UpSkirt Jerk – Youre Making Me Blush – Brunette, Female Domination

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Honour is trying to decide what she wants from the menu when she catches you looking up her skirt, luckily she thinks you are cute and she is in the mood to have some fun. She can see that you are already hard so she tells you to sneakily take your cock out of your trousers while she peels her panties down to let you wank over her pussy!


UpSkirt Jerk – Good At What I Do – Jerk Off Instruction, Mini Skirt

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Chloe had come for an interview to be your new babysitter, she has great references and you can see why. She is wearing a short skirt and you can’t help but look at her panties, when Chloe catches you looking she tells you that she will let you look up her skirt and wank if you agree to pay her double what you were offering.


SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 5 – Ass Stretching – Femdom, Dildo

SubbyHubby  Becoming Vanessas Servant Part 5  Ass Stretching preview

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Goddess Vanessa wants to know if her sissy bitch is ready for phase 5 of his servant training. The bitch says yes, but Goddess Vanessa isn’t so sure. She is wearing a huge black cock that she is about to pound her sissy with, but first she wants to beat his ass some more. She already punished his bare bottom with her small leather paddle. But her servants need to be able to take more pain that that! She is now holding a larger wooden paddle with holes drilled it it for maximum pain. She bends her sissy over, on the couch and paddles her bitch several times. Just to give her sissy an idea of what will happen if he ever displeases her. Now that his ass is completely ready, Vanessa uses her large corkscrew shaped butt plug to open her slave’s ass. Her cock is huge and she wants him to able to take every inch. By the time Goddess Vanessa is done pushing and turning the corkscrew into the sissy ass, he is a blubbering mess. Too bad for him. Goddess Vanessa’s servants take everything that pleases her. Whether its humiliation, pain or pleasure. Finally, the pathetic sissy must clean his filth off the freshly used butt plug. How degrading it is for him to suck his own ass juice. Now the bitch is ready for the final test!
Part 2 – Sissy Training
Part 3 – Foot Worship


Lakeview Entertainment – Mistress-Jennifer – Mistress Tangent – Bursting – Hot Femdom – Anus Fucking, Dildo

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Two bisexual submissives subject themselves to Mistress Tangent. She starts by seating Her gorgeous ass on the face of one so he acts as a human chair while She lashes up the cock of the other one. This one has huge balls and She enjoys squeezing and slapping them. Cock torment is Her specialty and She cannot resist the bursting balls. He holds the cock leash in his mouth as She applies Her brand of fun to his nuts. She produces a crop and spanks the shit out of swelling balls and then stands and knees and busts them.


Femdom House Of Sin – Double domination anal slut – Pegging – Ass, Strap-On Blowjob

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ATTENTION! This video features two young eastern european Mistresses speaking in their language! Recently I visited my dear friend StrapWoman for a weekend. Little did I know, she brought her favourite anal slut in to play with us. We had 3 hours of extreme fucking and degradation! Watch us fuck him with a strap on, spit roast and whip him until we leave red marks all over his body. He was tough to break this one! Even a king size double sided dildo didn’t break him… He takes it in like a real whore! Lucky boy isn’t he? Two attractive Mistresses abusing his asshole…


Mistress Gaia – Pleasure Dome – Pegging – Sissy Training, Dual Domination

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Joined by my mistress friend, we have two slaves that are going to receive some training. We order them over to join us, and take their position on their knees. It’s a important part of slut training that our bitches learn obedience. As we look down on them I can detect fear in their eyes, I enjoy the fact that they appreciate their place. We begin with some simple instruction by getting our sluts to lick our beautiful stiletto heels. Then as they are going to receive a cruel ass fucking, we get them to familiarize themselves with our strapons by licking and sucking our cocks. They have to make sure they get a nice mouthful. We then order our sluts to bend over the arms of the settee to prepare for their fucking. With one at either end of the settee, my friend and me begin to fuck our sluts fast and hard. Their squeals are ignored as we rip into their asses. Finally, when finished we place butt plugs in their asses to keep them warm for the next training session. It’s been a great day, and our sluts have learned obedience, and how to please their mistresses at the pleasure dome…


FILTH SYNDICATE – Gia DiMarco, Ruckus – Kindy JOI – Gia Dimarco’s Anal Slave – Pegging – Anus Fucking, Strap on

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There you are on all fours waiting to take your Mistress Gia’s pain, but she knows what you really want and she’s going to make you work for it. You’re gonna have to earn every inch of your Mistress’ thick, long cock. She gives her human fucktoy some spankings and traces its flesh with a riding crop. She knows your ass is in the air, eager to feel the tip of her cock sliding in and out of your useless hole. But you have to watch as she toys with her obedient piece of flesh with her thick dick hanging between her gorgeous legs. Her fucktoy has earned the privilege of being in her presence and for now all you get to do is watch. She pulls her perfect tits out to show you more of what you’re missing.


UpSkirt Jerk – Wank The Go Out – Mini Skirt, Femdom

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Violet is bringing her date back tonight and she wants you to go out, you decide you want something out of this deal so you tell her you will go out and leave her to be alone with her boyfriend …… IF she lets you look up her skirt and wank over her sexy ass and thong while she talks dirty to you, you are surprised when she agrees, she must really want to be alone with her new boyfriend!


UpSkirt Jerk – Put Your Knob Away – Jerkoff Commands, Mini Skirt

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You have spilt some wine on the floor in the hotel and Lucy has to get down on her hands and knees to try to clean it up, you are getting a great view form the position she is in and decide to take you dick out and start wanking. When Lucy turns around and sees you with your cock in your hands she decides to carry on teasing you and slowly peels her panties off so you can wank over her pussy!