Madam Violet – Orgasmic Mind-Fuck Trap – Female Domination, POV

Madam Violet  Orgasmic MindFuck Trap preview

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STROKE straight away and the second I trigger you into ORGASM you will be DROPPED deep into My mental control…and there you will stay, until you CUM again which will trigger you to DROP again. Caught in a loop. Ever deeper. Ever Harder every time round. Commanded to DROP as you CUM over and over…how far can you go, how much cum can you produce….will you cum even when you’re EMPTY?! First orgasm out of the way I use that relaxed post orgasmic bliss to lead you into a deep state of mental surrender…My breasts, My voice, My red lips, those eyes that pierce your soul….DOWN I take you, as you LET GO and STROKE. Goooood boy. Observing the endless journey down and round and round a spiral of pleasure…until I trigger you again into the next ORGASM, which instantly DROPS you into an even deeper state. This file has been created specifically so that you can loop it as seamlessly as possible, you can stay trapped for as long as you wish, two orgasms – four?! Trapped in a never ending loop of DEEPER and deeper states, more and more orgasms. Mental pleasure combined with physical, foolproof and inescapable in its simplicity…who knows how, when or if you will break out of the spell…why would you ever want to…


Glam Worship – Lilly Roma Is Your New Drug – Breast Worship, Goddess Worship

Glam Worship  Lilly Roma Is Your New Drug preview

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Welcome slave, are you ready to become addicted to me? You are going to get high with me today. I am going to be your very sexy drug. You will be my little puppy . Get out those nitrates and take a nice long sniff. Look at these perfect tits, I know you love them. Good boy look at that smile on your face. Come nice and close, I want to feel your breath on me. You love this cleavage of mine. You depend on these boobs to make you happy. I am your new drug; you depend on me. You can’t escape from me now. I’m in your head. Wank slowly, I don’t want you to cum just yet. You can’t live without me. I bet you want to touch but you can’t. Get on your knees and start sniffing my sexy body. I bet these fishnets turn you on so much. I know I smell so good. You can’t live without me; I am your drug. You love these boobs right in your face, so addicted. Now cum for me slave boy. Now get out of here until next time slave!


Madam Violet – Ego Annihilator – Men Following Orders, Slave Training

Madam Violet  Ego Annihilator preview

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You will take one LOOK then BUY this!
It’s fucking HOT when you BEG, when you strip, kneel, crawl, when you bark or snort, when you slap your face or balls, when you DO IT JUST FOR ME, when you BEG again, when I SQUEEZE My ass and tits, When grind My hips and finger My pussy….when you CRY and BEG and record yourself and send it to ME and FINALLY I allow you to STROKE your SWOLLEN COCK for ME until you CUM for ME.
I dislike the word ‘loser’; it is over used, I especially dislike any man who claims to be a ‘loser’. I like my man-victims to have a bit more self respect than that – it’s more fun to crush your ego then! I just want you to fucking KNOW how pathetic you ALWAYS are before ME, I want you to fucking BEG and WEEP from your cock and eyes for mercy.
Do as I say, give Me what I want, and survive the onslaught of perfect ass, thighs, tits, smile…it will feel like a LIFETIME!! I want you ego-less, pathetic, desperate, dependant and THEN you can stroke. All I want is the rush that cums from KNOWING you LOVE being My helpless horny bitch. And W/we both know you’ll give it to Me.


Glam Worship – Pool Play – Swimming, Tit Worship

Glam Worship  Pool Play preview

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Goddess Danielle, Lady Nina Leigh and Mistress Lucy, are having fun in the pool on holiday, they’re wearing tiny bikinis and playing with balls, not your balls DICK HEADS, as this is a loser free zone. All these girls are interested in is having fun, getting tanned and D.R.U.N.K…Their just fooling around for the afternoon until they go out and find real men with big cocks! Enjoy them ignoring you while they have the best fun in the sun splashing each other and fooling around… How amazing all three beauties on holiday together and in the pool playing. Watch that cock growing won’t you? You’ll be back tomorrow as well!


Crystal Knight – Sports Bra Tease – Body Worship, Tit Worship

Crystal Knight  Sports Bra Tease preview

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My big boobs in a tight sports bra catch your attention quick. You wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. This sensual little preview called to you. You love the view of my cleavage popping out of my top. You crave to see these boobs bouncing in your face as you jerk to my instructions. This is a tease unlike any other, and that’s why we both know you’re going to give in.


Violet Doll – Dicktease: Day 6 of 31 Days of JOI – Big Breast, POV

Violet Doll  Dicktease Day 6 of 31 Days of JOI preview

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I’ve kept you stroking quite a bit this month, so I think it’s time for a dicktease. And I’m a master when it comes to teasing dick.
You still get to jerk during this clip, but you better pay attention and obey. The stakes are getting higher and higher, and mistakes might leave you with more pain than a throbbing cock and a pair of blue balls.