Mistress Gaia – Balls Experiment (720 HD) – Ballbusting – Ball Abuse, Female Domination

Mistress Gaia  Balls Experiment 720 HD  Ballbusting preview

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CUSTOM REQUEST – ”You are beautiful as always with loose hair and makeup that stands out Your enormous sensuality and beauty. I’d like to see You with sheer black stockings, leggings and stilettos, possibly classic decollete or plateau, maybe black with red sole, like the ones in the video Mistress Gaia – Engaged . In the video there are three slaves chosen among the ones with higher sensitivity and vulnerability to the testicles.Before the slaves enter, You’re talking on the phone with Your feet in front of the camera and playing some dangling. You’re talking with a representative of a femminist association to explain the importance of Your experiment for all women, demonstrating what techniques and strokes are better to make a man defenseless and vulnerable, it will prove a useful tool for women’s self-defense , in addition to allowing women to keep under full control and subject to their will any man.In the first place You test a correlation between the vulnerability of the blows to the testicles than the size of the penis, experiencing this on the three slaves. After that You will test which hit will be more among the kick with Your tip of the shoe, the one with Your instep, barefoot (always veiled) with both, instep and with the tip, the knee and a blow with Your shoe handheld. Then You check if the erection are more susceptible to be stimulated by Your feet veiled with or without shoes, or only by Your shoe held in Your hands and in which You try to enter the penis of a slave.Then You experience whether there is correlation between the most vulnerable testicles and having penis more limp or harder. And then finally when the slaves cum (excited by Your shoes and Your veiled feet), go to see if testicles are more fragile and sensitive, and so an easier target for a woman, just to humiliate and mock a man.”
VIDEO RICHIESTA – “‘Lei e’ bellissima come sempre con capelli sciolti e trucco che risalta la sua gia’ enorme sensualita’ e bellezza. Mi piacerebbe che indossasse delle calze nere velate, dei leggins aderenti e dei tacchi a spillo, possibilmente decollete classiche o con plateau, magari nere con suola rossa tipo nel video Mistress Gaia – Engaged . Nel video ci sono tre schiavi scelti tra quelli con maggiore sensibilita’ e vulnerabilita’ ai colpi ai testicoli. Prima che entrino gli schiavi lei e’ al telefono con i piedi di fronte alla videocamera e gioca facendo un po’ di dangling. Parla con una rappresentante di un’associazione femminista alla quale spiega l’importanza del suo esperimento per tutte le donne che, dimostrando quali tecniche e colpi ai genitali maschili riescono a rendere piu’ inermi e vulnerabili gli uomini, si rivelera’ un utilissimo strumento di autodifesa femminile, oltre a permettere alle donna di tenere sotto pieno controllo e assoggettare alla sua volonta’ qualsiasi uomo.Lei testa innanzitutto la correlazione tra la vulnerabilita’ dei colpi ai testicoli rispetto alle dimensioni del pene, verificando sui tre schiavi. Dopodiche’ andra’ a testare quale colpo sara’ piu’ letale tra il calcio con la punta della scarpa, quello col collo, a piede nudo (sempre velato) sia col collo che con la punta, la ginocchiata e il colpo con la sua scarpa tenuta in mano. Poi verifica se in termini di erezione sono piu’ sensibili ad essere stimolati dai suoi piedi velati con o senza scarpe, o solo dalla sua scarpa che tiene tra le mani e al cui interno prova a far entrare il pene di uno schiavo. Sperimenta poi se vi sia correlazione tra la maggior vulnerabilita’ ai testicoli e il fatto di avere il pene piu’ moscio o piu’ duro. Per poi infine andare a verificare se una volta venuti gli schiavi (eccitati dalle sue scarpe e dai suoi piedi velati) i testicoli vuoti si presentino ancora piu’ fragili e sensibili e quindi come obiettivo piu’ facile di una donna, anche solo per umiliare e deridere un uomo.”


