Princess Miki – Totally Destroyed by Humiliation Porn – Brat Girls, Pov

Princess Miki  Totally Destroyed by Humiliation Porn preview

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You’re a complete social reject, your life totally dictated by your porn addiction. But which came first? Was it your porn addiction that turned you into a shut-in, or did you resort to porn to keep you company since no one else would…especially not a hot girl?
It doesn’t really matter to Me. This is your reality. This is who you are, and what you are, so allow Me to tell you all about it. All about your meaningless life.
If you didn’t have Me on your screen right now, you’d be completely alone. That’s the cold, hard, fact. You can’t break the addiction because you want Me… even NEED Me on your screen, addressing you.
Me reminding you what a waste of oxygen you are is what gets you off, and that’s what’s especially pathetic about your specific porn addiction.
What I tell you is so real that it almost feels like sex…since you can’t get any with someone like Me. Hah! I’m the only thing keeping you from being completely alone.


Brat Princess 2 – Becky – Foot Worship and Wallet Drain (1080 HD) – Humiliation – Female Domination, Footworship

Brat Princess 2  Becky  Foot Worship and Wallet Drain 1080 HD  Humiliation preview

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1080 HD Goddess Becky wants her idiot slave to pay her car payment. She is too pretty to be paying her own bills. She knows that she can get the fool to do it for her with her looks and his desire to make her happy. She makes the idiot kiss her ass and where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. Then she makes him take off her shoes. The fool eventually agrees to pay her car payment. Becky knows that she can get the loser to do anything with her perfect feet!


Princess Missy – Special Sauce: Vegan Missy Tricks You into Swallowing Cum – Masturbation Humiliation, Female Domination

Princess Missy  Special Sauce Vegan Missy Tricks You into Swallowing Cum preview

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“I work at the fastfood drive-thru where you get your lunch. I smile when you flirt with me, even though you make me sick. My boyfriend and I are rights activists. I’ve been putting his ‘special sauce’ on your burger, you idiot. And the only reason I agreed to date you is to make you eat your own cum…”


Princess Miki – Bedridden Pillow Humping Loser – Instructions – JOI, Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Miki  Bedridden Pillow Humping Loser  Instructions preview

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You can’t get out of bed, can you? You’re basically strapped to it, since your hand is attached to your dick. You have no time to meet girls because all you want to do is jerk off all day in bed. No time to have a girlfriend. OR, maybe you are this way because girls don’t want you anyways. Regardless, you’re not doing anything productive when you’re on your ass all day.
But it does get rather lonely, huh? You do want a girlfriend. It’s sad spending every night alone, sexless, nobody next to you in bed. But I have a solution, and she’s been in bed next to you this whole time.
Yes! Your pillow! Meet your new girlfriend. Fuck her hard, because she’s the only girl who will ever take your dick.
Have fun humping, loser.


Princess Camryn – Natural Brat – Mesmerize – Love Addiction, Sensual Domination

Princess Camryn  Natural Brat  Mesmerize preview

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Don’t you just love how sweet and innocent I look? It almost makes you forget that I lock up men in chastity and drain wallets everyday. My sweet appearance is nothing but another Trojan Horse to help you put your gaurd down. You know that the innocent looking women are the most dangerous. I’ll have you vulnerable and falling in love in no time, then there’s no turning back.


HumiliationPOV – Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap – Financial Domination, Brat Girls

HumiliationPOV  Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap preview

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You never stand a chance, you’re just a loser. When you asked me out I felt bad, so I figured I’d let you take me out on a date and pay for dinner and have you come back to my place. But you’re not getting lucky though. The truth is, my boyfriend is at home and I’m going to fuck him and you’re going to sit here and listen, aren’t you?
You just got so rejected, lol. And I’m going to turn you into my cuckold bitch. There is nothing you can do about it. I’m so out of your league. I mean, you didn’t really think I was interested in you, did you? You’re a fucking loser and now I’m going to turn you into a cuck. How do you think that’s going to feel? I’ll bet it’ll feel good. But it will be even better for my boyfriend and I. You’ll probably cry at first like a little loser bitch, but soon you’ll come to realize that this is your place.
I’m so fucking perfect, I think it’s funny that you thought you were going to get lucky. You should have known that a guy like you never gets girls like me. You’re a fucking idiot. I brought you back here so I could do with you whatever I want. So when my boyfriend and I are done fucking, I expect you to take care of everything. You’ll pay for our food and clean our sheets and you’ll thank me for that opportunity. Soon, taking care of us will turn you on. That’s what happens when I transform losers into cucks for the first time.
You’ll never have me idiot, all you’re good for is your wallet. I truly love cuckolding guys for the first time and having them realize how much they like it. You didn’t even expect this to happen, and now here you are, desperate to be my cuck. I can’t wait to fuck my boyfriend in front of you and completely ignore you and show you how insignificant you really are. How does if feel to be totally fucking rejected?


Brittany Marie – Bumping Uglies JOI – Degradation, Masturbation Instruction

Brittany Marie  Bumping Uglies JOI preview

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I know I’m hot! You on the other hand, well, that’s a completely different story! Are you ready for an extremely harsh and bratty JOI. Only the highest level of losers will be able to handle it. I even give you permission to cum, but will you be able to under such pressure?! Time to bump uglies with your hand loser, it’s the only ‘fucking’ you’re capable of.


Princess Miki – Virgin Pillow Humper – Brat Girls, Pillow Humping

Princess Miki  Virgin Pillow Humper preview

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If you really badly wanted to lose your virginity, you might have been able to. Yes, you would have to stoop very, very low, especially in comparison to Me… but since meeting Me, you’ve raised your standards so high that you refuse to even dream of being inside a pussy, since you sure as hell can’t be inside mine.
So you’ve accepted your fate of being a pussy-free-virgin for life. But as I am so kind, I will allow you to have sex today, but only with someone very special.
Here she is, the very thing you rest your head on at night. You will hump this pillow until you cum, as this is the only way you’re allowed to cum today.
Make Me laugh, virgin. I know I’m the only thing that matters to you, and My amusement is the only way you could ever pleasure Me, since I won’t let your dick anywhere near My pussy.


Goddess Lindsey – Sniff N’ Stroke Poppers – Degradation, Hypnotic

Goddess Lindsey  Sniff N Stroke Poppers preview

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You just love stroking your cock for Me. But you know what would make it even better? I have just the thing for you today. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Just take a sniff with Me. Go on and hold it in. Feel the high rush throughout your body. There’s nothing like it. It makes each stroke feel that much better. Don’t stop stroking for Me, loser! I know this can be hard. it’s all so much. your dick and your mind are totally overwhelmed.