Femdom

Asian Cruelty  I Am Going To Smack The Sickness Out Of You  The Goddess Katamura  Humiliation preview

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This pathetic slave has come crawling to me today desperately hoping to be cured of his perverse sexual needs. This fool simply can no longer function in his daily life without thoughts of devoting himself to me as my lifelong slave. No wonder, as I have systematically conditioned and trained him to do so for the past several years. Nonetheless, I will half heartedly entertain his feeble request and amuse myself in the process.
I am after all, the only woman who truly understands him and his sick and twisted fantasies. I do after all instill and nurture such afflictions in men on a daily basis, so is it any wonder that I too can save this poor pets soul? The Goddess giveth, and the Goddess taketh away HA HA! In my infinite wisdom, I have determined that the only cure for this pathetic creature, is a good hard face slapping. I will slap the sickness right out of him.
First I build up the perverse tension in his body via spitting my warm sexy saliva all over his face. I watch his arousal escalate as my spittle drips down the length of his face. I then twist and pull on his exposed nipples as his heart pounds like a trip hammer. When the time is right, I release the evil from him by smacking the snot out of him, literally. Over and over again, I relentlessly slap this poor slave silly, until his teeth are rattled and his head is spinning.
Voila, he is cured. Not really, but I enjoyed myself immensely. HA HA!


Asian Cruelty – Her Personal Scratching Post – Goddess Lydia Supremacy – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Bondage

Asian Cruelty  Her Personal Scratching Post  Goddess Lydia Supremacy  Hot Femdom preview

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In a display of indomitable Feline Fury, Lydia Supremacy plays a one sided game of cat and mouse with her bound and helpless pet, while ensnared in her inescapable bondage web. Stalking her prey, Lydia toys with her victim, manhandling him, pulling him by his hair, running her tongue along his neck as if to take a small taste before devouring him.
Using her razor sharp finger nails, she viciously claws and rakes his back and chest relentlessly. In mere seconds, his soft flesh is severely lacerated, trails of scarlet red are left in her wake. His ass, thighs, calves and nipples are all fair game for the Goddess cruel game.
Even his testicles fall prey to her dagger like talons, as she digs them painfully deep into his ball sack and head of his cock. His screams of agony only incite her more, as Lydia has him at her mercy and she will only relinquish control when she has completely conquered him.


Asian Cruelty – Bust Balls And Crop The Cock – Goddess Luna Li – Whipping – Ballbusting, Slave Training

Asian Cruelty  Bust Balls And Crop The Cock  Goddess Luna Li  Whipping preview

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With my pet still helplessly bound and blindfolded, and his legs forced wide apart via steel spreader bar, he has no choice but to surrender himself over to my delightfully sadistic whims. With my leather riding crop at the ready, I slash repeatedly at his legs, thighs, ass, and of course I pay extra special attention to his fully exposed and vulnerable testicles. But this is just a painful prelude to a far more agonizing evening, I assure you.
I intend to launch a full preemptive ball sack attack in all its various forms on this poor soul. Knees to the groin, soccer kicks, slaps, punches and more. It will all serve to reinforce my lofty position of superiority, and his lowly position of inferiority. Its necessary to remind him every now and then. As he forgets his place. His purpose. His fate.
A severe ball busting will maintain the natural order of things and reboot his subservience and devotion to the ultimate goal, which of course is to please ME. And so I relentlessly and ferociously kick his genitals again and again, from all angles and directions. With his sight removed from the equation, the element of surprise magnifies the suspense and elevates the pain quotient to another level.


