The Mean Girls – Hit The Dick – Small Cock Humiliation, CBT Instruction

The Mean Girls  Hit The Dick preview

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Ok, so We found this awesome card game at the store called “Hit The Deck” and it gave Us this GREAT idea of a game to play with you slaves! Except We are going to change the name of it to “Hit The DICK”! finger LOL And that is EXACTLY what you are going to do to that worthless little pecker of yours for Us! We are going to pull cards from the deck at random, and whatever number we draw, that is how many times you have to hit yourself in the dick with a ruler for Our entertainment! LOL!


Brat Princess 2 – Isabella Nice and Toro – Step Brother taken to Dominatrix for Ballbusting Training (1080 HD) – Femdom, Balls Busting

Brat Princess 2  Isabella Nice and Toro  Step Brother taken to Dominatrix for Ballbusting Training 1080 HD preview

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Isabella wants some help training her step-brother to serve her, so she has been taking him to see a Dominatrix. Isabella tells the Dominatrix, Lady Toro, that her step-brother, fluffy, has been complaining about his chastity device. Lady Toro suggests that they take him out n give him a ballbusting. Soon, fluffy will be begging to go back in. Isabella likes that idea. She lets her step-brother out and Toro starts kicking. It doesn’t take long at all for fluffy to start begging to go back into his chastity device. Fluffy begs his sister to tell Toro to stop kicking him, but Isabella just laughs. Toro shows Isabella how to do it so that she ballbust at home whenever fluffy acts up. Isabell has to run to her manicure appointment, so she leaves fluffy alone with Toro. She`ll be back in an hour or so to pick him up.


Miss Sasha Conceited – Sasha Says: Humiliation Game – Masturbation Encouragement, Tease

Miss Sasha Conceited  Sasha Says Humiliation Game preview

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This is a painful and humiliating game very similar to Simon Says, however I am telling you what to do. That is why I call it “Sasha Says”. Every time I say that phrase, I want you to do the action I tell you 2 do.If I don’t say “Sasha says,” and you do the action, you have to take a shot for a little forced intox.
For this game you will need: drink of your choice, belt, toothpaste, women’s lingerie.


Divine Goddess Jessica – Hardcore CBT Tasks – Degradation, POV

Divine Goddess Jessica  Hardcore CBT Tasks preview

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I don’t think your dick will ever manage to become erect again after you’ve carried out these tasks. That’s my goal anyway! That worthless dick of yours sickens me and so do u. You are a worthless fucking untouchable and if your dick won’t wither off of your body out of pure shame then I guess I’ll have to help it along. You’ll need a gallon of water, something to whip yourself with, rubber bands, bengay or icy hot, a small chili pepper, a candle, a lighter, hairspray, ice, an iron and a wooden spoon.


Courtney Cameron, Michelle Peters – Ball punishment and painful handjob – Balls Busting, Sperm

Courtney Cameron Michelle Peters  Ball punishment and painful handjob preview

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Courtney Cameron n little Michelle Peters have a slave bound in their dungeon. He is scheduled to lose his balls soon because they don’t think he needs them anymore. Before they castrate him, they want to have some fun tormenting his balls and making him wish he never had any. They leave him dangling in chains to think about his Goddesses cutting his balls off. Courtney Cameron n Michelle Peters eventually return to Lance in the dungeon. They have had their fun bashing his nuts and watching him squirm. Michelle lubes up his cock and Courtney teases him with her body. They want to see him try to hold back while Courtney puts her perfect tits in his hand, face and rubs her body against him. He does not stand a chance. When they think he is enjoying it too much, Courtney kicks him in the balls hard. A good wake-up call. When Michelle gets tired of milking him and gets excited about castrating him, Courtney gets down on her knees in front of him and plays with her perfect breasts, demanding him to cum all over them. He can’t take it and blows his load all over her perky boobs. The girls celebrate n leave him bound while they get their surgical tools.


Asian Mean Girls – I Wanted A Horse! – Empress Jennifer – Young Mistress – Boots, Trampling

Asian Mean Girls  I Wanted A Horse  Empress Jennifer  Young Mistress preview

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When Empress Jennifers financial submissive flounders! When he fails to provide the horse that she was promised. He is humiliatingly reduced to the horse that he didnt provide. Further more by the time that she’s done with him he`ll be her personal slave too. This Princess is not going to deal with the pathetic man for he is no man and Jennifer is making it perfectly clear! Yes the Princess assuredly knows how to punish him as a man. But from psychological perspective he cannot possibly feel like a man. He can only hurt like 1. Jennifer literally beats him down until he agrees to be her slave n signs a slave contract.


Violet Doll & Goddess Stella Sol – Double CBT – Paddling, Double Domination

Violet Doll  Goddess Stella Sol  Double CBT preview

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We knew you freaks would be begging to beat your dicks for us and so we made this video to show you how we’d like it done. Listen closely and follow along as instructed. I know it’s hard to stay focused when you’re dealing with two elite Goddesses like ourselves, but you will get a handle on it, I’m sure.
I mean really…you’re such a pervert, and that dick gets you into so many sticky situations. This is why we demand that you punch it harder and harder each time we count down. No holding back either. We like it when you’re rough.
Buy this clip and enjoy over 10 brutal minutes of mind fucking hotness and CBT exploration. You’ll never have women more gorgeous than us which is why your dick is begging you for this change of a life time.
Your balls will be bruised but this will all be worth the high from the pain you feel. There’s a nice twist for you too.