YourGoddess – M – Du fällst – German Language, Mental Domination

YourGoddess  M  Du fllst preview

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Und keiner wird dich retten… Du fällst… und verlierst dein ganzes Leben..
Blackmail (Fantasy) ist ein harter Fetisch und deine Sucht !!
Was kannst du tun ? Nichts !!! All diese verschiedenen Emotionen… du bist ängstlich aber geil… wieso bist du geil?? Wieso ???
Loser lieben immer Blackmail (Fantasy)… Du fällst in eine Falle und du kommst nie wieder raus !!!


TemptressLux – GF’s Roommate Blackmails you – Blackmail Fantasy, Blackmailed

TemptressLux  GFs Roommate Blackmails you preview

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You come into your girlfriend’s place only to see her roommate squeezing into some tight yoga pants. Jumping up and down squishing her thonged ass into the spandex. You can’t help but keep watching until she catches you! You’re a filthy pervert and now you’re going to pay! Unless you want your girlfriend finding out you’ve been spying on her hot roommate. She takes your ca$h but it’s only the start. From now on you’re going to be her blackmailed slave


LilCanadianGirl – Fuck Your Sister First – Female Domination, POV Sex

LilCanadianGirl  Fuck Your Sister First preview

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You walk past your sisters room and see her doing her makeup in a tshirt and underwear. Why is she doing her makeup so late at night? Shes looking extra pretty tonight. She must be trying to sneak out when everyone goes to bed. You decide to sit in her room for a bit and see whats up. Shes extremely annoyed and aggravated that you wont leave. Someone keeps texting her and she gets all giggly. She becomes really bitchy so you stay even longer, you know she is definitely going to sneak out tonight. She finally caves in and tells you she is going on a date tonight and begs you not to tell on her. You get kind of jealous and decide you need to fuck her first before some random guy gets his way with her. You say you wont tell on her if she fucks you. She likes this guy so much and wants to go out so bad she actually does it. Shes pissed off but if thats what it takes she will do it. First you make her put on the dress she is going to wear tonight. She spits on your cock and jerks you off a little. Then she gets on top and slides her pussy onto your dick. Her pussy is so creamy! Then she turns around and bounces up and down your cock. You love looking at your sisters ass. She keeps riding you until you give her a huge cream pie. Now that you fucked her first that guy can have your sloppy seconds


Brookelynne Briar – Panty Stealing Pig – Blackmail Fantasy, JOI

Brookelynne Briar  Panty Stealing Pig preview

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Here I am, minding my own business, attending to my dirty laundry when behold, I unexpectedly run into you – my roommate’s boyfriend in my laundry room.
Wait? What is that I see hanging out of your pocket? Oh my god!! They are a pair of my dirty panties! You sick pervert! You were going to jerk off on my dirty panties and hope I didn’t notice? Busted, sicko! Now get that dick out and start jerking it for me – or else I’m totally telling Angie what I caught you doing….


Bratty Foot Girls – Cali’s Foot Promotion – Pantyhose Fetish, Blackmailed

Bratty Foot Girls  Calis Foot Promotion preview

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You are the CEO of a very successful company. Cali Logan is one of your top employees and has come into your office for a little chat. You see she has heard that you are looking to promote John, he’s your top salesman and has been in line to get the promotion for a while now. However Cali has other ideas, she sits across from you, knowing that you have a thing for stockinged feet, and dangles her heels as she pleads her case for the promotion. she teases you with her shoes and luscious legs as you hear her out. She eventually asks you about your very obvious foot fetish. You give in and admit to it. Bad move however! She has been secretly recording your conversation on her smart phone the whole time. Now she straight out blackmails you into giving her the promotion. Not just that though, oh no shes not done yet. You will be her new foot bitch. Seeing you make her wear heels every day, she demands a nice foot rub in your lunch break everyday. You will get her coffee and do whatever else she asks. Get to it foot bitch!


Mistress T – Exposed To The World – Blackmail Fantasy, Public Nudity

Mistress T  Exposed To The World preview

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Do you have a fantasy about being exposed? Your neighbors, friends, coworkers, wife, etc. finding out about your secret kinky life? It’s thrilling & terrifying, isn’t it? So you allow yourself to be photographed & filmed doing shameful sex acts: sucking cock, licking ass…you send these pics along with your real name to sexy women tempting fate…what did you think would happen you sick fuck? FORCED BI, EXHIBITIONIST, PUBLIC NUDITY, FINANCIAL DOMINATION ***Disclaimer: This is all a part of Gordon’s fantasy. I have not exposed a film slave & his real name without his written permission or against his wishes.***


Dangerous Temptation – Happy Marriage Challenge – Blackmail Contract – Submissive Training, JOI Games

Dangerous Temptation  Happy Marriage Challenge  Blackmail Contract preview

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You have some many duties in your life,dont you? You are such a responsable father and you must work hard to take care of your family, of your life BUT you must take care of yourself also, right? your happiness wont be complete without Me, without your dirty secret fantasies, financial domination addiction, pantyhose fetish succubus fantasy , blackmail games. So many forbbidden things, but they give a true meaning of your life, I am EVERYTHING you Need. Tell me you will do any sacrifice to keep your marriage happy and safe , dont you?


Vera Price – Blackmail’s Not a Game – Tit Worship, Female Domination

Vera Price  Blackmails Not a Game preview

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While you’re distracted pumping away at your hand, let me make something very clear to you: I am not playing around anymore. I have the capacity to ruin your life, your family’s lives, to humiliate you at the snap of my fingers. Why would I do that? Simple. Because I can. I love watching you squirm, seeing your discomfort. And you’re too dumb to stop. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m going to ruin you, and you’re going to keep feeding me information. You. Are. Fucked.


Natasha’s Bedroom – Blackmail High-Low – POV, Edging Games

Natashas Bedroom  Blackmail HighLow preview

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I’m going to play a little blackmail extraction game with you today. Each round has one piece of personal information at stake.
Get out your deck of cards and shuffle. We pull a card at the same time…if you have the low card, you reveal. If you have the high card, you sit this round out. This game can be played multiple times, until I have every little detail I desire.
The stakes grow higher with each game, but your wins reassure you. You haven’t told me everything. You’ve won a few, so it’s ok to indulge me when I have the winning card. You’re so caught up in the game, in the thrill, that it’s easy to lose yourself.


Glam Worship – Becoming A Money Slave – Financial Domination, Teasing

Glam Worship  Becoming A Money Slave preview

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So you’ve heard about money slavery? Wondering why on earth guys would pay to get nothing in return?! Haha LOSERS!!!
Well, you’re not one of those, are you? You may love Charley and you may feel weak at the sight of her MASSIVE BREASTS but you’re not going to buy a clip like this… Right? Well ok maybe you’re still reading this because you want to see what all the hype is about? Maybe you’re intrigued by financial domination and just want to prove to yourself that you can watch this clip without becoming a money slave.
The truth is though, you’re a weak male with an even weaker penis and if you watch this clip, you will be teased, denied and BRAINWASHED into a lifetime of money slavery. You will become another oinking, money splurging, PAY PIG. One of those freaks you and your buddies used to laugh at. You will become just another LOSER who gets hard whilst watching his bank account being drained and just another WORKER funding another rich, young BRAT!