Asian Cruelty – Ball Busting For My Amusement – Princess XI – Ball Abuse – Balls Busting, Female Domination

Asian Cruelty  Ball Busting For My Amusement  Princess XI  Ball Abuse preview

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Controlling my slaves every movement by his collar and leash, his mind, body and soul are completely vulnerable to my sadistic whims. I do as I choose with him, and he has no choice but to obey. Otherwise an even worse punishment will befall him.
His cock and ball sack are good for one thing only, my amusement. They have no other purpose as I have already rendered him incapable of pleasuring any woman other than myself, as a result of our on going ball busting rituals. When I command him to spread his legs, he obeys without hesitation. And for his obedience, I swiftly drop kick him square between the legs.
Relentlessly and without remorse, I kick, knee, slap and punch his testicles until they are damaged beyond repair. Each painful kick serves to remind him of his place in this world. MY WORLD! And his place is to serve my every whim and desire, no matter how cruel or sadistic. And so I bust balls. That is what I do. Literally and figuratively.
And I have systematically conditioned him over time to need and want this very special type of attention from me. I train all of my slaves to like what I want them to like. And then I fulfill their need and desperation by giving it to them, at my discretion of course. And in this case, for my amusement.


Asian Cruelty – DICK WHIPPED TO A FULL ERECTION PART 2 – Madam Luzia Lowe – Asian Goddess, Domination

Asian Cruelty  DICK WHIPPED TO A FULL ERECTION PART 2   Madam Luzia Lowe  preview

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My physical and psychological control over my subjects manhood escalates as I turn up the pain volume, resulting in him achieving an even larger and firmer erection. After years of systematic conditioning, my delicious pain is what he craves. It is the only sexual outlet I allow him.
With each stinging slap from my whip, his cock comes to life. Harder and harder I strike, relentlessly, as it grows larger and larger. Until it appears ready to burst at the seams and explode. Ah, but that is a privilege I am not yet ready to allow him. I twist, pinch and choke his cock and ball sack, and I feel his member pulsating in my hand. A furious volley of slaps with my leather clad hand, and his cock is harder than he has ever experienced. My power over my slaves cock is absolute. As it should be.


Asian Cruelty – COCK SCRATCH FEVER – Goddess Lydia Supremacy – Finger Nail Fetish, Humiliation

Asian Cruelty  COCK SCRATCH FEVER   Goddess Lydia Supremacy  preview

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We are excited to announce the addition of highly renowned Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy to our stores! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lydia is a no-nonsense, hard core professional Domina who loves to put weak, pathetic slaves in their proper place of servitude. Watch for several clips featuring Lydia Supremacy in the coming months!
This is the second sequel to Goddess Lydia Supremacys top selling clip HER PERSONAL SCRATCHING POST!
After thoroughly raking the flesh off his chest, back and legs with my long, sharp finger nails, it is time to focus my sadistic attention to his lower regions. Yes, his cock and ball sack will now become one with my razor sharp talons. What fun! For me, not him. HA HA!
It is amazing how effortlessly I can torment a mans cock and balls with nothing more than my hands and nails. Tightly twisting and squeezing his nut sack until it appears as if it could explode from the pressure, I run the nail from my index finger across his hypersensitive skin like a switchblade. The pain is of course excruciating. I could literally tear his sack open and drop his gonads on the floor, if I wanted to. But perhaps Ill save that treat for another day.
I next take the head of his puny penis and dig all ten of my nails into it at the same time. Luck for me I am ambidextrous, as this is no easy task. The pained look on his face is priceless. His screams are music to my ears. Nothing thrills me more than to have a mans cock and balls in the palm of my hand and at my complete mercy. Its quite a rush. For me, not him. HA HA! Well, Im sure its a rush of an entirely different nature for him.


