Princess Ellie Idol – Ellie And Mandys New Nylon Ass Slave – Ass Fetish, Pussy Worship

Princess Ellie Idol  Ellie And Mandys New Nylon Ass Slave preview

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Soft silky nylons encasing our sleek and fit legs. You’re incredibly jealous of us touching each other! You want to get close to us. You want to touch us, taste us, smell us. Don’t be hasty though. We need to tease your cock. Let us bend over and show you what you really want….these asses. Ass, pussy. You love what’s between these legs, what’s attached to them. You’re an ass lover! Pantyhose makes it even better. Toilet talk, humiliation…’ll go so far. You’re an ass freak!! Sniff us. Get in our asses, and look at these assholes!


MeanWorld – Mean Bitches – Noemie Bilas – Hot Femdom – Ass Licking, Foot Licking

MeanWorld  Mean Bitches  Noemie Bilas  Hot Femdom preview

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Sexy student Noemie stole her teacher’s cell phone and now she is using it to get what she wants. She texted all his private pics to her phone and tells him she will everyone that he texted her dirty pics. She makes him tell her that he is a pig and makes him kiss the bottom of her dirty shoes. Then she makes him her beautiful ebony asshole while she sits on his face!


Lady Kara – Worship My Body After Gym – Oral Servitude – Shoeslicking, Ass Licking

Lady Kara  Worship My Body After Gym  Oral Servitude preview

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I was at the gym and I workout for 2 long hours. I back to home very sweaty. My body was all wet. I use my slave like a cloth. I order him to lick and smell my sweat armholes and space between my sweet breasts. He loves when I let him to worship my body. Next I take off my training sneakers and put his face inside ordering to smell and lick. That shoes are very stinky.. believe me.. I always running in this shoes for few hours. I use his tongue to clean soles. Next I sit on the bed and tell my bitch to worship my beautifull ass. My pussy and butt are all covered with sweat. At the end I tell him to focus all his attention on my dirty socks and sweat feet.


Divine Bitches – Mona Wales, Papa Georgio – Mona Wales milks her daddy’s new associate for assets – Hot Femdom – Prostate Stimulation, Dildo Fucking

Divine Bitches  Mona Wales Papa Georgio  Mona Wales milks her daddys new associate for assets  Hot Femdom preview

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Mona Wales knows a man whore when she sees one and Papa Georgio is the biggest man whore around with access to her father’s assets. Georgio doesn’t stand a chance against Mona’s wiles. Impressed by her boldness and eager to serve, Georgio agrees to help her rip off her father. But 1st Georgio must prove his loyalty and Mona puts him to the test to ensure he won’t crack under pressure. She brings him to his knees and has him worship her stocking-clad legs.


MsCakes – Worship My Sweaty Smelly Thong – Ass Licking, Ass Worship

MsCakes  Worship My Sweaty Smelly Thong preview

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Custom clip (no names used). I have a special treat for you today, my little ass slave… I just got back from the gym, and I’m still wearing the silky leopard-print thong I’ve had on all day. Mmm, it’s been rubbing up against my asscrack for hours and now it’s drenched in that delicious ass sweat I know you love! You’re just dying to sniff and lick this dirty thong, aren’t you? Well here you go, slave… bury your nose into it and show me how much you love inhaling the musky scent of my ass. I’ll even let you stroke that pathetic cock of yours while you lick up all my ass juices. Just remember, you’re NOT allowed to go anywhere near the smell of my pussy – just the thin strip of fabric that’s been rubbing against my ass. This is the closest you’re ever going to get to worshiping my perfect ass, so you better show me how grateful you are for this privilege and cum when I tell you to! **The panties I’m wearing in this video are currently available for sale in my store!


HumiliationPOV – Ass Junkie Brain Scramble – Mind Fuck, Instructions

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Hello my little ass junkie, I know you’re obsessed with my perfect ass. You know exactly what I want you to do, don’t you? I want you to pull that fucking dick out and edge to my perfect ass. Nothing gets your dick harder than when you’re jerking to my perfect ass. So pull it out and start edging for me. I want you to fucking beg for my ass.
Tell me how badly you want my ass, tell me how fucking obsessed you are with it as you edge your brains out. Stare at idiot, gaze upon the ass that owns your mind. Just look at it. It’s so perfect. My ass owns you. I want you to say it as you jerk. Nothing else in this world matters to you except for my perfect ass. You’ve never had a girlfriend with an ass like this and that’s exactly why you’re here paying to worship my ass. You love sitting here and jerking off to your computer screen because you know in real life you’ll never get a girl with an ass like mine.
Keep edging to my ass loser. Edge to the ass that owns you. You’re so lucky that I even let you jerk to my ass, it’s privilege. And you know that when you cum to my ass it’s going to be the best orgasm you’ve had in a very long time. So keep your eyes glued to my ass with your hand glued to your pathetic cock as you pump in faster to the sight of my ass. And you know you have to wait for my permission to cum to my perfect ass.
You know you don’t deserve an ass like mine. I only allow you to edge to it because I know that it further addicts you. You’re an ass addict. You’re my ass addict and we both know that nothing matters more to you than cumming to my ass. So wait for my permission loser and get ready for one of the best orgasms you’ve had in a long time. And then you’ll be hooked and I know you’ll be back for more.