TheRealQueendom – Yes Goddess – Amethyst Mars – Smother – Hand Over Mouth, Bondage

TheRealQueendom  Yes Goddess  Amethyst Mars  Smother preview

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“Aren’t you in a pickle?” Amethyst asks her helpless slave. The slave is zipped up tight in the sleepsack and completely at Amethyst’s mercy. Unfortunately for the slave, Amethyst is in the mood to smother! She starts off with some hand over mouth smothering, cupping her hands tightly over the slave’s nose and mouth, laughing as he squirms. “Are you purple yet?” Amethyst quickly clamps her hands tightly over the slave’s mouth after each, short breath. She decides that from now on the only words the only words the slave will ever be allowed to speak will be “Yes Goddess.” Soon Amethyst decides to smother the slave with her dirty, sweaty feet! She covers the slave’s face beneath her soles and pinches his nose shut between her toes. Each short breath Amethyst allows the slave to take is heavily scented with her foot sweat. “I want you to squeal!” She shouts before clamping down for more brutal foot smothering. “I’m in control of your breathe so therefore I’m in control of you and your entire existence!” To emphasize her point Amethyst springs onto the slave’s face, burying him beneath her big ass and strong, thick thighs! “Now you’re really fucked!” She says before moving forward for full weight facesitting. She mixes it up between forward and reverse facesitting, never giving the slave time to recover as she switches positions. She cups her feet behind the slave’s head, locking it firmly into her amazing ass. “Such a little puny head underneath my big booty!” She teases the slave, asking him which type of facesitting is the worst, but never actually giving him the chance to answer. “Say you love it,” Amethyst says before jumping back onto his face. He had better love it, because being Amethyst’s smother slave is all he will ever be for the rest of his life!


TheRealQueendom – Scissor or Smother? – Face Sitting – Ass Squishing, Femdom 4K

TheRealQueendom  Scissor or Smother  Face Sitting preview

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“Ready to film some head scissor?” Queen Riot Starter asks her helpless slave. It doesn’t really matter what his answer is, his head is going to be crushed between her thighs whether he wants it or not! (Really tho, who wouldn’t want that??) That’s not all this slave is in for though, Riot Starter also enjoys smothering her slaves! She expertly switches between head-crushing, breath taking scissor holds and intense ass smothering! As soon as she releases her scissor-hold she quickly sits up and buries the slave’s face beneath her, cutting off his breathing just as he gasps for air. “I go from taking your breath away to not letting you have a breath! I like being a Goddess!” In fact, Riot Starter is having so much fun that she’s decided she’s going to keep this slave zipped up long term! He’ll stay right here and be her permanent scissor and smother bitch for life!


TheRealQueendom – Megan Jones – Sweaty Smothering – Face Sitting – Femdom, Femdom 4K

TheRealQueendom  Megan Jones  Sweaty Smothering  Face Sitting preview

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“Now that I’ve worked up a sweat, its time to take a seat,” Megan says as she lowers her sweaty ass on her helpless slave’s face! Megan’s furniture slave has been trapped in the smotherbox, just waiting for his Mistress to return and smother him relentlessly. Megan’s big, sexy booty swallows the slave’s face, sealing his nose and mouth and taking his ability to breathe. “You’re fitting quite nicely in my crack! Sniff up all the sweat from my workout, you know you love it!” Megan switches between forward, reverse, and side saddle sitting, but whichever way she sits her magnificent ass completely covers the smotherbox and buries the slave’s face! All the slave can do is lie still and try to conserve what little oxygen Megan allows. “Short, tiny gasps, that’s all you get,” she says, lifting one of her cheeks just enough for the slave to suck in some hot, sweat scented air beneath her! Soon Megan decides to continue her workout by doing leg lifts on the slave’s face! She lifts her legs up high enough for the slave to just barely suck in more sweaty air for half a second before being smothered again. “I could sit here and train your face all day,” Megan says, teasing the slave, knowing there’s nothing he can do to stop her…


ClubStiletto – How Does That Feel (1080 HD) – Miss XI – Face Sitting – Female Domination, Smother