Asian Cruelty – Leather Goddess Smack Down – Astro Domina – Face Slapping – Bondage Male, Faceslap

Asian Cruelty  Leather Goddess Smack Down  Astro Domina  Face Slapping preview

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Dressed in a provocative leather leotard, thigh high boots, and driving gloves, I am a leather fetishists wet dream come true. And not so coincidentally, my willing victim just so happens to be a hopeless leather fetishist, so todays torments should be all the more exciting for him.
Gazing upon my leather clad body should be quite thrilling to this slave, in spite of the painful punishment to come. Oh how I do love beating a boy who can maintain his erection throughout his punishment. It shows a level of commitment and devotion that truly thrills me. The look, feel and smell of my leather driving gloves as they smash his pathetic face should be nothing less than intoxicating, not to mention extremely painful. But it will all be worth it for him.
Slap after painful slap, I rattle his teeth and his insipid brain. Harder and harder I slap, right hand, left hand, forehand and of course my favorite, bitch slap backhand. His face turns beet red as I sting his cheeks with my harsh smacks. For a little added sting, I spit in his face, sending my warm, salty saliva down his already burning cheeks. But throughout it all, he is transfixed on my leather clad body. What a delicious example of the pleasure/pain principle.


Asian Cruelty – Stuck In My Web Of Agony – Princess Inari – Humiliation – Whip, Ballbusting

Asian Cruelty  Stuck In My Web Of Agony  Princess Inari  Humiliation preview

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So my unlucky slave, you know that I am, more than anything else a SADIST. Why don’t you worship my glorious, handcrafted, thigh high boots. They are very very expensive and must be treated with the utmost tenderness and care.
Worship them as though you are making love to me, Not that a creature as hideous and unremarkable as yourself would ever stand a chance. But go ahead, make love to my boots and let me find fault in your actions so that I at least feel that Im being fair when I devastate you.
Oh I see that you become entangled in my little web. You will make a nice little appetizer for my sadistic hunger. Do you like the burden that has been placed upon your head? Do your lungs burn? Oh yes my darling pathetic creature, every second of this day will just be torturous for you. I have a full on frontal attack in store for you!
The Princess has covered her slaves head in a latex bag with a small breathing hole. He eventually falls limp from the pain that the princess is imposing upon his nipples and frontal areas, he is too exhausted to even struggle as the Princess does everything possible to wrap him in agony!


Asian Cruelty – Goddess Koko – You’re My Bootblack Tongue Bitch – Boot Worship, Boot Domination

Asian Cruelty  Goddess Koko  Youre My Bootblack Tongue Bitch preview

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Mistress Koko needs a shoe slave to take care of her delicious leather boots. Hear her lay down the law as she tells you how its going to be!!
Get the Fuck down! Lick My Boot Bitch! Get it clean. I don’t want any scuff marks. Get your tongue in there, make sure that you get the heel and toe. You’re gonna get it all in one go! Open wide and don’t you dare use teeth. I don’t want you to scuff up my leather, if you scuff up my leather, I’m gonna be mad and make you TAKE IT!!
You know you’re very privileged, these are very nice boots, you should be grateful to be in the same room as them. I goddess like me deserves to have spotless boots and pig slaves like you get to clean them up. Get every corner, Get the zipper too! Don’t miss a spot! Every crease.


Asian Cruelty – IT’S A COLD DAY FOR YOUR NIPPLES – Goddess Ivy – Bdsm, Bondage

Asian Cruelty  ITS A COLD DAY FOR YOUR NIPPLES   Goddess Ivy  preview

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Sometimes I really wonder how foolish my slaves must think me. The disrespectful little innuendos that they think slip by and go unnoticed. To reference my nipples while making mention of it being cold is definitely lacking of respect and certainly ungentlemanly. I heard your comment slave! I don’t care that your commentary was not directed to me, but more over that it was in reference to me and it made way to my ears and sadistic mind, you idiotic fool of a man!
Today my slave will learn about nipples, how painful it can be when they are subjected to the cold of heart. Yes my slave It is COLD today, let me show you exactly how cold it is. I think that your howls of agony and pleading yelps will be a good indicator of the temperature in this room as I twist and tug, slap and clamp your sensitive nipples as I pull on the chains and twist the clamps as you struggle in the futility of what you have brought upon yourself!!! Yes It’s COLD in here and now you’re distraught little nipples know it!!!!