Humiliation POV – Bust Your Balls All Alone In Your Room Like A Total Fucking Loser – CBT Instruction, Femdom

Humiliation POV  Bust Your Balls All Alone In Your Room Like A Total Fucking Loser preview

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It’s torture time for your loser balls. You need to have them destroyed. I wish I had you in this dungeon so I could tie you up but since you’re at home like a pathetic little loser, I will have to improvise. So let is start by getting you hard and horny. Then you’re going to beat your balls. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon. Squeeze your dick in one hand, pull it up towards your stomach exposing your balls, and then you’re going to start to beat your balls. This should hurt, if it doesn’t, you are not doing it right. Beat them hard and fast.
Pound your little balls. You’re just a little bitch, you don’t deserve mercy. You don’t deserve a sensual tease, you need 2 be destroyed, you’re a fucking loser and you need to be ruined. You’re just a horny little beta bitch who loves to jerk off alone in your room all day and so you deserve to have your balls wrecked. If you’re not doubling over in pain then you are not doing it right so fucking hit your balls harder!
Harder bitch, I want you to hurt. I want you suffering for me. I am a beautiful Goddess and you are just a wanker beta bitch who loves to sit at home alone and wank to videos. This is your punishment for being such a horny little loser. You know u need to be punished. You’re not a good boy, are you? No, you’re not, you deserve to be beaten to a pulp. Don’t you dare wuss out on me loser, keep beating those balls.
You better not be just sitting there and beating off to the idea of me busting your balls. You better be inflicting serious pain. And if you’re not beating your balls without mercy, then you’re proving to me & to yourself what a worthless piece of fucking filth you really are. If you can’t comply with some simple ballbusting instructions then there’s no point in u existing at all. You’re of no use. Beat your balls again and again. Stare at my pretty pink panties and the pussy you’ll never have and beat your balls. Now squeeze them until they feel like they’re going to pop! LOL!
Are you balls mangled and hurting? Good! That’s what I wanted. I want you in pain and suffering. You’re sitting there alone at home beating your balls like a little bitch instead of jerking off. Do you see how pathetic u are? Now watch this video on repeat, LOL! Then write me an email and tell me about how badly you beat your balls and send me pictures of your mangled testicles.


BallBustingChicks – Cock Selfie! – Degradation, Ball Abuse

BallBustingChicks  Cock Selfie preview

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She makes fun of his cock as she decides to have him naked in the swimming pool. where all her sisters n girl friends are waiting to see a naked boy walking n swinging his cock in front of them. She get amused by the idea and laughs out loud, let him swing his cock n walking naked in front of her. She even takes a selfie where she laughs at his cock, to send it to all her girl friends n prepare them that the naked boy comes now to the pool, to be humiliated by them…


The Cock Collector – CBT, Emasculation Threats

The Cock Collector preview

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Vennessa Vixen n Lance Hart work together. He recently got put on a project that she really wanted so she confronts him at work. She knows that he’s always been lustful for her, but he doesn’t know about her sadistic side.
Vennesa tells Lance in a flirty way that she’s going to hurt him very badly if he doesn’t give her the new project. He’s reluctant at 1st, but when she drives her pantyhose covered foot into his balls, he starts to get more compliant.
Vennessa starts to get turned on the more she abuses Lance, so she sits on his lap and gets flirty, but she can’t help not slap his balls at the same time. Poor Lance doesn’t know what to do.
She’s starting to like him, so she tells him that he needs to have dinner with him, “or else…”
The story continues with Lance n Vennessa at dinner. While he gets up to get her a napkin n check on the roast, she drugs his drink. As soon as he starts 2 go under from the poison, she sits on his lap n tells him her secret: She collects male genitalia, and she’s going to Nut him and cut off his dick to add 2 her extensive collection.
When Lance wakes back up, he’s tied to the wall and she’s kneeing him in the nuts. Venessa is getting more turned on by the idea of adding his nice set to her collection, so she teases him with her body, pull off his boxer briefs, and plays with his cock n balls with her feet while she smiles and talks about cutting his dick off.
Eventually she leaves him tied to the wall with sore balls so she can change into something else.
Vennessa returns to Lance. He’s still tied up on the wall. Now she’s wearing a tight leotard and black fishnets.
At 1st he starts to try to talk sense into her, but he quickly see’s that she’s serious about her plan when she starts kneeing n kicking his balls.
Her knees and kicks are much harder in this episode; she’s not playing around anymore. Her goal is to make him beg her to cut off his cock n balls and end the pain.
She tells him all about her collection of dicks she has at home, knees him, slaps his balls, then leaves him tied up 4 a while.
Vennessa returns in a sexy school girl outfit with white pantyhose. Now it’s getting serious. She wants him to decide which gets removed 1st, his cock or his balls…. She teases him with her body a little bit to remind him of what he’s losing then returns to asking him what he wants 2 lose 1st while she knees his balls.
Eventual she brakes him to a point where he actually asks her to cut his balls off 1st… but she cruelly tells him that she thinks she’d rather cut his dick off first


