Princess Lexie – Ass Edging Surprise Ending – Tease & Denial, Ass Worship

Princess Lexie  Ass Edging Surprise Ending preview

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My ass looks great, doesn’t it? I bet you want to jerk-off to it. Yeah you just want to stroke yourself silly to My perfect Princess butt!–And that is exactly what you’re going to do. Worship My body, allow Me to take complete control of that cock. Listen to My commands as I tell you to start and stop. Start and stop. Start and stop. But there’s a surprise ending coming…wonder what it could possibly be…


Princess Fierce – Beg For Booty Deux – Financial Domination, Goddess Worship

Princess Fierce  Beg For Booty Deux preview

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A bunch more hot and sexy outfits have arrived from my loser! Girls like me don’t pay for ! So, I am going to model all 4 hot sexy, shiny outfits. Each time I change I will make you sit and wait for me to come out. Some of these are so tight and revealing when I bend over you will be drooling and begging to spend. You will spend, beg, and become stupid for this ass loser!


Young Goddess Kim – The Shining Smother – Female Domination, Leggings Fetish

Young Goddess Kim  The Shining Smother preview

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Just got in from taking this pathetic d*g for a walk at the end of My leash. I haven’t finished My fun with him yet! My shiny ass is the best delicious treat a slave d*g could dream of. I make sure he worships My ass to My liking and amusement, shoving his nose and mouth deeper, but I am still not satisfied. I desire more control over his face, I push it to the floor and straddle his head between My thighs. I want more power, I sit My ass over his face and make him kiss for his life. I feel his desperate gasps for air underneath Me. His struggle beneath Me excites Me. And when he is almost ready to panic, I allow him one last deep breath in and pose the final ultimatum – Air or Ass?…


Goddess Datura DiVine – Try to Resist My A$$ – POV, Fishnets

Goddess Datura DiVine  Try to Resist My A preview

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You can’t! I know it. The more you try to fight, the stronger the urge becomes. You’re looking at My sexy stockings and hot ass as it totally fucks with your brain right now. It makes you so weak to imagine paying My ass, worshiping My ass, being humiliated and trained all because you can’t escape My sweet brown cheeks.
Every shot of this clip is a pure unadulterated high for inferior sub men like you. Each new angle and pose gets you harder and dumber as My cunning words and relentlessly arousing moves turn you into My ass-addicted wallet!


The Mean Girls – Duchess Dani, Queen Quenzi – Leg Worship Duchess Danni (1080 HD) – Degradation, Humiliation

The Mean Girls  Duchess Dani Queen Quenzi  Leg Worship Duchess Danni 1080 HD preview

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Duchess Danni knows exactly how to control and manipulate her slave. All she has to do is wear her shiny pants and the slave gets so excited he is like putty in her hands. He`ll do anything to get the chance to kiss n worship her sexy legs and ass. Duchess Dani knows this but to start with she teases the slave by only allowing him to kiss the bottom of her shoes. If the slave wants to kiss higher up her body like her legs n ass he`ll have to promise to serve her 1st by doing chores and spoiling her with gifts. Queen Quenzi is holding the slave by his leash and they decide to play a version of red light / green light with the slave. On green light the slave can kiss Duchess Dani’s legs and ass but on red light he has to immediately stop. Duchess Dani n Queen Quenzi have fun teasing the slave this way and laugh about what a desperate loser he is for Duchess Dani. When they decide he has been granted enough worship time Queen Quenzi has to literally drag the slave away from Duchess Dani’s legs. The slave tries to cling onto her not wanting to be away from her legs for even a minute.