UpSkirt Jerk – Upskirt Searching – Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement

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Gabriella is trying to find the car keys, you are both due to go out and she can’t believe she has lost them, while she look for them in the bedroom you notice that the dress she is wearing is very short. All of a sudden you don’t mind that she has lost the keys because watching her bend over is much more fun than going out!


TheEnglishMansion – Femdom Crime And Punishment (720 HD) – Nikki Whiplash – Hot Femdom – Blonde, Anal Fucking

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After being expressly forbidden to touch his cock, the recruit is now in big trouble with Officer Nikki, who has taken him to the punishment cell and tied him tightly to the interrogation chair. She gets his attention and respect, slapping and cropping his cock, tight traps put on his nipples and dick as she makes him lick her dirty boots. She then puts on her biggest strapon and pegs his asshole with hard, long strokes making him moan in submission as he relearns his place in the World.


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Goddess Crystal’s husband realizes at this point that he is fucked. He won’t be using his cock to fuck his wife anymore. Not only that, but he has to watch another man fuck and please his wife. Now he is realizing that Crystal will be the one doing the fucking in their relationship. Goddess Crystal has her bitch on his knees and she is wearing her strap on cock. She commands her bitch to start sucking. She isn’t going to be too mean by using her biggest strap on. He will learn to take her medium sized cock. After getting her cock wet and lubed with his spit, it’s time for him to get pounded in the ass. Crystal fucks his tight asshole as he cries and begs for mercy. Goddess Crystal has no mercy on him, as he needs to learn to take her cock or take anything else she decides to do to him. Yep this poor slob is fucked, in more ways than one!
Part 1 – Foot Worship


ClubDom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia – Strap On – Humiliation, Latex

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The incredible Goddesses, Ms. Lydia and Mistress Jean, are both looking hot as fuck, decked out in latex. They are both wearing big black femdom cocks. Ms. Lydia tells their slut to open wide and Mistress Jean sticks her big strap-on into the sissies mouth. The slut is forced to suck both of their cocks and then it’s time for his manhood to disappear completely and forever. It’s time for him to get fucked in his slutty ass by his gorgeous Mistresses. Jean and Lydia take turns pounding their pathetic slave. They give him all that he can handle and more. When they are done their slave is left like a puddle on the dungeon floor. No evidence of his manhood is left behind!


CFNMEU – December 14, 2018 – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne, Vaclav Chovanec – Interview – Strapon – Female Domination, Dildo

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Vaclav Chovanec has an interview for a job. He arrives and sits in front of the sexy interviewer who says she has some special offer for him. But first she needs to see his body, so Vaclav stands and takes off his tee shirt, turning to show his back as well as his chest. The girl then tells him to take off his jeans so she can check his legs. She stands up and says she has more to check. So she turns Vaclav around and feels his ass, pulling his underwear up into his ass crack.