Mistress T – Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend – Balls Busting, Blowjob

Mistress T  Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend preview

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Now we get to the SURPRISE! Tied to a chair my very horny ‘boyfriend’ freaks out when I bring my lover out of the bathroom and break the news that I’ve been cheating on him. It takes some FACE SLAPPING, SPITTING and BALLBUSTING to bring him under control. I continue to fuck with his head by teasing him and making him think I’m going to kiss him, but instead I kiss my lover. I tease him making him think I’m going to give him a blow job, but then I blow my lover instead. I tell him that if he had been better in bed and had a bigger cock I wouldn’t have cheated on him with his best friend, with other guys and now with this guy. I tell him I’m going to make him watch him fuck me so he can see what it looks like when I’m really being sexually satisfied. I want him to see how filled up my pussy looks when I’m getting fucked with a REAL cock. Great action. If you enjoy watching a guy REALLY suffer (who doesn’t?) this contains very intense emotional/psychological abuse with physical abuse.


ClubDom – Kendra Punishes Her Slave – Ballbusting – Goddess Kendra, Hard

ClubDom  Kendra Punishes Her Slave  Ballbusting preview

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Domina Kendra is getting impatient with her slave. He is not being attentive enough for her taste. She has to tell him to come closer to her. The slave crawls over to his Goddess and she demands that he worship and lick her shiny black boots. She is becoming angry because she has to remind him to worship the other boot and the stupid slave doesn’t even thank her for the privilege. Goddess Kendra is about to show her slave what happens when slaves don’t meet her high expectations. Her bitch slave is ordered to stand in front of her with his legs spread and his hands over his head. Goddess Kendra doesn’t believe in warmups when punishing her slaves. She kicks him in the nuts with enough force that he falls to the ground in agony. Kendra orders him to stay on the ground and spread his legs. She tells him how worthless he is and steps on his balls with the tip of her pointy boots. The pathetic slave is told to take off Goddess Kendra’s boots so she can continue to assault his balls with her bare feet. This slave is learning the hard way what happens when you piss off Goddess Kendra. Kendra grabs the slave hard by his balls and reminds him again that his balls belongs to her. The slave agrees and has learned his lesson. But Goddess Kendra is just getting started!


Terminal Euphoria Productions – Bizarre CBT POV #6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI – Urethral Sounds, Femdom

Terminal Euphoria Productions  Bizarre CBT POV 6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI preview

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Mistress Kali is wearing a camouflage bra, tiny black lace-up thong and black leather 8 inch ankle boots. She begins by teasing her victims cock with her extremely long hot pink nails, then she applies a red silicone ball harness. Her goal is to milk as much pre-cum out of him as she can, although she informs him that she will not be allowing him to cum. Mistress Kali then torments his shaft with a fondue fork, followed by a long Q-tip which she inserts into his urethra repeatedly. Her next tool is a medical sounds, which she inserts deep inside his penis. Finally she utilizes an automotive antenna magnet, which she uses to beat his cock and insert into his urethra. Mistress Kali enjoys taunting her victim with his pre-cum. Shot in High Definition.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Rodea, Princess Bella – Step Brother Intervention (1080 HD) – Double Domination, Taboo

The Mean Girls  Goddess Rodea Princess Bella  Step Brother Intervention 1080 HD preview

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They order him to strip him down and then make him kneel in front of his step sister with his legs spread – and her hot friend Rodea is sitting directly behind him. It is sooo embarrassing but the worst is yet to come. They take turns slapping his balls over n over with their feet – from the front AND the back, over n over. (Laughing at him the whole time!) Each kick is to remind him that he is sperm cells by smoking. (Just like the kicks are his sperm cells!) Both girls laugh at him and remind him that he HAS to let do whatever they say or Bella will tell their parentts on him! so he kneels their and takes theit foot-slaps to his balls and endures their mocking laughter…


BallBustingChicks – Floppy Dick Men get kicked in the balls! – Alani and Friend – Double Domination, Female Domination

BallBustingChicks  Floppy Dick Men get kicked in the balls  Alani and Friend preview

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These horny girls like to fuck anytime, anywhere… So this guy presenting them his big long, but hanging down flabbily n swinging from side to side, penis. But anyway they decide to have fun with him by abusing his balls. Inflicting pain in a helpless man’s genitals is almost as much fun for them. So he get his ball kicked n slapped by these two horny brat girls. At the end his bollocks are red as hell!


The Mean Girls – Goddess Rodea – Virtual Nut Bashing (1080 HD) – Costumes, Ballbusting POV

The Mean Girls  Goddess Rodea  Virtual Nut Bashing 1080 HD preview

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We need to have a Superhero to Sidekick chat. In order to save the world you have to stand there while I destroy your testicles. Your sperm has been infected by the loseritis disease and must be eliminated before it spreads to the planet. Don’t worry… you are just a sidekick and your sperm is unwanted anyway, haha.Aren’t you glad it’s me that is kicking your balls in?? I know you have a crush on me and this is the only way I will ever remotely touch your balls. Haha, pucker up and tell me you love me when I kick you, haha. Not only will you never have me but no one will want you.I think this is so funny, I am actually dragging this out and making it more painful for you because it is going to make such a funny story to tell all the other super friends! Haha. In fact, I am going to invite them all over to a “Kick my sidekick” party, haha. We can all take turns laughing at you while we kick your nuts into oblivion.By the way…I could have easily destroyed your nuts with one kick but I want to toy with you and then cut your balls off with these scissors. I want your smashed ball hanging in the hall of heroes for Everyone to laugh at.