Milked And Busted – Santa Gets Kicked (720p HD) – Daphne, Eden – Ballbusting – Tall Girls, Degradation

Milked And Busted  Santa Gets Kicked 720p HD  Daphne Eden  Ballbusting preview

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Daphne and Eden don’t like the Mall Santa. The girls waited for his shift to end, then they got him. Next thing he knows he wakes up heavily sedated with his hands tied behind his back on a couch next to them. Last thing he remembers is enjoying Milk and Cookies they offered him outside the Mall. They yank down Santa’s pants and start verbally humiliating him, then kicking away. They eventually untie him, but that makes no difference, Santa knows the girls can over power him and he just takes it. Santa’s Christmas is not turning out to be very Merry.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Mistress’ Pain Party – Sablique Von Lux, Kendra James, Goddess Tangent – Ballbusting – Triple Domination, Balls Busting

Vicious Femdom Empire  Mistress Pain Party  Sablique Von Lux Kendra James Goddess Tangent  Ballbusting preview

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The Mistresses of AVN 2017 kick off the week right with a pain party!
Mistresses Kendra James, Sablique Von Lux, and Goddess Tangent have a very fun party planned, well at least fun for them. Two slaves have been chosen to be the victims of the ladies sadistic games. Nothing spurs on a Domme’s wickedness quite like being able to show off her cruelty to her peers. The slaves are viciously abused as the ladies compete to see which one will break first. The Mistresses subject the slaves to harsh beatings; with a crop, slashing strokes of a single tail whip, and brutal ball bustings. They are kicked full force over and over again. The ladies delight at the slaves howls and groans of agony. The cruel sadists egg each other on to new heights of punishment.


Empress Jennifer – Weak Piece of Shit – Boot Domination – Young Mistress, Boot Fetish

Empress Jennifer  Weak Piece of Shit  Boot Domination preview

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You’d think after all these years, this fat piece of shit would get used to all the pain.. but I think I really am wearing him down.. lol. Tonights a fun night. I love beatdowns. I haven’t gotten too crazy lately but I think tonight, I’ll fuck with My slave. Keep him reminded of what he’s living for. My heels **** his chest and leashing him like an animal. I love it. Even going as far as stomping on his hands to hear him beg not to break them.. Built up scar tissue from all the times I’ve stomped on his hands crack a bit this time and I slam down on them.. But, the ball busting.. Nothings like ballbusting. dominating nuts give Me such a rush. On the floor like a dog or up like a “man” I can kick him to the floor flat on his face and into the fetal position.. like a weak piece of shit he is. I’m as hot as Hell. I make pain look so damn good.


Violet Doll – Sissy Shower – Featuring Breton MacQueen – Forced Bi – Dual Domination, Double Domme

Violet Doll  Sissy Shower  Featuring Breton MacQueen  Forced Bi preview

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Ever wonder what it would be like to spend time with Myself and Breton MacQueen?
We met up with this little sissy bitch during our girls week, and he was lucky enough to take us out to dinner and shopping.
Afterwards we decided he looked like a typical filthy boy, and needed to be washed and trained before he could become a pimped out sissy cocksucker. Of course he was massively humiliated over his pathetic prick, but that didn’t stop us from f0rcing him to suck dick and ballbusting him a bit.
Too bad he ended up being a huge disappointment in the servitude and obedience department. Oh well! Enjoy watching us humiliate him while he entertains.
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Mistress Gaia, Miss Kya – The Big Match – Ballbusting – Mistress Kya, Ball Abuse

Mistress Gaia Miss Kya  The Big Match  Ballbusting preview

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Both Mistresses are lying on the coutch; the slave worship their feet, but the Mistresses are getting bored. All of sudden Gaia tells Kya: “a long time ago i had a ballbusting competition with my female slave but it was not fun, i won. I think the time has come to make a real competition and you are the perfect challenger. Let me quickly explain you the rules: “we have 10 kicks available each, we get one point if, after kicking the slave, he puts at least one knee down on the floor. Who makes more points wins.” Miss Kya vs Gaia:”I accept the challenge but you know that i am very competitive and is there a prize for the winner? We can decide this together.
Le due miss sono sdraiate sul divano…lo schiavo adora i loro piedi…ma le miss si stanno annoiando.D’un tratto Gaia dice a Kya: “tempo fa ho fatto una gara di calci nelle palle con la mia schiava…ma non c’ stato gusto, l’ho stracciata. Credo proprio che sia finalmente giunto il momento di fare una gara vera…e tu sei la sfidante perfetta. Ti spiego brevemente le regole…abbiamo a disposizione 10 calci ciascuna, si ottiene 1 punto quando lo schiavo, dopo il calcio, poggia almeno un ginocchio a terra. Chi totalizza pi punti vince.” Miss Kya verso Gaia: “Accetto la sfida…ma sai che sono molto competitiva…ec’ un premio per chi vince?. Lo possiamo decidere insieme…


Brat Princess 2 – BP – 18 Ballkicks for Little Sisters Birthday Party (1080 HD) – Amadahy, Natalya, Sasha Foxx – Ballbusting – Bondage, Bondage Male

Brat Princess 2  BP  18 Ballkicks for Little Sisters Birthday Party 1080 HD  Amadahy Natalya Sasha Foxx  Ballbusting preview

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1080 HD Princess Natalya’s little sister is turning 18! She is really excited to throw her little sister an awesome 18th birthday party! Natalya asks her friends Amadahy and Sasha to help her with the party plans. Natalya wants to make sure that her little sister’s party has a great ballkicking slave. Ballbusting is going to be the highlight of the party. The girls have tied up a male like a pinata. No matter how hard or brutal any girl is, he will be forced to take it. There will be so many girls at the party! The slave will have to endure kicks from them all. The slave is having a hard time getting kicked by just three girls, imagine how bad it will be for him when there are even more! Amadahy cracks the human pinata wide open, just like the girls will during Natalya’s little sister’s party! Red starts to ooze out of the slave’s balls. The girls don’t care that the human pinata is cracking, all the more reason to bust it more! 22 girls invited to the party, and each one gets 18 kicks! That’s 396 kicks the slave will have to endure the day of (see girls can do math)! It’ll be a birthday bash bashing (we also do cleverish turns of phrase)!