Brat Princess 2 – Kaylie and Natalya – Ballbusting Cruelty – Femdom Online, Ball Abuse

 Brat Princess 2  Kaylie and Natalya  Ballbusting Cruelty  preview

00:09:55 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 244 MB

Natalya and Kaylie have an obedient male naked and ready to be kicked as hard as they can with their black boots. The boots allow the girls to deliver maximum full force kicks to optimize damage done to the testicles for each kick delivered. Meaning they can kick as hard as they can and it doesn’t hurt their foot at all! This video was shot in 60fps and surround sound. This means you can watch this clip in perfect smooth slow motion by slowing the video down yourself on your own player. The footage looks amazing!


Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Boots or Shoes to get rid of Erections (1080 HD) – Ballbusting – Bootdom, Double Domination

Brat Princess 2  Alexis and Jade  Boots or Shoes to get rid of Erections 1080 HD  Ballbusting preview

00:09:21 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 687 MB

1080 HD: This clip previously unreleased. Alexis and Jade run a cruel experiment on the ball kicking slave. The slave is jerked off until fully erect and then kicks are delivered to remove it. Jade is wearing boots and Alexis is wearing shoes. The erection is eventually kicked away until gone. You will have to watch the video to know which is better for erection removal.


The Mean Girls – Heel-Raaped Employee – Princess, Female Domination

The Mean Girls  HeelRaaped Employee preview

00:12:37 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.08 GB

You have been working for me n Ashley’s company now for awhile. And EVERY woman at the company complains about you. They can ALL tell that you are a LOSER and always catch you staring at every woman’s legs in the office like a perv. So we have decided to “coerce you out” by humiliating the FUCK out of you until you quit. We call you into our office. And the first thing we want you to do is hump Chanel’s leg since you seem to be sooo obsessed with women’s legs haha. But she doesn’t want you actually touching her leg! So she is gonna wear a latex boot for you to hump, K? Oh, and then we are going to fuck you. NO, not like THAT, you idiot! You are going to get down on all fours, pull your pants down, and let Chanel RAM the heel of her shoe up your ass while we both laugh at you! Haha! Oh, and there is a special surprise for you at the end, loser…


ClubDom – Temptress Raven Eve Muddy Boots – Part 3 – Boot Worship – Bootlicking, Boot Domination

ClubDom  Temptress Raven Eve Muddy Boots  Part 3  Boot Worship preview

00:08:08 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 702 MB

Temptress Raven Eve has just finished breaking in her new caning slave. She grabs him by the head of his hair and, drags him over to the barn. It has been a long day of training and, she is ready for lunch. On the way to the dungeon, she steps in mud puddle that was left from when she had to hose the dirty slut down. Her shiny leather boots are now covered in goopy mud. Annoyed, she tells the slave it is time for lunch. Raven orders her house slave to bring her lunch. The slave is hoping he will get a bite to eat as well. Little does he know, his only meal is the mud to be licked from Raven’s boots. She relaxes, enjoys her lunch and, laughs at the slave as he is made to lick ever bit of mud from her beautiful boots. She hopes the bitch appreciates the great sacrifices that Mistresses make when it comes to training slaves properly.


ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Leather Boot Licker – Boot Worship, Bootlicking

ClubStiletto  Lady Bellatrix  Leather Boot Licker preview

00:06:21 | 720×576 | mp4 | 143 MB

Kneeling before Me decked out in leather, I tempt you with the prospect of getting your tongue out and start licking these leather boots. But not until you beg for it first. I enjoy teasing My slaves with My feminine wiles. Once I am satisfied that you really want to taste these boots, you can start by licking the tip then tracing your tongue slowly all the way to the top. It makes you so submissive to do as you’re told while getting high on the scent of the leather. Taking the heel into your mouth as you close your eyes, I want you to continue on to the other boot and slowly lick all the way up as you gaze at My fishnet clad legs.


Boot Bitch – Boot Domination – Mandy Flores – Boot Worship – Femdom, Humiliation

Boot Bitch  Boot Domination  Mandy Flores  Boot Worship preview

00:11:09 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 649 MB

You enter the room, a male slave lies on the floor; he is blindfolded, gagged and collared. The hands bound behind his back, his ankles are also bound together. You walk towards the slave and spit at him before you start to verbally humiliate and degrade him. You say that now it is time for a walk and fasten a leash to his collar. Then you pull on the leash ruthlessly to make it very stressful for him to grovel behind you. You decide to have some fun, you remove the gag and blindfold and make him grovel to your boots to lick them, from the soles to the top and also the heels. To make it more difficult for the servant you are changing your position a few times so that he needs to grovel towards u again. Pls.verbally humiliate the slave the whole time and be very condescending. During the clip, pls. spit often on the slave and punish him as you see.


Mistress Gaia – Ultimate Bootdoms – Boot Worship – Boot Domination, Female Domination

Mistress Gaia  Ultimate Bootdoms  Boot Worship preview

00:09:52 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 395 MB

I’m with my beautiful friend at the House of Sinn. We have a slave that is going to enjoy the luxury of worshiping our boots. He is already on his knees, and we are using him as our footstool. His cock is also in chastity, and perhaps he can raise a throbber for us. Of course, it won’t mean he will enjoy any freedom. As we allow him to lick and worship our boots, we both decide to enjoy a relaxing cigarette. Our slut has to remain on his knees on the floor, and make sure he continues with his licking. Eventually, we decide to use him as our human ashtray. He has to make sure he keeps that mouth of his open as we both flick our ash into his mouth. Our bitch chokes even more, as we take turns blowing delicious clouds of Smoke into his face. As we finish our cigarettes, we stub them out on his tongue making sure he chews and swallows the butt ends. Before we are finished with our bitch, we give him some slaps on his ass and balls to make sure he remains obedient. He’s a fortunate slut to have been used and abused by two beautiful bootdoms…