BallBustingChicks – Brutal Cock Whipping – Empress Cruel – Whipped, Female Domination

BallBustingChicks  Brutal Cock Whipping  Empress Cruel preview

00:11:32 | 720×576 | mp4 | 444 MB

A dominant woman like her accepts only big hard cocks! She masturbates him to make his cock hard, she even allows him to masturbate himself while she whip his ass. But all is in vain, the fear being with this cruel dominant lady is just too strong… His fear is justified, she gets so angry that she let it all out on his cock!!!
Full force cock whipping makes his before untarnished cock look real terrible. Over and over with bruises and marks his cock aches like hell. Especially her last hits on his aching genital hurt like hell!


The Mean Girls – Princess Gemma – Gloria Allblue – Paying Restitution (1080 HD) – Findom, Ball Abuse

The Mean Girls  Princess Gemma  Gloria Allblue  Paying Restitution 1080 HD preview

00:16:17 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.39 GB

Female power-attorney Gloria Allblue is suing disgraced Hollywood producer “Pervy Weinberg” FOR $300 MILLION DOLLARS! His constant sexual harassment of young starlets has finally caught up with him- and Ms. Allblue is making sure he PAYS for it on behalf of her clients.
So now Pervy Weinberg comes crawling into her office and is literally BEGGING her for relief and “mercy”! He explains that his entire net worth is “only” $100 million dollars! It is all he has, and if he gives it to her clients he will be penniless- and STILL won’t be able to pay off the other $200 million that he owes!
So Ms. Allblue comes up with a devilish plan- and it starts with this asshole writing that $100 MILLION DOLLAR CHECK OUT AT HER FEET. Pervy Weinberg has no choice- so he does as he is told and hands the check over to Ms. Allblue.
He thinks it is done and it is settled now, but Ms. Allblue assures him that it most certainly is NOT “settled” and he has a LOT more “restitution” to make to her clients! She informs the Pervy Producer that he will be “making up the difference” on his restitution by ALLOWING ANY WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO KICK HIM IN THE BALLS AS MANY TIMES AS SHE WANTS!
And it will START with Ms. Allblue! She wants to get the “first kicks in” on this male chauvinist pig! And then her clients can have THEIR turns…and then after that, literally ANY woman in the world can “get her kicks” on his balls! She calmly explains to “Pervy” that it was his balls that got him in trouble in the first place, wasn’t it?? So this will k1lll 2 balls with one stone!
Ms. Allblue spends the rest of the video putting the fat, pervy producer into different positions so he will be “trained” to simply get into whatever position the woman kicking him wants him in for her kicks. She teaches him 3 different positions and he will need to know to get into them simply by having a woman say the number and snap her fingers- then she may kick him as hard as she wants while he is in that position. Over & over & over again…until he has made his restitution.
And after “getting her kicks” by training him, Ms. Allblue explains that he will be paying back that $200 million that he owes- $1 per kick! So he has quite a ways to go in paying back all of Womankind for his perverted ways!
The once-powerful Hollywood producer is now literally in tears as he grovels at the feet of this vengeful female attorney- and she is obviously loving it…


BallBustingChicks – Ruined Orgasm – Jerk the bruised hard on! – Mistress Pip – Face Slap, Faceslap

BallBustingChicks  Ruined Orgasm  Jerk the bruised hard on  Mistress Pip preview

00:11:37 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 448 MB

He is used to get his private parts beaten n whipped like hell by this cruel young Dominatrix. Especially she likes to whip his sticking out cock. Most fun for her when his boner bounce like crazy at her whipping. She likes also to examine the cock bruises that she inflicted. You can bet this cock is bruised all over before she allows him to get relief by squirting his sperm out of his bruised dick. But he knows the rules of her cruel masturbation game. The Mistress herself beats the cum out of his bruised cock, to ruin his orgasm and to satisfy her sadistic needs!


