Glam Worship – Vicky’s School Girl Seduction Humiliation – Hypno, Office Domination

Glam Worship  Vickys School Girl Seduction Humiliation preview

00:09:34 | 840×472 | mp4 | 56 MB

Vicky Narni is beautiful, busty, mean, cold and calculating and she knows you have a soft spot for her. Vicky knows how to wrap men like YOU around her little finger!
Vicky decides to flirt with you, teasing you into allowing her to take images of your small penis, before long she will have anything she wants…You see what Miss Narni wants is your complete obedience and full attention.
She tells you with unbelievable confidence and arrogance that she will let you see more providing you give her what she wants and deserves ”Take a picture of you naked saying I’m Vicky’s SLAVE…” You feel the rushing to your crotch as she tells you ”I’ll take off my skirt and you can see my panties” You know you those BIG TITIES, TIGHT FIRM ASS and POWERFUL LEGS will make your unable to resist. The more she flirts the weaker you will get, you know that there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from playing her game.


Princess Lexie – To All The Boys I’ve B-mailed – Blackmailed, Cruel

Princess Lexie  To All The Boys Ive Bmailed preview

00:13:50 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 231 MB

You see the title. Are you one of the many boys who have bought My b..l..ackmail clips in the past and sent Me some incriminating information about yourself? Well if you are, you better be sure to buy this clip!
See, I have a plan in store for all of you that will go down exactly one month from today, on November 5th 2018. If you aren’t willing to roll the dice and risk the chance of Me completely exposing you then you need to buy this clip and follow all of My instructions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Lindsey Leigh – Continued Blackmail – Femdom, Blackmail Fantasy

Lindsey Leigh  Continued Blackmail preview

00:15:24 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 436 MB

We’ve been here before. You have shared details about your life with me, name, address, telephone, work. I went easy on you last time, only asking questions a friend would know. Today, I want more. I want you to be trapped. To be mine. There will be no leaving, no choice, you will belong to me. The most sensitive information will be teased out of you. *Tit flashing included


Cum Countdown – You Dream Of Being Exposed On My Twitter – Blackmail, Financial Domination

Cum Countdown  You Dream Of Being Exposed On My Twitter preview

00:04:38 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 52 MB

My little piggies, paying me day in day out in silence. Your friends, your wife, no one knows that you really are financially enslaved to me as you pay on the down low. But secretly you dream of being exposed don’t you? You dream of being blackmailed, of being locked into severe financial slavery knowing that I’ll expose you on Twitter if you don’t pay. Doesn’t that sound so exciting pig?


British Bratz – Dangerous Blackmail – UK, Blackmail Fantasy

British Bratz  Dangerous Blackmail preview

00:05:20 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 140 MB

How could you resist Princess Sammi’s manipulative ways when she looks as HOT as she does. She knows all the right buttons to press for you to be putty in her hands. You really have been tip toeing around this subject, getting so horny that you nearly went ahead but chickened out but it what you ache for. To give up total control to a YOUNG, BITCHY Princess like Sammi. Playing with fire is so appealing to you.
The danger turns you on, Sammi turns you on so what are you waiting for? Before you know it, you will have been teased so hard all your personal information will be in her hands. There will be nothing you can do. You will be her property and have to abide by her rules. In your horny state you thought with your dick as usual and got your self into hot waters. You are OWNED now by one of the hottest, bitchiest British Babes around that thought makes you smile but also sends shivers down your spine. Learn to obey now.


The Mean Girls – Blackmailed By The Popular Girlz – Femdom, Findom

The Mean Girls  Blackmailed By The Popular Girlz preview

00:05:17 | 720×404 | mp4 | 69 MB

We have decided that we want to USE and profit from financial slaves- and that we want to LOCK THEM IN so they HAVE to pay when we tell them to! We will be NICE however and give you the ability to set a “limit” of how MUCH we can take from you each month. And we promise won’t go over it. BUT you BETTER fucking give it to us when we demand it!! No matter WHAT. Or ELSE…
Cuz if you follow our steps in this clip we WILL ruin you if you don’t do as we order you to! Can you imaging getting a call from a “blocked number” on a Saturday night and its US (Me or Princess Perfection) on the other end laughing at you and demanding you send Us Our tribute for this month??? OMG you would probably sh*tt your pants wouldn’t you, piggy? LOL.


