Madam Violet – Ego Annihilator – Men Following Orders, Slave Training

Madam Violet  Ego Annihilator preview

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You will take one LOOK then BUY this!
It’s fucking HOT when you BEG, when you strip, kneel, crawl, when you bark or snort, when you slap your face or balls, when you DO IT JUST FOR ME, when you BEG again, when I SQUEEZE My ass and tits, When grind My hips and finger My pussy….when you CRY and BEG and record yourself and send it to ME and FINALLY I allow you to STROKE your SWOLLEN COCK for ME until you CUM for ME.
I dislike the word ‘loser’; it is over used, I especially dislike any man who claims to be a ‘loser’. I like my man-victims to have a bit more self respect than that – it’s more fun to crush your ego then! I just want you to fucking KNOW how pathetic you ALWAYS are before ME, I want you to fucking BEG and WEEP from your cock and eyes for mercy.
Do as I say, give Me what I want, and survive the onslaught of perfect ass, thighs, tits, smile…it will feel like a LIFETIME!! I want you ego-less, pathetic, desperate, dependant and THEN you can stroke. All I want is the rush that cums from KNOWING you LOVE being My helpless horny bitch. And W/we both know you’ll give it to Me.


Goddess Vera – 100% Gay – Forced Bi, Enforced Bi

Goddess Vera  100 Gay preview

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It’s time for you to stop fucking around: you’re going to go gay for me. You’ve always wanted to wrap your lips around a cock, suck a hot load of cum right down that throat. And you know what? You will. It’s only a matter of time. Tick tock, tick tock. Every second brings you closer to the truth: you’ve always been a faggot. You’ll always be a faggot. Accept it.


Goddess Christina – The View From Below: DENIED By GoddASS!!! – Ass Licking, Ass Worship

Goddess Christina  The View From Below DENIED By GoddASS preview

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GoddASS denies you once again! You love the pain and torment of watching my sexy cheeks sway back in forth right in front of you as you sit there hard, throbbing and unable to CUM! I love when you ACHE for me. The view from below is pure perfection and now you must ACHE for my perfect ASS slave as you KISS each gorgeous cheek!


Goddess Christina – Bikini Body Worship Pt 1 – From Man to Slave – Orgasm Denial, Fetish

Goddess Christina  Bikini Body Worship Pt 1  From Man to Slave preview

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It’s time for a bikini worship series. I do have the perfect bikini body afterall! I’m getting new bikinis all the time and you know I love to show them off. My tits, my hips, my legs, my ass… ahhh… I mean OMG look at me! My gorgeous bikini body makes men all the over the world weak for me. Just how I like them. And look at you… melting! Melting right in front of perfection. It’s like you’ve died as a man… and now you’re my slave. A slave that’s DYING to stroke for me! Go on.. jerk that cock. Edge yourself to the point of cumming…


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Watch and Obey – Financial Enslavement – Hypno, Mind Fuck

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Watch and Obey  Financial Enslavement preview

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This is the second video in my wildly popular new “Watch and Obey’ series. With old school subliminal message style I’m going to mold your mind whether you want it or not. The extensive editing and detail in this series are best experienced with the lights off and headphones on.
I’m very pleased with your progress. Watching my videos over and over again has trained your mind in a way that makes you permanently susceptible to my commands. This is good. Today I’ve prepared a new set of programming for you. There are some troublesome habits I’ve noticed from you. You cling to all of your hard earned money like it defines you. You need to realize that your money does not define you, your servitude does. This burden of financial responsibility is one of the things I want to remove from your life, and reprogram from your mind. How do you expect to be a good slave if you do not contribute your financial worth? You dedicate everything else. You dedicate your orgasms, your cum, your mind, your soul. Why is your wallet any different? I know you feel you are attached to this notion of excessive monetary worth, but today I’m going to eradicate that thought pattern. Every cent of the funds you do not need to live should be tribute to your Goddess. I know this will be a difficult transition for you.
This society has made you cling to your financial worth. But how else do you expect to serve your Goddess?


Glam Worship – Pool Play – Swimming, Tit Worship

Glam Worship  Pool Play preview

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Goddess Danielle, Lady Nina Leigh and Mistress Lucy, are having fun in the pool on holiday, they’re wearing tiny bikinis and playing with balls, not your balls DICK HEADS, as this is a loser free zone. All these girls are interested in is having fun, getting tanned and D.R.U.N.K…Their just fooling around for the afternoon until they go out and find real men with big cocks! Enjoy them ignoring you while they have the best fun in the sun splashing each other and fooling around… How amazing all three beauties on holiday together and in the pool playing. Watch that cock growing won’t you? You’ll be back tomorrow as well!


Glam Worship – Lady Nina – Play The Markets – Female Domination, Findom

Glam Worship  Lady Nina  Play The Markets preview

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Nobody is increasing their empire faster than Nina Leigh. She is a ruthless, powerful, independant, dominant, young woman. And she does not just spunk your hard earned money on junk. She invests (like you should have done) in equities, futures and complex financial instruments.
So whether you are a high flying – city trader or a broke ass student looking to splurge his student loan on a superior, ALPHA Goddess, invest in Lady Nina today! Watch her future clips and updates on her portfolio! Sell your assets, get a second job, suck cock… Do whatever it takes to get involved! And watch Nina get RICHER and RICHER!!!


Violet Doll – Dicktease: Day 6 of 31 Days of JOI – Big Breast, POV

Violet Doll  Dicktease Day 6 of 31 Days of JOI preview

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I’ve kept you stroking quite a bit this month, so I think it’s time for a dicktease. And I’m a master when it comes to teasing dick.
You still get to jerk during this clip, but you better pay attention and obey. The stakes are getting higher and higher, and mistakes might leave you with more pain than a throbbing cock and a pair of blue balls.


Crystal Knight – Enter The Gooning State – Edging JOI Games – Ass Licking, Masturbation Instruction

Crystal Knight  Enter The Gooning State  Edging JOI Games preview

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You love the way it feels to slip deep into the gooning state. That sense of desperation, arousal, momentum, and submission combining as you stroke to my instructions. Your next 45+ minutes is mine. You are going to feel pleasure in ways you never imagined possible. You are going to get pushed to the edge over and over again during our session. I’m not going to make it easy to last all the way through, and if you blow early you owe me a nice big tribute. Get ready to go deeper than you’ve ever been before. Once you enter the gooning state, you’ll never want to leave.