Princess Ellie Idol – Ass To Mouth From Asukas Strapon – Cosplay, Dildo

Princess Ellie Idol  Ass To Mouth From Asukas Strapon preview

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Asuka is BORED and wants to make you a sissy slut for her strap-on cock! You’re a stupid little bitch who won’t even stand up for yourself, so you DESERVE to be plowed. Asuka fucks your mouth, then takes your ass. You don’t want to do ass to mouth, so she pinches your nose and makes you choke down her strapon! You’re MY plaything, dummkopf! Back in your ass, the strapon goes once again until you blow your load all over your tummy. EW!


Princess Alexa – Face Worship – Mouth – Tongue & Spit Tease – Mental Domination, Eyes

Princess Alexa  Face Worship  Mouth  Tongue  Spit Tease preview

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There is something about me you just love more than anything else. I know exactly what it is, you LOVE my beautiful face, my gorgeous eyes, my perfect lips. Every time you see me you start to breathe harder and harder. Seeing my beautiful perfect face is enough to make you cum instantly. I am going to exploit your love for my beautiful face and make you so weak just by puckering up my lips, batting my eyes, and teasing you with my tongue. You won’t last more than a few minutes, not with me. So go ahead, stroke your cock. Let my beauty do the rest.


Lady Nina – Rich fucking loser to drain – Brat Girls, POV

Lady Nina  Rich fucking loser to drain preview

00:06:15 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 239 MB

You’ve got money. You’re used to getting your own way, you’re used to girls leaching from you, even being attracted to you because of your wealth. With me, it’s different. To me, you’re just a RICH LOSER TO DRAIN. That is hot. You met your match really, you’re not used to this kind of attention, but you will get used to it, I’m irresistible and powerful. Oozing with sex appeal. Those girls that cling to you are never gorgeous and intelligent like me. They don’t know how to wrap you around their little finger, Put that private banking card in your mouth and prepare for a financially draining, sexually thrilling, whirlwind, wallet. Im gonna have fun with you, rich boy.


Princess Rene – He Likes It When I Watch – Goddess Worship, Sexy

Princess Rene  He Likes It When I Watch preview

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Custom clip. Mike enjoyed my clip “I’m Watching ” so much that he requested this kinky little custom fantasy, in which he and I have met up for a cam session. I constantly remind him that I love seeing him stroke, love watching him jerk to his Princess Rene. I tease him relentlessly, commanding him to edge for me before encouraging him into the big finish, while I watch. (Note: this isn’t an actual cam session but a fantasy, virtual cam session with you, the viewer).


Princess Rene – Greedy goddess – Findom, Female Domination

Princess Rene  Greedy goddess preview

00:05:06 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 380 MB

I’m such a snobby and superior Princess, a loser like you doesn’t deserve to even breath the same air as Me! you are only good for one thing, retard–your fucking wallet!! Haha…nothing makes me more hot than when you bust it out—your fucking plastic that is! That’s right, loser, I wanna see that credit card in hand! Get it out and get ready to $pend $pend $pend!! And make Me happy, paypiggy!


Princess Lexi – Poppers: The Ultimate Blackmail – Intoxication, Jerkoff Commands

Princess Lexi  Poppers The Ultimate Blackmail preview

00:11:12 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 323 MB

“Hi Princess Lexi, I have been watching a lot of Blackmail videos recently and I think I am ready to take the next step in handing over my details to such a beautiful Goddess like you. I’d find it such a turn on to hand over full control to you, and would love for you to make a custom clip where you manipulate me in to doing so through the use of popper s. At the start of the video, I’d like you to say that from now on you will be in full control and that I will have no choice but to obey your every instruction. I like long , deep 10 second hits where you count me down each time and tell me to hand over important/private info each time I do (please keep the hits regular with or without info). I am single so I can’t hand over a girlfriend’s info but there is a girl I care about that I could hand over some details of. I’d like you to warn me in the video that I am playing with fire should I go through with it and press send and I’d like to hear some of the consequences of my actions shou ld I do it. You are welcome to make me tribute you also whenever you feel like it, you can do this after a few hits if you like? Also, if you can tell me after that I have made a huge mistake in sending you my details that would be perfect. I’m pretty sure with you saying and doing all this with me so high on poppers I’d have no choice!”


Princess Ellie Idol – Tipsyen Fool – Assignments, Double Domination

Princess Ellie Idol  Tipsyen Fool preview

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Oh look, a sloppy coming for his fix. We look like a couple of party girls, huh? Well you came to the right party! We have some girly li.quor for a girly little s.hit like you. We want to see if you can hang! We’re going to get you was.ted! We’ll have you doing anything we tell you to by the end of it… You’ll be our dru.nken fool!