Violet Doll – Beat it for Booty – Day 9 of 31 Days of JOI – Booty Shaking, Female Domination

Violet Doll  Beat it for Booty  Day 9 of 31 Days of JOI preview

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Day 9 is all about ass, and this clip is way more than you deserve. The views, the tease, the scene where I remove My panties and spread My cheeks. . .
Did I forget to mention there’s a special exception to the rules in Days 8, 9 & 10? Pay attention, you probably need it.
Buy and beat it to this booty, then go back and stroke through Day 1-8 again.
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MeanWorld – Mean Dungeon – Raven Bay 7 – Ass Worship – Femdom, Female Domination

MeanWorld  Mean Dungeon  Raven Bay 7  Ass Worship preview

00:35:52 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 2.04 GB

Princess Raven Bay is back! She makes slave Jimmy wear a collar that says “Hello My Name is Pig” and a pig mask.. she ridicules and degrades him as he eats her ass and worships her feet. No one can humiliate a slave like Princess Raven! Note: We apologize – there are some blurry spots in this scene.


Princess Rene – Under Arrest For Being a Perv – Jerk Off Instruction, Asslicking

Princess Rene  Under Arrest For Being a Perv preview

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Custom clip. I had my officers arrest you, Simon. Why? For sexual harrassment! The girls at your office are SICK of being leered at by you, you fucking pervert! I had to deal with losers just like you while I worked my way up the chain and I particularly loath them. That’s why I had you brought right to my office. Do you deny these allegations? I thought you might. I’m going to make a deal with you. If you can resist stroking for me and my sexy red thong, I will let you go. If you can’t help but jerk, you’ll be locked up, you’ll lose your job, and you’ll have a HUGE fine to pay! Can you resist?


ClubDom – Megan’s Ass Whore – Femdom, Ass Worship

ClubDom  Megans Ass Whore preview

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Mistress Megan puts you on your knees. She instructs you to smell her beautiful ass. Megan has high expectations of her ass worship slaves. As you are licking her ass, she demands that you finger your own. You are going to finger fuck your ass as you worship hers. Megan wants you to jerk off while you have your face buried in her ass. Of course, you will be expected to clean up your mess properly.


Madam Violet – Ego Annihilator – Men Following Orders, Slave Training

Madam Violet  Ego Annihilator preview

00:30:24 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 324 MB

You will take one LOOK then BUY this!
It’s fucking HOT when you BEG, when you strip, kneel, crawl, when you bark or snort, when you slap your face or balls, when you DO IT JUST FOR ME, when you BEG again, when I SQUEEZE My ass and tits, When grind My hips and finger My pussy….when you CRY and BEG and record yourself and send it to ME and FINALLY I allow you to STROKE your SWOLLEN COCK for ME until you CUM for ME.
I dislike the word ‘loser’; it is over used, I especially dislike any man who claims to be a ‘loser’. I like my man-victims to have a bit more self respect than that – it’s more fun to crush your ego then! I just want you to fucking KNOW how pathetic you ALWAYS are before ME, I want you to fucking BEG and WEEP from your cock and eyes for mercy.
Do as I say, give Me what I want, and survive the onslaught of perfect ass, thighs, tits, smile…it will feel like a LIFETIME!! I want you ego-less, pathetic, desperate, dependant and THEN you can stroke. All I want is the rush that cums from KNOWING you LOVE being My helpless horny bitch. And W/we both know you’ll give it to Me.


Goddess Vera – 100% Gay – Forced Bi, Enforced Bi

Goddess Vera  100 Gay preview

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It’s time for you to stop fucking around: you’re going to go gay for me. You’ve always wanted to wrap your lips around a cock, suck a hot load of cum right down that throat. And you know what? You will. It’s only a matter of time. Tick tock, tick tock. Every second brings you closer to the truth: you’ve always been a faggot. You’ll always be a faggot. Accept it.


Goddess Christina – The View From Below: DENIED By GoddASS!!! – Ass Licking, Ass Worship

Goddess Christina  The View From Below DENIED By GoddASS preview

00:11:58 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 287 MB

GoddASS denies you once again! You love the pain and torment of watching my sexy cheeks sway back in forth right in front of you as you sit there hard, throbbing and unable to CUM! I love when you ACHE for me. The view from below is pure perfection and now you must ACHE for my perfect ASS slave as you KISS each gorgeous cheek!