WankItNow – Day dreamer – Red Lipstick, Instructions

WankItNow  Day dreamer preview

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For a long time, you’ve had fantasies about your hot College Tutor – Georgie Lyall! She’s got the best TITS you’ve ever seen on a college tutor! You find yourself in a horny daydream which fulfills all of your horny dreams! Georgie shows you much more than those big natural knockers and dominates you until you show her the contents of your loaded bollocks! Are you ready for the best daydream ever?


DirtyDommes – Double boot cleaning duties – Bootdom, Femdom

DirtyDommes  Double boot cleaning duties preview

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Our old house servant is being called in for boot cleaning duties. He is very fragile but wants nothing more than to please his Mistresses and polish their exquisite leather boots with his tongue. He scrapes the dirt of ours soles with his tongue and it seems he is starting to enjoy his task as boot slave a little too much. So we laugh at his precum as he`ll never get the priviledge of a release on our sexy boots.


ClubDom – Cum in Boot Faggot – Alina Long, Sasha Sweet – Boot Worship, Dual Domination

ClubDom  Cum in Boot Faggot  Alina Long Sasha Sweet preview

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Goddess Alina n mistress Sasha have their slave on his knees. The little bitch boy has graduated to boot faggot. Mistress is wearing tall shiny black boots n they need to be cleaned. The boot faggot starts to lick it till its shinny. The boot faggot starts with her heel and Mistress Sasha makes him suck on it. Mistress Sasha knows he likes sucking on that heel like he likes to suck big black cock. The eager foot faggot agrees with what ever his boot mistress says. Goddess Alina makes sure he knows that he is nothing more then a pathetic boot slave. After the boots have been cleaned Mistress Sasha makes him Jerk his pathetic cock all over their boots. Only to make him lick up every last drop.


Goddess Jasmine – Forced Fucking My Neighbor! – Jasmine Mendez – Strapon, Anal Fucking

Goddess Jasmine  Forced Fucking My Neighbor  Jasmine Mendez preview

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Custom: My young 21 year old neighbor is always hitting on me, Asking to fuck so I finally take him up on the offer, convince him to get a little kinky and let me tie him up.
You should of seen the look on his face when i walked in with my HUGE Big Black Cock strapped on. Of course i gag his scream, lube up my dick and have a nice long fuck at his expense. Oh his ass was so nice and tight until i destroyed it and made it the new home of my dick.
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The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Towering Over You in Stilettos (1080 HD) – POV, Boot Worship

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela  Towering Over You in Stilettos 1080 HD preview

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“The clip is POV. The scene starts with you in bare feet or flats looking at the camera. The camera is the point of view of a 5’11 man. You say that he seems tall but you plan on seeing how tall. You then put on your big boots and then stand up in them. You are amazed to find that you tower over the 5’11 man and mock him for being so small. You continue to taunt him and then order him to bow down and kiss your feet- which he does. After a while you grow tired of him and tell him to get lost.”