Chateau-Cuir – Long leather coat milking – Glovejob, Handjob

ChateauCuir  Long leather coat milking preview

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This is one of my oldest and most worn/used leather coats. It still looks hot, doesn’t it? It looks perfect over my tight catsuit, boots and gloves. Do you know this coat is perfect for wanking? You have to feel this leather on your cock and balls. It is even better when I wrap it around your erection and wank you off with my gloved hands. It won’t be long before you explode and you cum on my vintage leather coat.


ClubDom – Mistress Crystal’s Bitch Slapped Human Ashtray – Humiliation – Crystal Rush, Smoke

ClubDom  Mistress Crystals Bitch Slapped Human Ashtray  Humiliation preview

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Mistress Crystal Rush truly enjoys humiliating her slaves and few things are more humiliating than being slapped in the face again and again. Crystal even orders her slave to smile and thank her as she slaps his reddened face. Crystal then enjoys a cigarette, ashing it into her slave’s mouth as she mixes more slaps with spitting in his face. By the time Crystal is finished the poor slave’s face is covered in spit and ash.


Young Goddess Kim – Car Boot slave – Heels Worship, Degradation

Young Goddess Kim  Car Boot slave preview

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Walking you around at the end of My leash was fun – but now My boots are scuffed and dirty. It is your lucky job to clean and shine them as you kneel before Me like a little leashed pet. Beg Me, bitch. you are humiliated having to beg to lick My boots, you know how much of an honour it is. Look at you – naked and chained with your tongue stuck out and panting for My boots. Lick My soles! The dirt on My boots is a delicacy to you. Looking down on you sucking My long heel and gagging on the tips of My boots makes Me smile, amused. I taunt you as I press down on My pedals, rubbing and pumping with My boots. you wish it was your face, or your dick, don’t you? Haha, well you are going to be licking these clean too, scraping the divine dirt off these pedals with your tongue and cleaning My car inside out like the slave you are! Now get in My boot.


London Lix – A Ruined Valentine’s – Femdom, JOI

London Lix  A Ruined Valentines preview

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Your Valentine’s Day was always going to be ruined. Either you know you’re spending it alone (most likely), or you’ll end up going on a desperate last minute date who either won’t show or won’t put out. You’re better off staying inside with me, where you know it’s safe. You know exactly what you’re going to get with me. You know it’ll be hot, you know I’ll have to humiliate you a little, like you love, and you know you’ll get to cum…although of course it will have to be a ruined release. I have a special valentine’s themed new ruined orgasm technique I want you to try out for me too; so pull out your cock & be useful, pet! Let’s face it, this is better than anything you could have got offline, right?


Vicious Femdom Empire – Double Scum – Alina Lopez, Ariana Marie – Boot Worship – Female Domination, Double Domination

Vicious Femdom Empire  Double Scum  Alina Lopez Ariana Marie  Boot Worship preview

00:13:21 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.11 GB

Double the boots, double the licking and double the abuse for one lucky foot bitch of Goddess Ariana Marie and Alina Lopez. They put their groveling slave’s mouth to the test to make sure he has the skills and stamina to worship, lick, and clean every last speck of filth from their leather boots.


FacesittingBitches – FB1403 – Intoxicated By Her Ass And Pussy (1080 HD) – Face Sitting – Mistress, Petite

FacesittingBitches  FB1403  Intoxicated By Her Ass And Pussy 1080 HD  Face Sitting preview

00:20:07 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 450 MB

Miss Petite has a cruel plan for her slave – she’s going to get him addicted to the scent of her ass and pussy by making him sniff them over and over until he’s dizzy from the smell of her feminine aroma. She sits on his face and alternates between letting him sniff and smothering him beneath her until he is completely under her control.


TheEnglishMansion – Mistress Sidonia – Pit Pony – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Boots

TheEnglishMansion  Mistress Sidonia  Pit Pony  Hot Femdom preview

00:13:00 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 294 MB

Mistress Sidonia is preparing her ponyboy for a hard day of physical exertion. She unlocks him from the cage and warms him up on all fours, parading him around the paddock, riding his back. She works on his nipples and uses his tongue to clean her muddy boots. When Mistress is finished the pony is locked away in the slave pit until needed again.