Humiliation POV – Bust Your Balls All Alone In Your Room Like A Total Fucking Loser – CBT Instruction, Femdom

Humiliation POV  Bust Your Balls All Alone In Your Room Like A Total Fucking Loser preview

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It’s torture time for your loser balls. You need to have them destroyed. I wish I had you in this dungeon so I could tie you up but since you’re at home like a pathetic little loser, I will have to improvise. So let is start by getting you hard and horny. Then you’re going to beat your balls. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon. Squeeze your dick in one hand, pull it up towards your stomach exposing your balls, and then you’re going to start to beat your balls. This should hurt, if it doesn’t, you are not doing it right. Beat them hard and fast.
Pound your little balls. You’re just a little bitch, you don’t deserve mercy. You don’t deserve a sensual tease, you need 2 be destroyed, you’re a fucking loser and you need to be ruined. You’re just a horny little beta bitch who loves to jerk off alone in your room all day and so you deserve to have your balls wrecked. If you’re not doubling over in pain then you are not doing it right so fucking hit your balls harder!
Harder bitch, I want you to hurt. I want you suffering for me. I am a beautiful Goddess and you are just a wanker beta bitch who loves to sit at home alone and wank to videos. This is your punishment for being such a horny little loser. You know u need to be punished. You’re not a good boy, are you? No, you’re not, you deserve to be beaten to a pulp. Don’t you dare wuss out on me loser, keep beating those balls.
You better not be just sitting there and beating off to the idea of me busting your balls. You better be inflicting serious pain. And if you’re not beating your balls without mercy, then you’re proving to me & to yourself what a worthless piece of fucking filth you really are. If you can’t comply with some simple ballbusting instructions then there’s no point in u existing at all. You’re of no use. Beat your balls again and again. Stare at my pretty pink panties and the pussy you’ll never have and beat your balls. Now squeeze them until they feel like they’re going to pop! LOL!
Are you balls mangled and hurting? Good! That’s what I wanted. I want you in pain and suffering. You’re sitting there alone at home beating your balls like a little bitch instead of jerking off. Do you see how pathetic u are? Now watch this video on repeat, LOL! Then write me an email and tell me about how badly you beat your balls and send me pictures of your mangled testicles.


BallBustingChicks – Cock Selfie! – Degradation, Ball Abuse

BallBustingChicks  Cock Selfie preview

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She makes fun of his cock as she decides to have him naked in the swimming pool. where all her sisters n girl friends are waiting to see a naked boy walking n swinging his cock in front of them. She get amused by the idea and laughs out loud, let him swing his cock n walking naked in front of her. She even takes a selfie where she laughs at his cock, to send it to all her girl friends n prepare them that the naked boy comes now to the pool, to be humiliated by them…


The Hunteress – Obedience – Femdom, Human Pet

The Hunteress  Obedience preview

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Let him bark and holding positions training is not good enough for a unruly d*g. Especially when a d*g doing nasty things on the carpet. This d*g is due 4 a hard punishment for what he did. This is best done by beating up his d*ggy testicles n whipping his d*ggy penis… In-between when he makes too much noise it might be necessary to muffle his noise by covering his face with his Mistresses ass. At the end a hard kick between his legs helps him not forget his lesson in d*g obedience.


That’s Going To Leave A Scar! – Goddess Amadahy, Ball Kicking

Thats Going To Leave A Scar preview

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If it wasn’t for goddess Amadahy being such a well-prepared sadist so as to stitch the slave back up, it would have been a late night trip to the Emergency room. Goddess Amadahy, Lindsey, and Alexa star in one of the most extreme injury causing clip in internet history. A pair of the sharpest spikes ever seen on any boot are used by Goddess Amadahy to slice u open from the inside. “I wan’t you to turn yourself inside out for me Slave!” exclaims Goddess Amadahy as she witnesses your cock opening up n takes deadly aim. You have your cock n testicles completely exposed on a board and at her complete mercy. Just wait until you see all the promotional content added to it. (twitter clip contains everything) This is without a doubt, this is a legendary clip in the field of Extreme Brutality Ballbusting. This is also a ridiculously low price considering how long it actually is and how valuable.


Team Tease – Goddess Jessica, Ceara – Jessica’s first Ball busting Session – Female Domination, CBT

Team Tease  Goddess Jessica Ceara  Jessicas first Ball busting Session preview

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Jessica n Ceara are quite a powerful duo. They kick this poor slave’s balls till he falls to the ground. They give him wedgies, knee his nuts, make him kiss their royal heels… This clip is definitely a classic, watching these 2 evil brats abuse this slave is definitely a dream for any submissive little bitch out there. Watch as Jessica naturally takes a liking to ball busting, she’s definitely enjoyed abusing this loser’s useless little dick!


Swollen Balls Busted – Ball Abuse, Scarlett

Swollen Balls Busted preview

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The Guy From Italy, Andrea Dirpre, released from the hospital after his balls were destroyed during the BallBusting Party Insanity. The doctors told Andrea that they`re not sure what he is doing to his balls, but if his balls take any more abuse he could lose them for good. The girls (Scarlett, Eden, Jenna n Jenna’s friend Raven), told him to drop his underwear. They couldn’t believe how his balls looked. Black and blue and three times the size they were when they 1st met him. And there was even a small hole in one of his testicles. Doesn’t look so good. He asks the girls to please show him mercy. The girls laugh at him and put him up against the wall. They take turns kicking him with their boots, and then barefoot, then put their boots back on and squish his poor bright red balls. The pain of his tender balls is much worse than usual. And there is a good chance he could lose his balls. But the girls don’t care. They won’t let that spoil their fun. They`re ready to ship him back to Italy anyway.