Bratty Bunny – Brain Damage – Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship

Bratty Bunny  Brain Damage preview

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It’s too late for you now. I’ve caused you so much brain damage. You’re damaged goods to the world. So you might as well sit here and stay under control by me because you don’t have any other choices for yourself or your future. No, you can’t go back to normal. You’re too far gone. You’re fucked. I turned your little brain into mush. A puddle for me to swirl around over and over again. You’re just a weak submissive slave. You’re owned. Don’t try to fight it, it won’t ever work out for you.


Bratty Bunny – Hand Humper Addict JOI – Mental Domination, Mind Fuck

Bratty Bunny  Hand Humper Addict JOI preview

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You’re a hand humper extraordinaire! You do it every day, maybe even multi times. But what’s best is when I tease you about it and tell you to do it more! Go ahead, hump that hand for me. Go ahead, you’re allowed today. You love doing it for a hot goddess. I’ll mind fuck you into doing it for me all the time. A trance of pleasure. How could you say no to that?


Bratty Bunny – School Girls Revenge – POV, Degradation

Bratty Bunny  School Girls Revenge preview

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Custom Clip – no names – “You’re a school girl who’s getting revenge on a guy who likes to take advantage of girls. He lures you into his room, except you’re one step ahead and have him handcuffed. You tell him you’re going to humiliate him, by recording him being fucked in the ass with a strap on. You taunt him with baby talk, saying things like “aw, did the big boy get tricked by the little girl?” You tease him with your ass and legs, jiggle your ass and taunt him saying “aw, you’re so close, but you can’t touch it”. Eventually you see he has an erection in his pants, make a shocked face and say “wow, you like being humiliated by a girl?!” You then promise you’ll let him go if he jerks off and eats his cum. When you pull his pants down, make another shocked face and make fun of how small his penis is. Eventually give him a countdown, and when he finally cums, you make him eat it. Tell him “I lied” Start walking away giggling.”