ClubStiletto  How Does That Feel 1080 HD  Miss XI  Face Sitting preview

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Miss XI is clad in a sexy latex outfit, which she loves to wear whenever she sits on a slave’s face. She mentions how hard it is for the slave to breathe with a mouth full of rubber. “I wonder how long he can hold his breath,” she says, as she stretches out fully across his body, her ass on his face while her stilettos rest on his balls. She bounces a bit but does not lift enough for him to get any air. The slave goes a full minute before he starts to move his arms and legs about, desperate to breathe. Finally, XI rolls slightly in order to give him a short breath of air, but she kicks him in the balls at the same time which prevents him from breathing in deeply. This time, the slave finds he needs air within seconds and XI expresses her disappointment by punching him in the balls.
She digs her heel into his cock and continues to block his air, letting him breathe occasionally but kicking him in his nuts whenever he attempts a breath. After almost four minutes, she rolls onto his chest and permits him to catch his breath before she takes her place back on his face. The slave is starting to get a bit frantic as he struggles for air but XI only laughs at his predicament. She orders him to stroke his cock, and laughs as she says that the oxygen in his head will now go to his cock and make his demise even quicker. The slave gets hard quickly but before he can cum she orders him to remove his hands from his cock. He’s so desperate for air that he instinctively reaches up to touch her. “Take your dirty hands off me!” XI says with a laugh; she has no plans to get up.


FacesittingBitches – FB1394 – Raquel Takes His Breath Away – Face Sitting – Raquel Roper, Femdom

FacesittingBitches  FB1394  Raquel Takes His Breath Away  Face Sitting preview

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If you haven’t seen Raquel Roper in action before, you are missing out! This lady is one of the best facesitters we have come across for a LONG time. In this sexy clip she punishes her human chair beneath a pair of unforgiving leather jeans and literally takes his breath away, pushing him to his very limits of facesitting endurance. Awesome verbals and action.


Young Goddess Kim – Facesitting the Chastity slave – Locked Dick, Face Slap

 Young Goddess Kim  Facesitting the Chastity slave  preview

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I just love the feeling of a helpless struggling male beneath My powerful pantyhose ass. This chastity bitch slave is just a thing to be used and abused, making it suffer as I smother it and control its breath. I laugh at the chastity ass bitch and slap it’s pathetic face. Being tightly beneath My crotch is heaven, being smothered by My ass is bliss. Perhaps this unworthy slave just got too lucky, I should just sit it out until it’s last breath…


Brat Princess 2 – Becky – Face Sitting is for your Goddess’ Pleasure – Chastity Male, Cock Locked

 Brat Princess 2  Becky  Face Sitting is for your Goddess Pleasure  preview

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4K Introducing Goddess Becky! Becky’s slave oils her incredibly amazing ass for her. Once the Goddess’ ass is oiled Becky takes a ride on her slave’s face. She bounces and grinds. The slave is locked up in a chastity device. The pleasure is only for her. The slave can’t breathe underneath Becky, but she doesn’t care. She wants to think about her boyfriend and make herself feel good. She has no regard for the slave’s suffering. She tells it to shut up and rides its face until she’s satisfied.


Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Rubber Goddess Worship – Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent – Ass Smothering, Spitting

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Rubber Goddess Worship   Cybill Troy  Mistress Tangent  preview

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Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent have decided that they deserve a relaxing smoke break & what better way to enjoy this than with Miss Troy’s gimp serving their every need.
Their summoned gimp has the pleasure of being used as a human ashtray for the two stunning Mistresses. Between the lungfuls of smoke he must breath in, their gimp also receives generous portions of spit into his lucky mouth.
Noticing how well lubricated their gimps mouth now is, Miss Troy & Mistress Tangent decide to task the gimp with a very, very lucky task……using his mouth & tongue to clean & shine their boots & outfits.
The super fortunate gimp is commanded to begin his tongue cleaning duty at his Mistresses boots, so begins working diligently away at Cybill Troys heels & boot soles.
As the gimp progresses with the pleasurable cleaning task, his fortune also increases. After polishing her boots to a good shine, the gimp is directed to lick & shine Miss Troys wonderful legs, then amazing ass before being commandeered to render the same tongue shining service to Mistress Tangents boots & outfit.
With their gimp giddy from the honour of the tasks they have set him, Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent round off their pleasurable torment of their shiny pet by allowing him to further shine their latex clad asses in combination with smothering him until the gimp is almost overcome.