Milked and Busted – Sexy Aria Loves Hurting Nuts – Huge Boobs, Sub

Milked and Busted  Sexy Aria Loves Hurting Nuts preview

00:11:07 | 854×480 | mp4 | 438 MB

Aria looks very sexy here. Her tits look amazing in her outfit and she is wearing heels. She is strict but Aria really genuinely loves hurting balls. The slave is a weakling and doesn’t want to get back up to take any more kicks, so she lefts him lay there on the floor with an ice-pack. She comes back downstairs later at night and drags him upstairs to do her favorite thing – butt drops on the nuts. She butt drops him till her butt cheeks turn red. The slave is not happy.


BallBustingChicks – Kicked in the balls by the Naked Room Maid! – Lola Marie – Ball Abuse, Ball Kicking

BallBustingChicks  Kicked in the balls by the Naked Room Maid  Lola Marie preview

00:08:10 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 315 MB

Imagine a cleaning maid in a skimpy outfit sees you still in your room when you supposed to have checked out already. First she gets angry but then she takes advantage of the situation, rips the towel off to see what you have between your legs, then starting to tech you a lesson by hard ball kicking. Yes endless hard kicks in your balls! Soon she takes her clothes off and resumes the kicking, now with her naked shaved pussy and dangling tits in front of you…


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Skylar – Hooters Ballbusting Boss (1080 HD) – Femdom, Dual Domination

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Skylar  Hooters Ballbusting Boss 1080 HD preview

00:13:00 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 978 MB

This customer is being a real jerk to waitress Skylar. So she calls in her new boss that just transfered from “corporate”. Skylar heard the new boss is a “real ballbuster”. So she asks for her help with this customer!
The two of them come out, and “The Boss” puts this customer in its place almost instantly. She slaps him right across the face! His attitude changes almost instantly. He is stunned and starts stammering and apologizing- but its STILL not good enough for the “new boss”! She wants her waitresses treated like GODDESSES and this customer needs to APOLOGIZE to her and do whatever Skylar wants in order to “earn” her forgivness!!
Skylar is loving it, and decides that she wants this old man to LITERALLY BOW DOWN AND KISS HER FEET AND BEG FOR HER FORGIVNESS!! One more hard slap across his face from “the Boss”, and that is exactly what he does! He drops to his knees and begins kissing Skylar’s old Hooters tennis shoes and BEGGING her to forgive him! Skylar is loving this newfound power! But its still not enough…
The Boss calls out to the rest of the restaurant, announcing that they are now “closed”. The place clears out. Then she orders the unruly customer to “STRIP NAKED” right there in the restaurant so that her and Skylar can debase him and sexually harass him like he was doing to Skylar- only FAR worse!! They slap his ass, grab him, and smack him around like he is a piece of meat.
Then The Corporate Boss wants to put the “finishing touches” on this asshole so he NEVER does this again. She orders him to literally bow down and kiss HER feet in her power work pumps, and spread his leags nice and wide for Skylar. Little does he know, he is doing this just so Skylar will have a nice, clear shot at his BALLS while she winds up and kicks him from behind as hard as she wants!!!
Skylar’s foot crashes into the jerk’s balls! He goes down like a sack of potatoes at her boss’s feet! They both laugh their asses off. But its not over yet…Skylar says she wants to get a LOT more kicks in to REALLY teach him a lesson! So the Ballbusting Boss orders him back up and “into position”, so her favorite waitress can get as many nice, hard kicks into his balls as she wants!!!
This is not going to be the beer-drinking night at Hooters that this customer had envisioned…


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Beverly – Mean Girl AirBnB- The Frustration Relief Dummy (1080 HD) – Face Slap, Kicking

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Beverly  Mean Girl AirBnB The Frustration Relief Dummy 1080 HD preview

