Goddess Gisele – Ass, Ass, Ass, Ass – Fishnets, Joi

Goddess Gisele  Ass Ass Ass Ass preview

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After cave man drooling over that GIF, have you realized something yet? Of course not, yet. My ass is too powerful for you to resist and too busy distracting you from any intelligent process. I think this is the closest I have ever allowed you to get to My perfect ass. Let Me point how how generous it is of Me to allow you to even get so close! Now take the time to really effectively stare and worship. I make the concentration easy, by mainly focusing on a few different angles of My ass, but not without subtle reminders of how lucky you are to even be have the opportunity to gawk and really stroke like this.


Club Stiletto FemDom – Were You Trying To Breath Under There – Princess Lily – Body Kissing, Smother

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Were You Trying To Breath Under There   Princess Lily  preview

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“I just love sm0thering my slaves with my latex” pretty Princess Lily says as this scene opens with her sitting on her slaves face. She comments how it totally seals off their air and they can’t breath. It’s a combination of chair for her and suffering for the slave. She gives the slave some air and asks him if he appreciates her amazing ass and when he says he does she says “It just takes your breath away doesn’t it?” She then settles back onto his face, grinding it with her ass but not allowing any air to get to him.
“You know what else is fun?” she says as she reaches into a container of clothes pins. She starts to apply them to his cock and balls but stays on his face until he starts to kick desperately. “Were you trying to breath under there?” she says with a laugh. She lets him breath but before he can answer she is back on his face. She tells him to stroke himself to take his mind off his lack of air but comments that the stroking is going to make the clothespins hurt him even more. Now Lily gives the slave a real treat as she gets up and removes her skirt revealing her beautiful but sweaty ass. “Lick up the sweat, it’s all your getting for dinner tonight” she tells him. As the slave licks one cheek she looks at you and says “Why don’t you come over here and lick the other cheek.” Her ass is big enough for two!


Mistress Victoria – Your new marriage counselor – Cocktease – Goddess Worship, Topless

Mistress Victoria  Your new marriage counselor  Cocktease preview

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You are your wife have been having some problems so you are taking turns seeing me. Well I have some news for you! dump the bitch. she was just in my office and shes a slut. I made her cum so many times…and well I’m going to turn YOU into my sex slave. I know you can’t resist jerking your cock over this, can you?


Larkin Love – Latex Ass Worship JOI Cum Countdown – Masturbation Instruction, Dirty Talk

Larkin Love  Latex Ass Worship JOI Cum Countdown preview

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My hot, shiny ass controls your cock completely! Lose your restraint and find your bliss between my firm, heavenly ass cheeks. Slide your tongue into my inviting asshole and stroke your throbbing, pulsing cock. Between the shine of the latex, the jiggle and bounce of my flesh, and the hidden delights of my pussy and ass, you’ll be mine in no time. A liberal dose of my signature dirty talk pushes you over the edge. Can you make it to the cum countdown?


Countess Crystal Knight – Only Non Nude JOI For You – Pussy Worship, Tit Worship

Countess Crystal Knight  Only Non Nude JOI For You preview

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If you’re reading this, you’ve adopted the censored life, or at least you’re about to. You know you are such an addict you’ll do anything for me, and we both know that losers don’t deserve nudity. No nipples, no asshole, no pussy. The only thing you get is extremely erotic IMPLIED teasing that will drive you crazy. I love reminding you that you are only allowed non-nude jerking sessions, loser. It’s more generous than you deserve anyways so make sure to pay double with markup code : nonnudeforcrystal


Princess Lyne – Hand Humper’s Ruined Orgasm – Cum Eating Instruction, Instructions

Princess Lyne  Hand Humpers Ruined Orgasm preview

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Make your dick nice and hard… get it ready to cum to these tits, to this perfect ass, My perfect pussy. Why don’t you play with the head of your dick a little bit… and stroke your dick even faster. As fast as you possibly can. Pump really, really fast!! Now I’m going to count down and you’re going to blow it and then you’re going to do exactly what I say… 10.. 9… 8… And just when you think it’s over, I just keep fucking with you!!!!! HAHAAHAHAH!!!


Princess Kitty Cash – My ass is driving you nuts – mean EDGING and training for you – Assworship (GERMAN Language) – Asslicking, Jerk Off Encouragement

Princess Kitty Cash  My ass is driving you nuts  mean EDGING and training for you  Assworship GERMAN Language preview

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Shitface, I know you can’t wait but before watching this clip I want you to wank ur cock real hard – without coming of course. You should be extremely aroused and submissive right now – close to run dry; in this state of mind you will do what I’m about to tell now. My words and incredible beauty will melt your brain and push you to become my perfectly trained payslut! I love to tease and humiliate you ugly bastard while playing a nice, little, mean edginggame on which you will be the loser for sure. As stupid as you are you can’t await to mutate into a wanking piece of **** who fucks his hand on my orders and got cashed out as well. Mein Arsch macht dich irre – fieses EDGING & Training für dich Drecksköter, ich weiß du kannst es kaum erwarten, aber bevor du diesen Clip schaust will ich, dass du dich so richtig dumm und dämlich wichst – ohne zu kommen natürlich! Du sollst extrem erregt und devot sein – kurz davor auszulaufen; genau in diesem Zustand wirst du jetzt alles genau so machen wie ich es dir gleich befehle. Meine Worte und meine unfassbare Schönheit werden dein Hirn wegficken und dich in deinem Training zur perfekt dressierten Zahl- und Wichsau weiter voran treiben! Ich liebe es einfach dich hässliche Fotze hart zu teasen, zu demütigen und dabei noch ein kleines, feines, fieses Edginggame mit dir zu spielen, bei dem du natürlich nur verlieren kannst. So behindert wie du in deinem Kopf bist kannst du es kaum erwarten endlich wieder zu einem sabbernden Zellhaufen zu mutieren, der brav nach meinem Kommando in die Hand fickt und sich dabei nach Strich und Faden abziehen lässt.**ALL CLIPS ARE SPOKEN IN GERMAN**


Mean World – Mean Bitches – Kiara Cole – CuckQuean – Cuckold – Asslicking, Assworship

Mean World  Mean Bitches  Kiara Cole  CuckQuean  Cuckold preview

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Kiara knows that her stepfather wants her and that she can easily seduce him any time she wants. She flirts with him in front of her mother, knowing it drives her crazy. She tells her mother that if she doesn’t suck her boyfriend’s cock, she is going to fuck her husband. Her mother knows she can’t compete with her younger, prettier daughter, so she does what Kiara wants. Kiara laughs at how weak her mother is, and then makes her serve cookies to her while she fucks her stepfather.