Young Goddess Kim – Ball busted by girl next door – Verbal Humiliation, Female Supremacy

Young Goddess Kim  Ball busted by girl next door preview

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So if your bossy neighbour is such a bitch, why are you so attracted to Her? And what are you doing in Her house anyway? Who would ever say the girl next door has a whip in Her wall unit and uses Her pretty feminine high heels to make men Her bitch. She knows no man could stand Her challenge – not even you. Go on then prove it, spread your legs apart and I’ll show you that you are just a weak bitch who will be begging for mercy. With My pink glittery sandals, I’ll destroy your “balls of steel” and Cru.sh your nuts under My platform sole. you will be another loser on your knees at My feet, kissing them and begging for My whip lashes. Count them down as I crack My whip on your body – just a piece of meat for the girl net door.


The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar – Ballbusted For Foot Worship (1080 HD) – Hot Femdom – Fetish, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Skylar  Ballbusted For Foot Worship 1080 HD  Hot Femdom preview

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I am just minding my own business at the new Mean Girl Manor when a slave crawls out from behind the bar. Apparently the sight of my dangling Louboutins was just too much for him to handle haha. So I decide to have some fun with him.
I will let him kiss my feet- IF he can handle enough abuse for my sadistic entertainment! And he is so desperate for my stockinged feet in these hot Loubs that he says “yes” before he even knows what I want to put him through! I decide it will be…BALLBUSTING! And I begin putting him into multiple positons, and…WHAM! kick after kick into his poor little balls.
It really IS like SOOO much fun to slam your pointed toe of a designer shoe into a loser’s balls and just watch him CRUMBLE at your feet and whimper!
Such a powerful feeling…I love it! Eventually I break him…do I ever let him kiss my feet?? Maybe…but maybe not! I can do whatever the fuck I want around here.


BallBustingChicks – Cruel ballbusting for looking up skirts! – Lola Marie – Hot Femdom – Ebony, Interracial Domination

BallBustingChicks  Cruel ballbusting for looking up skirts  Lola Marie  Hot Femdom preview

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She believes that hard kicks in the balls is best for men who look under womens skirts. So he get countless hard kicks in his balls by this black woman. Ruthless kicks with the tip of her high heel shoes while wearing her sexy sports leotard for unhindered leg agility…


Princess Ellie Idol – Bratty Schoolgirl Ballbusting And Body Smacking – Hot Femdom – Kicking, Balls Busting

Princess Ellie Idol  Bratty Schoolgirl Ballbusting And Body Smacking  Hot Femdom preview

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He was in charge of turning in my assignment and didn’t follow through. How disappointing. Daddy is taking my car away because of him not turning my paper in. My art studio could be next! This is a big problem for me. I need to make sure my homework bitch NEVER forgets his role again the only way I know how…by busting his balls up real good! Smacking, twisting, punching, kicking…he’s about to learn a hard lesson. Don’t EVER fuck with a spoiled college brat!


Mistress Gaia – Ball Weight – CBT – Femdom, Ball Abuse

Mistress Gaia  Ball Weight  CBT preview

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Today Mistress Ezada, Mistress Saintlawrence and Me have to punish this stupid slave for his behave. He has been very ill-behaved. We warned him about this and advised him to be always a good and behaved slave but look like this never enter in his airhead so we decided to punish him definitively and the solution is take off his manhood. For sure a castrated slave is more docile and behaved and he will do anything for his Mistress without thinking about his pleasure more. Castration is the solution but before to arrive at this we want him to feel a lot of pain knowing he just a toy in our hands, and only Us can decide when he will be castrated , for now we want him to feel the same sensation and same pain like the castration but maybe after all he will keep his ball, if he can be strong enough. So we decide to hang 24 kilos to his balls and see if his balls are strong enough to stay there. He will keep his balls or next time he will be a eunuch? You can see the pain in his eyes and the whines and the begging just when we start to add the first 3 balls.


Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Skyler – Break the Bank (1080 HD) – Hot Femdom – Spitting, Fetish

Brat Princess 2  Amber and Skyler  Break the Bank 1080 HD  Hot Femdom preview

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1080 HD In this instructional video, Princesses Amber and Skyler demonstrate how to completely financially destroy a male slave. They have lots of good tips and pointers for Dommes looking to drain every penny out of a slave’s financial reserves. Their method of totally financially dominating a slave is what they call “breaking the bank.” Breaking the bank is a process by which a girl physically beats on a male until it willingly submits. Amber and Skylar suggest ballbusting as one way to drive a slave into its own financial destruction. Both girls kick their demo slave over and over to illustrate how easily it falls to its knees and submits them. Amber explains that the slave must deposit every check directly to her. He isn’t allowed to retain any money for himself, but if she is feeling generous, she might allow it a small stipend for food. This slave grovels and begs for a food stipend. Amber and Skylar laugh and toy with it. When a slave begs, that called “cracking.” This piggy bank is definitely starting to crack. Skylar says that sometimes a slave can be reluctant, but you just have to keep kicking it until it gives.
If the ballbusting doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, you can try slapping your bank in the face. The girls demonstrate by slapping the slave in the face over and over, as hard as they can. Good hard slaps. The girls explain in this section how it helps to mix pain with humiliation. The girls spit all over the slave to really break and humiliate him.
In the final segment of this instructional video, Amber and Skylar show us one the last technique to totally break your human piggy bank. Beat it with a stick. Amber takes a big stick and just starts wailing on the slave’s body. Amber laughs and joins in. The girls take turns hitting the pig with the stick as hard as they can. The most surefire way to crack open a piggy bank is a good old-fashioned beating with a big stick. It works! The piggy breaks down and cries and agrees to let the girls drain the dregs of his financial reserves. Warning, this clip is BRUTAL!!!


Cybill Troy – Surgical Chastity Clinic – Denial, Tease And Denial

Cybill Troy  Surgical Chastity Clinic preview

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Do you have what it takes to serve Mistress Cybill Troy? Find out, in the first part of a very rare pov with her.
Would you be able to pique her interest enough that she would allow you to engage with her…….perhaps even more so be fortunate enough to actually be in her presence?
Would you even survive such a wonderful encounter?
Witness as Miss Troy describes the attributes and qualities that you will require to have the merest chance of the privilege of being in the same room as her.
Cybill Troy knows that you are mere male flesh but yet still requires of you, in fact, demands, everything that you can give, for her. From your total adoration and obedience to your willingness to do more for her than you ever thought you would be able to for anyone.
She wants you to be rock hard, even while secured in the tightest chastity device possible. Whatever pain you are in, is surly worthwhile for her, after all, you are willing to do whatever it takes to please her. Aren’t you?
Should you impress Cybill Troy to the degree that you are allowed a brief moment of freedom from chastity, then you had better be ready to cum if it is demanded of you and to do so in whatever manner Miss Troy requires of you.
You will push yourself to your limits for Cybill Troy, if not then you had better learn to……
As Cybill Troy’s surgical chastity clinic intensifies, she details how her ownership of you is total and all invasive.
Clad in her heavy rubber surgical gown and vintage surgical gloves, Miss Troy explains how your entire being is fully devoted to only her.
Even if you don’t know it, you are subconsciously inspired to please her. She knows what you require. Whats best for you. What you need.
She owns you, she owns your mind, your body and your also your actions.
She needs you to take more, be more and also give more for her. Give more than you ever thought possible.
Should you fail, or worse become over confident, Cybill Troy happily details the procedure that awaits you, her Elastrator.
It’s the next step up from that sad little chastity device you experienced earlier. With castration being the ultimate physyical form of chastity, it will take care of your non essential items, you won’t be needing them any more.
Cybill Troy will repurpose you sexually and redefine what it truly means for you to belong. What it really ultimately means to be fully controlled.
With Miss Troys utter control of your chastity, encompassing not only your flesh but your mental processes; If she decides not to use her tools on you, your mental state, will still ensure your docility.
You will take the biggest cocks for her and you will need to do so, gladly.
If you can’t turn of that sad little male brain of yours, then Miss Troy will obliterate any stubborn little, lingering, thoughts that are in there.
With the face mask fully sealing, there will be no air. There will be no escape from the amount that Cybill Troy chooses to dose you with.You will go weak for her. You will be even more fully compliant.
Miss Troy will decide if you go under for her, she will decide for how long and if you deserve to come to. If you do come to, count yourself lucky if you still have your balls and even luckier if she is still there.