Princess Lexie – Ass Edging Surprise Ending – Tease & Denial, Ass Worship

Princess Lexie  Ass Edging Surprise Ending preview

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My ass looks great, doesn’t it? I bet you want to jerk-off to it. Yeah you just want to stroke yourself silly to My perfect Princess butt!–And that is exactly what you’re going to do. Worship My body, allow Me to take complete control of that cock. Listen to My commands as I tell you to start and stop. Start and stop. Start and stop. But there’s a surprise ending coming…wonder what it could possibly be…


Princess Fierce – Beg For Booty Deux – Financial Domination, Goddess Worship

Princess Fierce  Beg For Booty Deux preview

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A bunch more hot and sexy outfits have arrived from my loser! Girls like me don’t pay for ! So, I am going to model all 4 hot sexy, shiny outfits. Each time I change I will make you sit and wait for me to come out. Some of these are so tight and revealing when I bend over you will be drooling and begging to spend. You will spend, beg, and become stupid for this ass loser!


Princess Ellie Idol – Hired by your wife – Teasing, Denial

Princess Ellie Idol  Hired by your wife preview

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You wake up next to a beautiful woman, confused. Your wife has hired me. No, not for sex, silly. She’s hired me to take you out. You don’t fuck her anymore. You don’t appreciate her. What’s the point of living with you anymore? You are holding her back from getting any form of affection. With you gone, she can find true love. You’re more interested in wanking off to porn! Duh! She knows you, and she knows your type. She knows what gets you aroused. Hence, why she hired ME. See, she is already done her half of the job…giving you the drug to k!11 you. She slipped it into your dinner, and you were too dumb to notice. Here’s where I come in… The drug only works if you orgasm within 3 days of ingestion. I already am giving you a raging hard on, in my black lingerie. You have a choice. Resist and live….or fuck me & d1e. I already know the answer…I’m gonna ride the life out of you.


Princess Ashley – Superior American Princess – Female Domination, Goddess Worship

Princess Ashley  Superior American Princess preview

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You are a stupid foreign pay pig, only good for your wallet! Nothing makes you weaker and wanting to $pend more than a hot, greedy, American Princess. You are crazy for Me, while I despise you and whatever country you are from. So today, I am going to train you to not only worship Me, but My superior country too! You are even going to buy an American flag and recite the pledge of allegiance for Me.
This is a MUST HAVE clip for all My foreign slaves and pay pigs!


The Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Princess Aria – Worship Our Lazy Asses (1080 HD) – Humiliation, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  Princess Bella Princess Aria  Worship Our Lazy Asses 1080 HD preview

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“Slaves get in here!” shouts Princess Bella as she sits next to Princess Aria on the couch at AMG. The slaves walk into the room n are immediately admonished for walking when they should have been crawling into the room from their cages. Princess Bella and Princess Aria are lounging on the couch relaxing n eating snacks. They casually throw a few chips onto the floor allowing the slaves to eat them off the dirty floor. The slaves aren’t usually fed very much, not so much as a punishment, but simply because they forget to feed them anything! When the slaves are out of sight in their cages it’s easy to forget all about them and they aren’t ever allowed to walk around freely so they can’t ever feed themselves. And when they`re fed they are usually only given cat food to eat. Princess Bella throws more chips onto the floor this time crushing them to bits under the heel of her shoe. The slaves desperately lick the mess up off the floor like scavengers. When they`re finished feeding the slaves scraps Princess Bella and Princess Aria use the slaves as human foot stools kicking up their feet up n relaxing. They talk about how great it is being a Mean Girl and how all they ever do is sit around and relax all day and party all night! They never have to do any work because they have slaves to do everything for them. Princess Bella and Princess Aria talk about how much fun they`re going to have out at the club later tonight!


Swat The Fly – Spitting, Humiliation

Swat The Fly preview

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This lowly slave is attracting flies. He is worse than a dirty stray. He deserves 2 be spit on and slapped 4 allowing himself 2 be this disgusting. I guess Princess Cindi and I have no choice but 2 keep slapping the flies off his face, LOL. He is such a mess but somehow we laugh a lot at the ways we can keep spitting on him n slapping him as hard as we can.


Subbyhubby: Bratty Dom Amara Romani Gets Her Way (FULL MOVIE) – Assworship, Denial

Subbyhubby Bratty Dom Amara Romani Gets Her Way FULL MOVIE preview

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Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door n puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth n tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm n tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow, left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way.


Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Little brother forced to smell sisters smelly feet, armpits, and sweaty gym ass – Bush, Stinky Feet

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies  Little brother forced to smell sisters smelly feet armpits and sweaty gym ass preview

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Savannah comes home from a long workout at the gym to find her little brother sprawled out on the floor. Since she never misses and opportunity to fuck with him, she plops down on top of him. He makes a face at her and tells her to get off! She stinks! Well thats rude, what on me smells? Guess she’ll have to make him smell everything! She covers his face with her armpits and orders him to take a deep whiff. He tries to protest but he can’t escape from her, but she just giggles. She waves her sneakers over his face and he begs her not to take her shoes off, they reek so bad that he can already smell them through her shoes! She teases him and delibertly slowly starts untieing her shoes, laughing at his pleas not to. She dares him to call them stinky again, and when he does she puts her feet on his face! She threatens if he trys to move she`ll tell their parents what she caught him doing last week. She covers his mouth and forces her toes into his nostrils so he has no other choice then to take a big whiff of her sweaty feet. He begs her to stop but that just eggs her on. She starts peeling off her socks so she can put her bare feet all over his face. When she tires of making him smell her feet, she decides to make him smell other sweaty parts. Her pants are soaked with sweat, she figures thats a good place and sits on his face. Smothering him with her wet stinky ass n pussy. She laughs at his cries for help underneath her. But she’s just warming up the humiliation. She orders him to kiss her feet. When he complains about the taste she just shoves her whole foot in his mouth. She makes him kiss her toes and then bosses him to lick her feet clean. She`ll let him up after he licks all the sweat off of her. But not just her feet…she pulls her pants down to revel her bush. She explains thats why her crouch smells so bad, her bush is soaking up all the sweat, and he needs to lick it clean.


Sasha Foxx – Bratty Girl Dominates Old Man using Her Feet & a Chastity Tube (720 HD) – Foot Licking, Footworship

Sasha Foxx  Bratty Girl Dominates Old Man using Her Feet  a Chastity Tube 720 HD preview

00:14:18 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.1 GB

Sasha has her sugar dummy exactly where she wants him. He is so addicted 2 her feet. She is wearing socks to hide her feet from her foot freak sugar dummy. She has him locked him up in chastity and gets him to promise 2 take her on two shopping trips this week. She wants a couple new outfits. The old fool is desperate 4 her to take her socks off. Sasha is tired of just gifts from her sugar dummy. She wants a cash allowance of 200 a week 2 start. Sasha is a complete Brat. She eventually gives in n takes off her sock. The foot freak sugar dummy is in heaven. Sasha rolls her eyes as he worships her feet. She doesnt like 2 be touched so she makes him keep his hands behind her his back. He keeps begging 2 be out of chastity. Sasha ignores him at first but then snaps at him to shut up about his chastity. She tolerates his foot worship. She tolerates it because he is in chastity. Its gross 4 her to think of him getting hard to him worshipping her feet. She loves to laugh at his locked up cock n balls. She uses the object of his desires, her feet, to play with his locked up cock & balls. Sasha Foxx is the perfect brat.