Tara Tainton – Following Doctor’s Orders to Cope with the Growing Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon – Female Domination, POV Sex

Tara Tainton  Following Doctors Orders to Cope with the Growing Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon preview

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We absolutely must make an appointment with the doctor. I just don’t know how to handle my stepson’s constantly erupting cock anymore. It’s growing larger, needier, and even though I’ve done absolutely everything the doctor so expertly guided me to do, it seems the problem is growing worse rather than better. I don’t want him to worry… I know it’s not his fault. As his stepmother, I must do absolutely everything I can to take care of the needs of his body and his… condition.
I mean, I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be a growing young man with an overdeveloped cock! He must be so frightened and so uncomfortable all the time. Now, we’re going to solve this once and for all. The doctor will know what to do; I’ll tell him all about the problems we’re having, the neediness of my stepson’s huge cock. I’ll explain how I never know when his erection is going to come on, how it starts, or why he gets spontaneously turned on all the time.
In fact, when it starts to grow in his pants right there in the doctor’s office while I’m just unbuttoning my blouse a bit to cool down, I just have to get on my knees right there and then and tend to my stepson’s needs! At least I have the doctor to look to for advice as he looks on with a professional eye. I feel so much better having him watch me tend to my stepson and guide me. And although I’ve never done such a thing in my life, I know it’s necessary for the doctor to instruct me to practice on a dildo right there in his office.
But why does my stepson get an enormous erection AGAIN while I’m in the middle of my cock sucking lesson??? After teasing, licking, and filling my throat with that dildo at doctor’s orders… and he even says I must remove my blouse and squeeze my breasts to help quicken my stepson’s ejaculation or I might damage my poor mouth with prolonged and frequent oral sex… I just don’t know what to do anymore. Thankfully, the doctor’s right there with us to immediately instruct me to try having my son take me from behind…


Goddess Saffron – Forced JOI Verbal Abuse – Female Domination, Jerkoff Commands

Goddess Saffron  Forced JOI Verbal Abuse preview

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You are such a pathetic loser. You have been addicted to my ass, tits and heels for a very long time. I verbally abuse you and tell you what a small little worm you really are and how I am much more superior than you. Ewww you disgust me. You long to touch my shiny wet look shiny leggings. I tell u how you just a loser like all the rest. I make you into my pathetic slave. So come on then, jerk it now, I’m going to milk that male ego right out of you, as I tease and remind you that you will never get a girl like me. Get ready for my verbally abusive forced JOI.


ClubStiletto – Yes Mommy, I Love Daddy’s Cum – Mistress Kandy – Ass Worship, Assworship

ClubStiletto  Yes Mommy I Love Daddys Cum  Mistress Kandy preview

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Kandy is kneeling on her discipline bench and her husband has just left for work. Cum is running out of her pussy and ass and she orders Junior into the room. As he crawls in naked she tells him she has a busy day planned and the last thing she needs is cum running down her legs. She asks Junior if he can smell it and then orders him to lick it up. “Daddy made you with his cum years ago and now you are eating it” Kandy says mockingly. “What would he think if he saw you now?” she adds. Kandy tells him she wants big sloppy loud licking sounds as he eats Daddy’s cum. She has him move back to spread her ass cheeks and u can see Junior has done a good job licking it up but she tells him “The cum will probably keep running out so you might have to stay there for hours.”
She makes Junior say he loves Daddy’s cum and then he has to tell her that he loves her waste too. “I am a responsible mother and I make sure my boy gets fed every day” she says. She surprises him by saying a bunch of her girlfriends are coming over too and they`ll all use him as a toilet. Kandy then tells Junior she has a task for him when he goes on his weekend fishing trip with Daddy. “I want you take a picture of yourself sniffing Daddy’s worn underpants” she tells him with a huge grin. To juniors credit he never stops eating Kandy’s ass with the same enthusiasm. It then gets worse when she tells him she wants a video of him licking the crotch of the dirty shorts. “Daddy is so horny, he’s going to be beating off all weekend so there will be a lot of dry cum for u, junior” she says. She also mentions that he should make sure Daddy has a lot of alone time so he can masturbate a lot. She tells him to also check the garbage can for cum filled tissues and to eat them. There’s no level of depravity that Kandy won’t subject junior to. Junior is now ordered to spread Kandy’s Ass and Pussy wide open so he can do a final search for cum. You can see that Kandy is squeaky clean now. Kandy tells Junior he is a good boy and she’s proud to have him as a son. Suddenly she feels more cum coming out of her ass and she sends Junior back in to give her a good ass probing with his tongue.


