Foxxx Studios – Office Blackmail Foot Humiliation – Foot Fetish, Blackmailed

Foxxx Studios  Office Blackmail Foot Humiliation preview

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Sasha has caught you numerous times starring at her feet. Sasha that you are infatuated with her nylon feet dipping and dangling out of her pumps every day. Sasha has come up with an idea you are going to give her your pay check every week and cover any shifts she asks you to. As a reward for being her new office bitch you will be allowed to smell her feet after a long day. Sasha’s feet get so sweaty and stinky after a long day and she will give you the pleasure off letting you whiff the scent of her soles here and there. Sasha also has more demands and you will do whatever she says just to look and smell at her nylon soles.


Princess Lexi – Poppers: The Ultimate Blackmail – Intoxication, Jerkoff Commands

Princess Lexi  Poppers The Ultimate Blackmail preview

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“Hi Princess Lexi, I have been watching a lot of Blackmail videos recently and I think I am ready to take the next step in handing over my details to such a beautiful Goddess like you. I’d find it such a turn on to hand over full control to you, and would love for you to make a custom clip where you manipulate me in to doing so through the use of popper s. At the start of the video, I’d like you to say that from now on you will be in full control and that I will have no choice but to obey your every instruction. I like long , deep 10 second hits where you count me down each time and tell me to hand over important/private info each time I do (please keep the hits regular with or without info). I am single so I can’t hand over a girlfriend’s info but there is a girl I care about that I could hand over some details of. I’d like you to warn me in the video that I am playing with fire should I go through with it and press send and I’d like to hear some of the consequences of my actions shou ld I do it. You are welcome to make me tribute you also whenever you feel like it, you can do this after a few hits if you like? Also, if you can tell me after that I have made a huge mistake in sending you my details that would be perfect. I’m pretty sure with you saying and doing all this with me so high on poppers I’d have no choice!”


Worship Princess Nina – Intox Mailtimer Game – Blackmailing, Female Domination

Worship Princess Nina  Intox Mailtimer Game preview

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You wankers know this game quite good by now, but some of you losers are still resisting. Don’t you just want me to take all the control? Well, liquor will help me this time, so prepare a bottle of your favourite one, it must be a strong liquor, I don’t want any pussy drinks today!
So.. prepare a shot glass and give in already!


Goddess Christina – Homewrecker: HUBBY Turned LOSER! – Cum Eating Instruction, CEI

Goddess Christina  Homewrecker HUBBY Turned LOSER preview

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Completely WRECKED – from good Hubby to MY Loser! – Your fiance and I are rivals. We’ve been antagonizing our whole lives. She’s been bragging lately for getting married to you and starting a family with a rich man. I arrive at your house when she’s not there to congratulate you on your marriage. I let you know that we have always been competitors. I ease you into this truth and start teasingly seducing you. I make you admit that you find me perfect and irresistible. It becomes obvious that you’re getting weaker and horny. I make you start jerking off and that’s when you’re completely at my mercy. My evil plan unfolds and it’s clear I’m not only here to prove that I’m hotter than wifey, but also to make you my loser. If she found out maybe she’d forgive you but you’ll always still be MY loser. Hahaha! You’re at my mercy and need to cum so it’s easy to manipulate you. I start filming you with my phone and instruct you to announce to the camera that she’s nothing compared to me and that you’re my loser and that you must cum for for me. You oblige and I ask how bad you want to cum. If you really want release you need to become the ultimate loser and eat your own jizz for me. You’re so weak that you end up doing it as I’m laughing, taunting and recording you. Of course I’m recording and addressing wifey in this video and once you’ve done the deed I send it directly to her! Oops. What’s done is done. Before I leave I demand something from you. Something that neither you nor her deserve!


Crystal Knight – The 10k Blackmail Contract – Body Worship, POV

Crystal Knight  The 10k Blackmail Contract preview

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One year to pay it off. One year to enter into a level addiction you never thought you’d reach. Join the 10k club by coerce. Join it through a personal Blackmail (Fantasy) contract that will be the ultimate pleasure and your greatest demise. I’ll give you all the details while you stroke to my body.
Name mentioned in clip.


Charlotte Stokely – Sissy Condom Drinker – Forced Bi, Sissy Training

Charlotte Stokely  Sissy Condom Drinker preview

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Don’t you know that once I have a picture of you eating cum like a sissy, I can really fuck you over, right? Pull out your tiny sissy stiffy and stroke it until incriminating yourself for me, seems to sound like a good idea!
This was a longer custom video where I mocked a loser picture and video of a specific sissy… So now you know that you can pay me to personally laugh at you too! I’ll make you eat cum for me too!


Sasha Mizaree – Blackmailed by Goddess Feet – Blackmail Fantasy, Foot Fetish

Sasha Mizaree  Blackmailed by Goddess Feet preview

00:14:26 | 960×540 | mp4 | 374 MB

You have a little secret that you don’t want anyone to find out about. That secret is your sick weakness for pretty girl’s feet. I’ve decided to let you clean and worship my dirty feet, and your cock got so hard that you didn’t even think there could be a catch. No loser, I wasn’t just texting my friend, I actually snapped pictures and videos of you being all pathetic on the floor. I want you to jerk off to complete the humiliation and leave you all sticky with your own cum.
Can’t get enough BLACKMAIL FANTASY? check out my other clips in this category!


Mandy Flores – Nanny Blackmail – Tease And Denial, Cocktease

Mandy Flores  Nanny Blackmail preview

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Everyone is asleep and its obvious you are lurking in the house trying to catch glimpses of me… do you mind the way I dress?…of course not, you always love when I sexy outfits and tease you, don’t you, you little pervert, you’re practically creaming in your pants when you see me like this,” Your bulge in your pants is so obvious when you are around me. I know you are always beating off in your bedroom, you might as well in front of me, “its’ just the two of us now, you’re wife and are asleep,” Hilarious how quickly you pull it…not so fast.. if you want to jerk in front of me, you jerk how I tell you to. I love the power I have over you now, making you only jerk with 1 finger as torment you with a strip tease. You really like my panties huh? I know you are stealing them to jerk off too. “I don’t give a what you do as long as you keep paying me,” In fact, Im going to need more money if you want to keep our little secret going…”I take it from your spitting pre cum and rubbing yourself harder that you agree, boss?” you can’t resist my hot pussy,” If you want to see it all you have to completely agree to my terms and then Ill allow you to cum.