The Mean Girls – Princess Grace, Princess Skylar – Slave Delivery Service (1080 HD) – Ballbusting – AmericanMeanGirls, Ball Abuse

The Mean Girls  Princess Grace Princess Skylar  Slave Delivery Service 1080 HD  Ballbusting preview

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Princess Skylar runs a very successful business. She literally BUYS men. In this era of “Me Too”, any man that runs afoul of the law and into financial trouble can literally be BOUGHT by a female. In this fat loser’s case, he abused his ex-wife, who susequently divorced him and took him to the cleaners in the divorce settlement. As a result, he owed his wife over $300,000 and was facing domestic Viol***e charges. That is when Princess Skylar’s corporation stepped in and paid off his ex-wife the $300K and convinced the judge to turn this male pig over to her to “manage into a reformed male”.
Now Skylar loans him out to rich, successful business women to abuse in any way they see fit in order to relieve the stress of their daily lives and just generally exert their dominance over an insignificant member of the male species. The clip opens with Skylar walking her new “property” into Ms. Grace’s office on the end of her leash on all fours. She explains to Ms. Grace that the device on the male’s neck is a high-powered shock collar attached by the authorities before releasing the prisoner to her “care”. She holds the remote control, and the eletric shocks are so powerful that this male is left no choice but to obey her EVERY command- no matter WHAT it may be!
All she needs to do is push that button ONCE and hold it down for a few seconds and the male will be rendered out and collapse. Any longer than that, and…well, we’re sure you can guess what would happen! Skylar also shows off how the male also has its “male parts” in a state-mandated chastity device! She has been granted the only key. And she laughs that literally the ONLY time she unlocks his cock & balls from their prison is when she turns them over to a client like her to kick as hard as she wants over & over!
Very quickly Ms. Grace decides that she wants to kick this fat, ugly male’s balls up into its throat. (Especially after she hears what it did to his ex-wife!) So Skylar gives Ms. Grace a demonstration and then begins positioning her property into different poses so Ms. Grace can experiment with which postion she likes best for destroying the male’s nuts. These are some REALLY hard kicks and the poor male is in obvious agony- but it really doesn’t matter. He only exists to accept as much pain as these high-powered business women want to dish out to him. He really has no choice in the matter. Ends with a nice Victory Pose, as this male is COMPLETELY defeated!


Cruel-Ballbustings – Playful but dangerous – Mistress Kittina – Ball Abuse – Female Domination, Femdom

CruelBallbustings  Playful but dangerous  Mistress Kittina  Ball Abuse preview

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Mistress Kittina starts the day with some exercise for the slave. He has to stand in front of her, naked and do what she does. Kittina dances around in a playful manner and her slave tries to do the same, only he is ugly and pathetic and makes Kittina laugh, what she rewards with a huge kick in his balls. The slave doesn’t have time to be surprised, because further kicks and slaps are pouring on his unfortunate balls, making him scream and double over again and again.


Cruel-Ballbustings – Lady Ann loves ballkicks – Ball Abuse – Femdom, Female Domination

CruelBallbustings  Lady Ann loves ballkicks  Ball Abuse preview

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The slave is hanging by his wrists, naked, he is watching Lady Ann, who is standing in front of him, with a wicked smile on her face, her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, very threatening. He knows, that her smile predicts something very uncomfortable, yet painful for him. And Ann starts the punishment, she kicks him hard in the balls. And she laughs. She laughs cruelly at his distress, and she continues.


Asian Cruelty – Stuck In My Web Of Agony – Princess Inari – Humiliation – Whip, Ballbusting

Asian Cruelty  Stuck In My Web Of Agony  Princess Inari  Humiliation preview

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So my unlucky slave, you know that I am, more than anything else a SADIST. Why don’t you worship my glorious, handcrafted, thigh high boots. They are very very expensive and must be treated with the utmost tenderness and care.
Worship them as though you are making love to me, Not that a creature as hideous and unremarkable as yourself would ever stand a chance. But go ahead, make love to my boots and let me find fault in your actions so that I at least feel that Im being fair when I devastate you.
Oh I see that you become entangled in my little web. You will make a nice little appetizer for my sadistic hunger. Do you like the burden that has been placed upon your head? Do your lungs burn? Oh yes my darling pathetic creature, every second of this day will just be torturous for you. I have a full on frontal attack in store for you!
The Princess has covered her slaves head in a latex bag with a small breathing hole. He eventually falls limp from the pain that the princess is imposing upon his nipples and frontal areas, he is too exhausted to even struggle as the Princess does everything possible to wrap him in agony!


Vicious Femdom Empire – Balls No More – Marley Brinx – CBT – Brunette, Chastity

Vicious Femdom Empire  Balls No More  Marley Brinx  CBT preview

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Mistress Marley looks very sweet but she has a twisted and sadistic side to her that will scare any man into submission. She shows her helplessly restrained slave exactly whose in control by squeezing his poor balls until they are at the brink of exploding. Marley can’t help but laugh and enjoy his predicament while he begs for mercy bringing sweet sounds of pain to her ears.


BallBustingChicks – Cum The Hard Way – Empress Cruel – CBT – Balls Busting, Fishnets

BallBustingChicks  Cum The Hard Way  Empress Cruel  CBT preview

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Very strange and cruel handjob by a real Dominatrix. She jerks his cock and tease him, let a heavy weight dangling on his balls, beat his cock hard, take her high heel off to beat his cock with her shoe, then masturbate him again and beating of his huge boner. Enough play and teasing for her taste, so she put up some speed… He got probably never masturbated so fast and so hard! She literally force him to cum, so he shoot his load out of his cock in a minute. Nothing more fun for her than to beat a huge cumming boner. But this is not enough fun for this cruel Dominatrix, therefore she resumes the hard masturbation and beating after cumming. Empty balls and his aching cock make him scream like hell.


Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – Slayed by Black Boots – Sasha Foxxx, Ball Kicking

 Brat Princess 2  Sasha  Slayed by Black Boots  preview

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At night, in a remote location, Sasha slays a slave with her black boots. Kick after brutal kick. Each one harder. No one near to hear the screams. The slave cowers, but Sasha is merciless. The skin breaks. The red inside comes out. Sasha hits harder. Full force punches. Devastating kicks. Sasha attacks with her tall black boots. It’s brutal. This clip is not for the faint of heart. This is true human suffering. Sasha changes into the second set of boots. She wants each pair broken in on his body. Sasha is the loveliest girl. Sometimes beauty in inhumane. She drives her boot barbarously into the body. The kicks, they do not stop. It goes all night. She has more than two pairs of shoes.


Cruel-Ballbustings – Mara’s Ballbusting (1080 HD) – Hot Femdom – Mistress, Ball Abuse

CruelBallbustings  Maras Ballbusting 1080 HD  Hot Femdom preview

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The slave is kneeling before the tall and powerful mistress and he is praying silently that she leave him alone soon. But his calculations are wrong, Mistress Mara is planning on kicking his balls with her strong legs until he collapses and his pathetic balls and cock are flat and red and useless.


Cruel-Mistresses – Sobbing slave – Mistress Amanda – Ballbusting – Ball Abuse, Femdom

CruelMistresses  Sobbing slave  Mistress Amanda  Ballbusting preview

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The slave is laying on the floor, holding his balls and trying not to cry from the incredible pain Mistress Amanda caused. She kicked and abused his soft balls with her bare feet while laughing at him wholeheartedly. In her pink lace top and thong she looks stunning, but the slave can’t bathe in this view, because his balls are aching.