The Mean Girls – Princess Amber, Goddess Platinum – The Slave Under The Stairs (1080 HD) – Boot Worship, MiamiMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Amber Goddess Platinum  The Slave Under The Stairs 1080 HD preview

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So I am talking to my aunt Platinum and we are comparing our hot boots when I comment that her boots are kind of dirty and could use a good shine. And she tells me that she actually has a slave that she KEEPS UNDER THE STAIRS for just that purpose!! She even keeps a security camera on it 24/7 so she can check on it with her phone 24/7!
I can’t believe it, but she shows me a live video feed of the slave all chained up on her phone, and then walks me down to the “slave quarters” underneath our compound – and there he is! Literally chained and collared underneath the stairs!
We take turns giving him our boots to polish with nothing but his TONGUE – and of course, mocking him the entire time for having such a pathetic life!


Lady Katharina – Ignored Boot slave (MP4) – Whipping, Ignoring

Lady Katharina  Ignored Boot slave MP4 preview

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Lady Katharina is sitting there reading a magazine having her devoted slave laying hogtied on the floor in some distance. His face is covered with an old n smelly high heel leather shoe so he is forced to inhale the scent of his Goddess feet all the time! After a short while she commands him to crawl at her feet and boots. She is laughing at her slave because he has to give much effort to crawl to his Mistress while having his legs and his arms bound. Lady Katharina takes the shoe off his face and commands him to worship her wicked Italian high heel leather boots licking all the dirt n dust of the soft leather. Lady Katharina doesn`t ignores him all the time! In between she forces him to more effort by whipping him painful with a crop. Great heels sucking and soles licking as well as nice boot gagging scenes!
German language with English subtitles!


Dangerous Temptation – Beneath My Leather Boots – Goddess Celine – Assignments, Fetish

Dangerous Temptation  Beneath My Leather Boots  Goddess Celine preview

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This clip is all about Leather Boot Domination, Boot Worship, Ruined Orgasm, Training Disicpline, Goddess Worship, Instructional, Leather Submission, Extreme CBT getting the floor messy without having orgasm becouse your cock BELONG to me and you need my permission to cum of course, a reminder to make you undestand whos in charge and what are males useful for?


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slave Positions 101 – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Bootlicking, Double Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Slave Positions 101  Mistress Ezada Sinn preview

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Now that Mistress Ezada Sinn has demonstrated some of the work she’s completed in conditioning her slaves, I have decided I did like to show her a couple of things I like for my slaves to do. So we’re going to run this particular slave through his paces. He’ll have to follow my every instruction and memorize each new position as it comes. I don’t stand for vapid slaves who don’t know how to properly worship Goddesses like Ezada Sinn and I. Like a puppy in training, we’ll walk him through every trick one by one until he gets it right. If his performance is unsatisfactory, we’ll have to reinforce his submission by giving him a brutal fucking.


Young Goddess Kim – Desk Boot Slave (1080 HD) – Fetish, Boot Domination

Young Goddess Kim  Desk Boot Slave 1080 HD preview

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My stiletto knee high boots zipped tightly around My shiny legs are dangling in front of the slave under My desk. I am going out and I want them shined spotless, and this is exactly what I use the worthless slave for. It squirms out form under My desk when I summon it with My crop. On its knees at My beck and call, it will lick and shine every inch of My patent boots. 1st I allow the bitch to kiss My soles to prove it knows it is no where equal to the very bottom of My boots or even the dust I trample. As I stretch out on My desk I use its back as My footrest, My 1 heel digging into its skin as its mouth sucks the other heel. I ensure the slave licks them faster from the tip to the knee with My crop on its back and ass. I am amused at the effort of this boot licking worm.


Young Goddess Kim – Chastity Closet slave – Stocking Fetish, Cock Locked

Young Goddess Kim  Chastity Closet slave preview

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It is what you begged for, to be My permanent slave. So I found a use for you, pathetic slave boy. That’s what you are there for – to be useful. you will stay locked away in My closet and make sure all My shoes, boots and heels are kept spotless and polished. And to bring out the best in your servitude, I have locked you in chastity too. There is no turning back now, the only way I might ever consider unlocking your cock is if I am completely satisfied and pleased with your suffering and servitude. When I open the closet doors, I expect to find you and My footwear exactly the way I left you, your rag tongue ready to be used thoroughly. If you are lucky I’ll let you sniff the insides of My worn boots and stocking clad feet. It’s so amusing to see you so weak and objectified below Me, and how easily persuaded you are to sacrifice yet another week of orgasms. My chastity closet slave
Includes: Femdom POV, Shoe and Boot Worship, PVC/Vinyl, Chastity, Female Domination, Boot Fetish, Stilettos, Glove Fetish, Stockings, Foot Smelling, Boot Licking, Objectification, Humiliation, Female Supremacy


Ezada Sinn – Worship Me in any leather – Boot Worship, Female Domination

Ezada Sinn  Worship Me in any leather preview

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I have many leather items to wear; some are pristinely new while others are very well worn favorites. It is your job as My slave to adore Me in any leather that I am wearing. you must worship not only My new, fresh out of the box leather items, but also worn and dirty ones. I love My old, used leathers very much, for they are embedded with the fragrance of My divine sweat. Today I am kind enough to allow you to lick My special nectar off these old leather walking boots and well-worn leather opera gloves. That nectar is My divine spit, slave, the sweet juice of My revered Domina kisses. Watch My spit ooze down My black glove or trickle over the side of My worn walking boot. Stick out your tongue and lick up every drop. Yes, you love it; you are addicted to My spit. I know My spit laden gloved hand feels just like a pussy, so warm and soft. It’s the only pussy you’ll ever come close to touching, slave. So lick it, slave, lick…


ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Lick My Sweaty Pussy – Femdom, Boot Worship

ClubStiletto  Lady Bellatrix  Lick My Sweaty Pussy preview

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Lady Bellatrix is wrapped in latex n recounts her day and how she has brutalized her slave and how it has caused her to sweat heavily. She decides to reward her slave by letting him lick her boots, the ones that she just busted his balls with. He’s literally licking his own precum and sweat from them. She tells him she has busted other slaves with the boots so he’s really licking many men’s balls as he cleans her boots.
“One of my lovers has jazzed on these boots too” she tells him, taking great delight in making him lick every inch of both boots. She loves humiliating him and reminds him how she has also turned him into her cocksucker. Now he has to work all the way up her legs and then she directs him between her thighs where her pussy is sweating just below the fabric. She tells him a real man would undo the zipper and fuck her. She then unzips herself and tells him to lick her. The slut licks eagerly shocked at this good luck even though it’s dripping with her lovers cum. Bellatrix zips up and sends him off saying he did a good job licking his boots but the pussy service was only enough to make her want a real man.