Mikaela Witt – Smothered In My Perfect Ass – Ass Worship, Financial Domination

Mikaela Witt  Smothered In My Perfect Ass preview

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Come on then, you smacked my ass in the car park, didn’t ya? I knew it was you little pig. You are a pig, who do you think you are smacking my ass? That’s why I brought you here. No I don’t want you stand up just look at my ass. I’m going to turn you into my ass slave. You will be my weak little ask freak. Unfortunately, I’m not attracted to freaks to like you, you are ugly and weak. You thought I was going to fuck you. You wanted to bend me over this bed and fuck me, ha! Stroke that cock of yours, look at how nice and round my ass is. I bet you would love to grab it just like this. You’d love to kiss it. Come here and kiss my ass bitch, now the other side. You are definitely not going to fuck my ass. You just get to worship it like the bitch you are. Stick that money in my panties bitch. I want more and I will take them off for you. Go on, good bitch. Ha you really thought I was going to. That proves what a LOSER you really are! Come here and suffocate yourself with my big ass, go on get in there bitch. I don’t want you to breathe bitch. Now I’ve got all your money, stop looking at me. Get in my ass you pathetic fucking worm! Maybe I’ll let you lose your life in my ass bitch!


Nina Chrome – Asslicking CEI – Ass Worship, Ass Eating

Nina Chrome  Asslicking CEI preview

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Isn’t my ass perfect? Wouldn’t it feel good to play with it – to squeeze it, spread it, even put your face between my cheeks and lick? It’s OK – I know that’s what you want. You don’t even have to say it. Just one thing… obviously you can’t be allowed to touch a butt like this for nothing in return! But don’t worry, what I want back is simple. You just have to stroke for me, make yourself feel really good, all while staring at my perfect little bubble butt while I strip out of my panties and tease you. And when it’s time to cum, I have a special surprise for you – you’re going to save that load for me and spread it over my ass – oh, do you like the thought of my ass covered in your cum? Good, because that’s not all I want. Once I’m drenched in your load, you’re going to lick it all off my asshole for me. Lucky you! Just think about how tasty all that cum will be, licked straight off my butthole while I hold a Hitachi to my clit and cum with your tongue on my ass.


Crystal Knight – Your Religion = ME – Femdom, Slave Training

Crystal Knight  Your Religion  ME preview

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You spend all your time worshipping my body. You spend every day serving your Goddess. You claim your religious but are you? How could you be when your worshipping a deity on earth? I am your religion and it’s time you wake up and accept it. I am the one you will pray to, tithe to, and bow before. I am the one who gives your life purpose and makes you feel whole. There is no more Sunday church days unless your getting on your knees doing a 20 clip binge and praying to me all day. It’s time you accept the truth, your religion is me and thats never going to change. It’s just going to get even more extreme.


Goddess Alexa Divina – CEI for my cuckold – Big Breast, Denial

Goddess Alexa Divina  CEI for my cuckold preview

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Teasing you while telling you how much you suck in bed cuckie. I tease & you pump, jerk it, lick it up as the precum rolls down your dick. When was the last time you made any girl have a hot, mind blowing orgasm? You can make yourself orgasm so easily, I want you to jerk it right into your hand and lick it up for me. I have been fucking someone else, I let him cum on my pussy and I make you suck every drop of your cum off your fingers. It’s not that hard to make women orgasm you just need to be a real man, have a great cock and know how to use it. Unzip your pants and take out that little dick, you’re going to go to the extreme for me.


Goddess Danielle – Edge for my ass – Facesitting, Masturbation Games

Goddess Danielle  Edge for my ass preview

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There is nothing better than my superior round juicy ass swaying in your face & that is exactly what you are going to be a dripping mess for, if you’re a good boy, there may be a chance to cum for my perfect ass, but firstly you’re going to edge your cock until i say so. You may even find it cruel of me, the way i am going to torment you with my bubble butt, my tiny little thong shoved right up my ass crack. But i don’t care. I want those balls so full they are going to explode. Grip your cock tight when you get to the tip so i know you’ll be even more desperate. MARK UP CODES- ‘Good boy’ Adds 10% ensuring Goddess gets full profits for my clip QUEENS ATM – Adds $100