Humiliation POV – Miss Honey Barefeet – An Easy Blackmail Game, Slowly Milking Your Credit Card Numbers One By One – Masturbation Instruction, Femdom

Humiliation POV  Miss Honey Barefeet  An Easy Blackmail Game Slowly Milking Your Credit Card Numbers One By One preview

00:15:40 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 532 MB

I know you’ve been turned on by the idea of being blackmailed by me. But you’re afraid, you don’t have the courage. But I know you’d love for me to have that much power and control over you. Especially when I know your weak spot and I know how to use it against you. I know you’re already twitching thinking about the game we’re about to play. And don’t worry, I’m going to make it really easy for you.
I’m going to tease you a bit with my pantyhose, my heels, my feet, to make you horny, to make it easier to get all of your information from you. And I mean All of your information lol, it’s going to be so fun. So first I want you to give me your credit card number, but to make it easier on you, I want you do it slowly. I’m going to guide you step by step. So just give me the first number of your credit card. That’s not too hard, is it? Just one number. I mean what can I do with just one number? You see this isn’t hard and I know it’s making your cock throb.
Now give me the second number. Look how horny that made you. You can’t believe it’s happening. But still I can’t do anything with two numbers so why worry. Give me number three. Good boy, lol. See how easy this is? What could be more fun than jerking your card while you slowly give me your credit card number, lol? You can’t stop, lol! I’ve got you horny and stupid, right where I want you. Keep your credit card in one and and your cock in the other and keep jerking.
I know how weak you’re getting. Give me number four, good boy. I told you this would be an easy blackmail gave. Now number five as you stare at my heels and nylon covered feet. Number six. Number seven. You’re jerking faster now I know. I still can’t do anything with seven numbers but we’re getting closer lol. You love this game, don’t you? Give me number eight, halfway there lol! Look at my ass in my pantyhose and give me number nine. You’re so weak for me in my nylons. Number ten. Now I know ten numbers of your credit card. I know that’s making you so hard! It’s so dangerous but you can’t stop, you’re hooked.
Look at my pussy in my pantyhose and give me number eleven. You’re pumping your cock even harder. Now give me two more numbers, twelve and thirteen. So close. They’re just numbers from one useless credit card of yours. I know you have others. Nothing will happen if you give me one more number so give me number fourteen. Giving me your credit card number feels so good while you stroke your cock at my feet. Now give me number fifteen. That’s a good boy. Now give me the last one and feel your cock twitch in your hand with excitement. Now I have all of the numbers. You’re stroking furiously. Next I’m going to milk out all of your other information. Your expiration date and your three digit code, your address. You’re so stupid for me. It’s so easy for me to control weak horny perverts like you. You fell right into my trap. You’re filled with regret but it’s too late LOL! Are you scared? You should be LOL! You’re going to be checking your credit card daily to see if I’ve used it LOL! You can’t stop jerking, can you? This danger is getting you to the edge isn’t it? But it was worth it wasn’t it? I mean all you had to do was give me your credit card information for the most amazing orgasm of your life!


Mandy Marx – Help Me Scare You – Femdom, Female Domination

Mandy Marx  Help Me Scare You preview

00:08:06 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 200 MB

Not Blackmail (Fantasy) light because it’s totally a real offer, but my thing is that I get off on accessing a fetish. You’re going to make it easy for me to drag you down. Safely. For only 3 months. At the end of three months you can re-up our Blackmail (Fantasy) contract if you like, but you will get a chance for freedom. For these three months, though. If you give me what I ask? You’re gonna get everything you deserve.


Goddess Angel – Ugly, stupid, AND blackmailed – 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Mean Girls

Goddess Angel  Ugly stupid AND blackmailed preview

00:09:21 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 818 MB

Remember that one time I made you try on sparkly panties and humiliate yourself for my entertainment? Yeah, I do too! Did I mention that I recorded the whole thing AND took photographic evidence? I didn’t? Oops! Haha! You’ve been acting up lately, and its obvious you need to be reminded of your place, your TRUE place… So you’re going to sit like a good little bitch a listen, or else. How does it feel to be a blackmailed bitch boy? You’re gong to do WHATEVER I say, whenever I say it from now on, no more resisting…


Carlie – Blackmail Cold Hearted Bitch – Blackmailing, Verbal Humiliation

Carlie  Blackmail Cold Hearted Bitch preview

00:06:25 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 241 MB

Let’s get one thing out there: I get off on ruining men like you. If you think this is a game you’re wrong. I’m a cold heartless bitch and I don’t feel bad for a second after ruin the life of a pathetic worthless man. And why should I? Give me one reason why I should give a fuck. It’s so much more fun to ruin you. You make it too fucking easy to get in your head. Once I’m in your head, you trust me, believe I care about you….you idiots always fall for it. Once I have you I will use you up. Use you as my slave and if you don’t obey I will ruin you. I’ll wiggle your information right over your head, a little blackmail to keep you serving. I have the power, charm, and smarts to ruin your fucking life if I felt like. And I am feeling like it. I’m in the mood to ruin some worthless fools life so you better play along.