Bratty Bunny – Chastity Release Tease – Locked Dick, Cock Locked

Bratty Bunny  Chastity Release Tease preview

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Custom Clip : “I’m your chastity slave and have been locked up for one long month. You just came back from working out and see me waiting for my release. Since I’ve been a good slave for you decide that I’ll get unlocked, but first you want to have some fun with me. You leave and return in a bra and panties with some different outfits for your time out tonight. Before I’m unlocked you are going to tease and use me by showing me the different outfits on yourself and based on my reaction you’ll decide which outfit to wear. After you decide on which outfit you’ll wear you tease me more taunting me that it’s been so long since I’ve been released. Finally I’m unlocked and I get a countdown, but you stop before the end and relock me with blue balls. You tell me that since I’ve gone 1 month I should be able to go longer. You tease me about how long I will be locked this time…one month, 2 months, 6, a year??, its up to you. This continues until you leave to go out laughing at me as you depart. “


Bratty Bunny – Hot Mean Brat – Humiliation – Femdom, Brat Girls

Bratty Bunny  Hot Mean Brat  Humiliation preview

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I’m so hot and I’m such a mean brat! Go ahead and call me a Bitch, I love it. I am such a bitch to losers like you. Do you want the truth from me? I’ll give it to you freak. You are NOTHING, and I’m your obsession. You love to hear my voice degrade you. Put you down. Make you feel inadequate and stupid… because YOU ARE. You’re a fucking loser. You’re not going to be anything else, just a pathetic male. You love paying hot bitchy bratty girls on the internet. Why are you like that? Why are you SUCH a fucking loser?


Bratty Bunny – Pathetic Cum Eating Slave – Slave Training, Submissive Training

Bratty Bunny  Pathetic Cum Eating Slave preview

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I order you naked and on your knees. You want the control, you want to stroke to your mistress. Go ahead you pathetic little bitch. Stroke away. But you’ll be cumming into your mouth tonight. And then you’ll be doing it again and again, because I said so! you are a little pathetic slave and will do anything I say, especially when I tease you to make you weak, horny, and stupid.


Bratty Bunny – Just cant stop JOI – POV, Femdom

Bratty Bunny  Just cant stop JOI preview

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Oh no, you chronic masturbation fiend. You cannot stop the stroking can you?! I know, it’s just so easy to jerk off all night instead of do anything else. I mean, you get to release yourself and make a nice big mess from your orgasm. Who would say no to that every night? Not YOU! You just love staying in and staring at your computer whether it’s free porn buying my clips, you cannot stop stroking that dick of yours. It’s an addiction that you are pretty happy with. Stay there, my little wank-o-holic and jerk away.


Bratty Bunny – Face Sitter – Assworship, Ass Licking

Bratty Bunny  Face Sitter preview

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You are SO close to my pussy and asshole. Lucky you, letting my perfect body rest on top of your face. Getting to smell my sweet scent, getting your nose right in there, pressing against my pussy and squishing your face right up against my yummy butt crack. You would do anything to get the chance for my perfect bottom to be placed upon your face. Look at these thin panties, they are the only thing keeping you from tasting me. Don’t you love being under my like this? Letting me use you as my chair.