That’s Going To Leave A Scar! – Goddess Amadahy, Ball Kicking

Thats Going To Leave A Scar preview

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If it wasn’t for goddess Amadahy being such a well-prepared sadist so as to stitch the slave back up, it would have been a late night trip to the Emergency room. Goddess Amadahy, Lindsey, and Alexa star in one of the most extreme injury causing clip in internet history. A pair of the sharpest spikes ever seen on any boot are used by Goddess Amadahy to slice u open from the inside. “I wan’t you to turn yourself inside out for me Slave!” exclaims Goddess Amadahy as she witnesses your cock opening up n takes deadly aim. You have your cock n testicles completely exposed on a board and at her complete mercy. Just wait until you see all the promotional content added to it. (twitter clip contains everything) This is without a doubt, this is a legendary clip in the field of Extreme Brutality Ballbusting. This is also a ridiculously low price considering how long it actually is and how valuable.


Testicle Torture Rack – Humiliation, Bondage

Testicle Torture Rack preview

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We brought this slave to Mean Girl Man0r 2 be used as a test slave 4 our new “Testicle T0rture Rack”. He is progressing fairly nicely in his training as one of Our regular ballbusting slaves. He came to us as a pathetically weak ballbusting slave, but We hope 2 take him down a path of complete testicle DESTRUCTION- and this device should help us in his progression down that road! We hope this is where we can put a lot of our slaves once we work the kinks out, LOL. So We strap his legs into the straps n crank the winches a few times 2 spread his legs 4 us- whether he wants to or not lol. Then we handcuff his hands down 2 the board behind him so we get a clear shot to kick him in the balls- and he can NOT put his hands out to try 2 stop us! Oh, and notice the notch we had carved in front so we can get some clear swingpath 4 our legs to deliver some good ballbusting right to his exposed nuts without fear of hitting the wood with Our gorgeous feet! Well, u`ll see how exactly it works in the video, as we literally used ratchets n cables 2 attach him in it. But I`ll give u a hint by saying, this slave would have been much better off if he would have just kept his upper body back n out of the way LOL. (He still kept moving forward! Argh! So we plan on making some improvements 2 it and making it even sturdier so that the slave is further immobilized and made COMPLETELY helpless- 4 its own good!) Because he kept trying 2 scoot back n lean forward, it actually caused us to nail him with several “toe-punts” right 2 his sac LOL.
WARNING: The video did need 2 be ended early due to slaves STUPID move of starting to leak redd stuff! Ugh! SOOO annoying!! But we get some REALLY solid kicks in before that! LOL The 3 of us are like the HARDEST ballbusters at Mean Girl Man0r, so this poor slave was REALLY in 4 it! LOL
***This video features several “super slo-mo” repeats on the best kicks so u can see them again in slo-mo to REALLY see the “CONNECTION” of our boots with the slave’s BALLS! LOL. Let us know what u think of it!!***
FEATURING: Princess Cindi, DommesNo and Princess Carmela


Tell Me to Squeeze Your Balls – Femdom, Pussy Worship

Tell Me to Squeeze Your Balls preview

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Sadie comes back 2 her dorm room wear Lance is naked n bewildered. Now she is wearing a more fierce outfit: tight shiny leotard, shiny pantyhose n knee high latex high heeled boots…
She notices that he is still stroking his hard cock. She left him with blue balls, and loves it. Sadie teases him, asking how bad he wants to cum, then looks up into his eyes with a smile n grabs his balls, “U wouldn’t mind if I squeeze would u…?”
Sadie playfully toys with Lance, encouraging him to keep stroking his cock, but not letting him cum until she wants him to. She taps his balls n makes him beg her 2 squeeze them hard. She tells him that right after he cums she is going to knee him in the balls…
“Tell me to squeeze them harder n I might not rip them off…”
Sadie straddles his face, making him breathe in her pussy 2 tease him more, then she lets him cum all over her pantyhose, then knees him in the balls n leaves him.