00:11:59 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.38 GB

She walks into Our “Desert Punishment Camp” property and casually mentions to Beverly about how frustrating her travel was today. (Babees crying on her plane, turbulence, etc…) Princess Beverly has the perfect solution- a loser that she can slap around as much as she wants until she feels better! Beverly walks her over to a fat, naked loser that has been kept kneeling in the corner of the room for just such a purpose, and Platinum can’t believe it! This is seriously part of the “amenities” of this place?? She can literally just “slap around” the servants here as much as she wants just because she a female and she’s “hot”?? This is incredible!
After a demo from Beverly, they both go to town on this fat ugly loser! They slap him across the face over and over, making him kneel before them and “take it like a bitch” as well as making him literally THANK “Ms. Platinum” just for slapping him dismissively right across his ugly face! Then they begin mixing in some ballbusting! Platinum was already blown away, but now she REALLY can’t believe she can just literally KICK THIS LOSER IN THE BALLS AS HARD AS SHE WANTS WHENEVER SHE FEELS LIKE IT ALL WEEKEND LONG??? This is crazy!
And after a bunch of slaps across the face and some kicks right to this loser’s balls, Platinum says she really IS feeling much better! Like she can feel all the stress just melting right off! And then she asks the most mind-blowing question of all…she asks Beverly how much she “pays” these workers of hers to take all this abuse and put up with being treated like this?? Beverly just LAUGHS! Then she explains that these idiots don’t get paid SH**TT! they work for her 24/7 for FREE just because she is HOT and they know damn well they are lucky to serve ANY purpose in her life! Needless to say, Platinum is stunned by this little revelation! She really can’t believe someone would put up with being treated this way at all- let alone for free!
She is actually kinda concerned about being “too mean” to these males- even though they are obviously pathetic and deserve it. So Beverly issues her a challenge- if she can get any of them to quit during her weekend stay by being “too mean” to them, she gets a $1000 bonus! So not only is her stay FREE and she gets waited on hand & foot 24/7, but she can be as much of a “bitch” as she wants to these idiots and she will get PAID $1000 if any of them even dares complain about how mean and abusive she is! This is GREAT! She basically has carte blanche to be a complete and total bitch to these idiots!
There aren’t a ton of ball kicks in this clip, but the ones that are delivered are BRUTAL. Platinum is in heaven…this place is SO much FUN! What’s next??


Milked And Busted – Big Guys Ball-Abusing Rough Handjob – Casandra, Brandy – Ball Abuse, Milking

Milked And Busted  Big Guys BallAbusing Rough Handjob  Casandra Brandy preview

00:22:27 | 854×480 | mp4 | 909 MB

The slave Big Guy has not cum in over a year. Brandy likes playing mind games, and tells Big Guy he can cum today with the help of her hands, but they aren’t going to make it easy for him. Casandra is a petite cutie that is new to tormenting balls. Cassandra n Brandy together bring the pleasure n pain. Big guy is getting teased and jerked by 1 girl while the other kicks and punches his nuts. They aggressively twist and turn and tug and slap n squeeze his poor bright red balls while stroking him. This is Big Guys one chance to cum – will he do it? Almost, but Unfortunately not. The constant ball abuse probably made his dick go numb. Brandy said maybe she will give him a chance to cum again in a year….. or 2. Big guy is left blue-balled, with bruised balls.


She Owns Your Manhood – Ivy Brooks Ballbusting Fuck – 69, Cock Tease

She Owns Your Manhood  Ivy Brooks Ballbusting Fuck  preview

00:20:11 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 753 MB

Ivy Brooks is wearing a sexy one piece lace lingerie outfit. She’s seduced Lance Hart into her room. She knows he’ll do anything to fuck her, and she gets off kneeing guys in the balls.
Ivy makes it clear that she’ll fuck him, but only if he lets her hit, squeeze and knee him in the nuts first. She teases Lance and gets him so horny he has no choice but to ask her to hit him in the balls.
After a bit of ballbusting, Ivy throws Lance on the bed to sit on his face. She needs her perfect pussy licked, and this also give her a great opportunity to squeeze and slap his nuts while he licks her pussy.
She gets off on his face and starts to lick and suck his throbbing boner in her face.