Goddess Jasmine – 12 Long Minutes! (720 HD) – Jasmine Mendez, Trampling

Goddess Jasmine  12 Long Minutes 720 HD preview

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Sometimes My slaves need to be absolutely BROKEN and reminded of their place in My QUEENDOM!
Im the Queen here and who better to break Slaves than me, besides I like doing my own dirty work. Watch How quickly I break this one LOL It is not long before the slave is literally BEGGING for me to stop and I keep going. I love watching My STILETTO-HEELED BOOTS dig into his flesh, As i walk around its whole chest and CROTCH and Just to make sure I was hurting it I Spent a Few minutes Jumping on it with my sharp boots.
This Poor slave is nothing more than human property, I Do what I please with it. It has not Human rights in my eyes.
When I was done with it I stuck it back in its Human KENNEL for the day but not before shoot a post trample interview with it LOL it swears it`ll never be trampled again but again thats not really up to it.
Who else wishes to Visit me, Ive got Kennels for up to three slaves at a time, You’d sleep there when Im not “Using” you. This Privilege is costly so don’t email me unless ready to submit. Ive got Daily to Weekly Rates, All interactions can or not be recorded just depends on what we agree upon.


DirtyTransDolls – Hungry for horse dong part 1 – Tina Kay – Strap on, Rubber

DirtyTransDolls  Hungry for horse dong part 1  Tina Kay preview

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No need to see, the rubber doll can feel how huge this cock is and he knows Miss Tina is going to fuck his ass with it. It is fun, stretching n drilling latex gimp’s bottoms with big toys and making them squeel and moan. She will train him and pound him just the way she likes it. That latexclad butt belongs to her and she stuffs it with whatever she likes, 1 monster cock at a time.


HumiliationPOV – I’m Not Ruining Your Life, I’m Destroying Your Outside World And Giving Your Purpose – Princess Meggerz – Female Domination, Humiliation POV

HumiliationPOV  Im Not Ruining Your Life Im Destroying Your Outside World And Giving Your Purpose  Princess Meggerz preview

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You know I’m ruining your life, right? But am I really ruining your life? Ask yourself that question. is it really Me? I mean you are the 1 who chose to dabble in this little addiction. You are the one who decided to watch fetish porn. So if we look at this closely we will see that it is not Me who is ruining your life. You’re the one that’s ruining your life.
But, with me, you wouldn’t be as addicted, would you? Without me, you wouldn’t be here right now. So technically I am ruining your life, but you like it. In fact, you Love it. You love when I fuck with your mind and your wallet. You love my little teases that ultimately destroy you. Admit it, you love the fact that I have my claws in you deep as I drag you down even deeper.
And if you think I’ve ruined your life at this point, let me prove you wrong because I can drag you so much lower. I’m Ruining your life, we’re still in the process of it. And you love it. I’m going to drag you down so much deeper. This isn’t the beginning, this is the middle of your addiction. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not done with you until you’re completely ruined.
I love seeing how low I can get you to go. And it’s so easy. Every time you come back for a little more , for a another stroke session, you get more addicted and I’m able to drag you even lower. Hard limits, you don’t know what they are. You’ve dug yourself deeper than you ever imagined. And now I’m actually ruining your real life, your outside life. But you see this is now your life, I’m your life. In fact, I’m not ruining your life, I’m making your pathetic life even better. I’m giving you purpose in your life. I give you everything you’ve ever needed, everything that you want.
And I know this because you just keep coming back for more. So am I really ruining your life? When you see it from my perspective, I’m actually creating a greater experience for you, a greater existence for you. You make me happy and in turn that makes you happy and what else do you need in your life? Who else do you have? What else are you living for? So me ruining your life is basically me destroying that outside world that you don’t even need. I’m giving you purpose, inviting you in, you belong here. If you think about it, you’ve never been so fulfilled. You know I’m right. And once you admit it to yourself, the more you give in, the more you spend, the more time you spend jerking, the happier your life will be. In fact, it’s the people in your outside life that are ruining your life, I’m giving you everything you were meant for.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Tina, Princess Carmela – Goddess Tina’s First BallBusting (1080 HD) – Female Domination, Boots

The Mean Girls  Goddess Tina Princess Carmela  Goddess Tinas First BallBusting 1080 HD preview

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Goddess Tina (my real-life cousin) has kicked a guy in the balls only ONE time in her whole life. She tells the story about it in the opening minute of this clip. But I just laugh and can’t believe that she has ONLY kicked a guy in the balls ONCE! I brag that I kick losers in the balls WHENEVER I fucking feel like it!
Tina wants a demo, so I call out a slave to crawl over, spread its legs, and let us kick it in the balls as much as we want. The slave doesn’t want to get kicked in the balls, but I don’t give a fuck. It better not embarrass me in front of my cousin! So eventually I have it “stand at attention and spread ’em!” for us!
And from there, we basically just take turns destroying its balls. Tina has a ball. (Pun totally intended lol.) She can’t believe that she can do this as much as she wants to losers whenever she want – AND get PAID for it too!
***PS – We also put some “super slo-mo” replays in this of the really good kicks! So you can reeeaaally enjoy them in slo-mo!***


Fetish Liza – Perverted lust for latex – Boot Worship, Femdom

Fetish Liza  Perverted lust for latex preview

00:05:35 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 143 MB

Sister Sin has confronted the bishop with his perversions! He is weak, he stands no chance against Her. He already confessed being a boot pervert and now he must admit he lusts for latex as well. He is nothing more than a wet tongue now…following orders from Sister Sin who strips him off his ego bit by bit. She enjoys feeling his lust under her control.